Gluten, Oat, Dairy, Egg & Nut Free Diet

Gluten, oat, dairy, egg, & nut free diet:

A lot of family and friends wonder what does someone with this many allergies eat? Well at first not that much. A very simple, strict and repetitive meal schedule. Slowly we trying new things that “state” they are safe but I am always weary.

This is what works for us. I’m not an allergist. I’m hoping this list can help other moms or people navigate their food allergies. Cooking and cross contamination are also very serious! Washing pans, cups, utensils etc is important.

Slowly we have started to eliminate the “bombs” in our house. Obviously we are a nut free home. Snacks and other crackers that contain 3-4 of the allergens are what we consider “bombs.” One example is cheese crackers, they have wheat, milk, egg, cheese etc. So when he has one of these its BAD! We have to be very aware and careful if we let our older son have something we are trying to avoid. (like cheese and chocolate milk are very hard.) Not only do we have to keep the house safe for our baby, our older son is like many kids and can be quite a picky and specific eater. We pick our battles. The great news is that our 4 year old is on top of it and knows what is safe and what is not. What big brother doesn’t like to tell their little brother “No!”??? LOL
Also just because it’s vegan doesn’t mean it’s Gluten or NUT free! We say that he’s a combo of paleo and a MEGAN a meat eating vegan LOL. Allergy free or allergy friendly means it doesn’t contain any of the top 8 allergens.

Free from wheat/gluten, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, soy, fish, shellfish.

Some are also made without casein, potato, sesame & sulfites.

Here are some of the brands and foods that we often eat. You can get them at Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Target, Walmart, Amazon or websites. I have included links. On some sites you can enter your zip code and see which stores carry their items.

Ian’s Natural Foods Ian’s Natural Foods

Enjoy life Foods Enjoy Life Foods
Thankfully he enjoys any and all fruits, vegetables and proteins!!!
He lives on these pouches (read labels some can say contains milk or wheat when you don’t think they do) these are his favorites


Ella’s Kitchen  Ella’s Kitchen

Plum Organics Plum Organics

Simply Balanced @ Target Simply Balanced Fruit & Vegetable

Peter rabbit Organics Peter Rabbit Organics

He eats anywhere from 4 to 8 pouches of fruits and veggies a day plus a cut up fruit and vegetable at every meal. LOTS of real fresh food. You name it he likes it. Strawberries, grapes, peaches, nectarines, blueberries, raspberries, apples, green beans, corn, carrots, potatoes etc.

Vans gluten free waffles Van’s Foods

Jimmy dean breakfast sausage Jimmy Dean

Oscar Mayer turkey bacon

Rice Chex cereal

Vanilla coconut milk from Trader Joe’s
On Saturdays I make pancakes and I’m happy to say they really aren’t bad.
1 cup gluten free Bisquick mix

1 cup coconut milk

2 tablespoons vegetable oil (I use Crisco)

1 egg we use EnerG egg replacer EnerG Egg Replacer

Earths balance vegan butter Earth Balance

Real maple syrup or agave Trader Joe’s


Dum Dums

Gluten free Marshmallows

Enjoy life pizza crust, cookies, snacks and chocolate brownies

Immaculate honestly good baking Immaculate Baking (cookies, brownies) (using Earth Balance, Vegetable oil and Egg replacement)

Shaved ice (be sure to ask!)

Fruit strips (Trader Joe’s we call them laffy taffy even tho they are organic fruit)

We love juices too orange, Apple, peach or Capri suns and Ella’s are great!
We go to Tropical Smoothie Cafe Tropical Smoothie Cafe Menu

I just always request they clean the blender out special for him since he has so many allergies and we don’t want to cross contaminate with dairy or peanut or others OMG


Lean protein: ground beef, grilled chicken, turkey, chicken tenders, nuggets, beans

Oscar Mayer naturals turkey Oscar Mayer Naturals

Veggie straws


Glutino gluten free pretzels

Lays BBQ chips are vegan (Baked Lays contain milk)


Gluten Free corn chips & salsa

Hummus (again check ingredients) Sabra and Trader Joe’s are safe for us

Perdue Gluten free chicken tenders and nuggets Perdue Simply Smart Gluten Free Chicken

(Trader Joe’s ketchup is the bomb!)

Ian’s potatoes are great Ian’s Natural Foods

(We have NOT found a gluten/oat free pasta that does NOT cause his eczema to flare up so we just don’t do pasta.)

Again he eats a fruit and vegetable at every meal.

These are just a few that I know work for us and our child. Please feel free to comment below with more ideas and suggestions. Again I am not a dietician or an allergist. I am just a mom trying to navigate this life called motherhood and help my children eat healthy foods.


Just Happy Mommy

Food challenges

What do you think of when you read those words? Food Challenges

Do you think of an eating contest? A diet? Allergies? Picky eating? Sadness?

As a mom of a child with food allergies it is a roller coaster. Sometimes it’s easier and then it can be harder.

Our little angel is starting to notice, understand and get upset that he is eating different food from those around him. When GiGi comes to visit we usually go out to eat which is dangerous to begin with. She and big brother chose to go to Hideaway Pizza, a family favorite! When the food arrived he looked around at his plate and then at all the pizza on the table. He reached for bubba pizza and we all yelled “NO!!!” His little bottom lip folded over and tears started streaming down his face. He is beginning to notice. He says “I try it.” “Peeez!” Looking at me with such a sad and confused look, it made me hug him tight, carry him away from the table, and burst into tears myself.

It’s happening. We have been pushing it and we need to stop taking him places that are unsafe. This sucks because it starting to get harder and more cruel. We have to make a change but it is so hard. Once you see your baby in pain you want to protect them at all cost. Going to restaurants is an easy go to for all people and Mom’s are no different.  So it’s a little more complicated when your child can’t order anything.

Since it’s summertime and we have lots of celebrations, the allergies are at the top of my mind. Bubba and I make special allergy free food and treats so he can participate and feel included. We found out that shaved ice is allergy free!!! (be sure to ask.) Squints and YaYa.

Easy & common things you don’t think twice about until you are a parent of a child with extreme allergies include: cheese sticks, yogurt, Cheerios, pizza, cake, cupcakes, cookies, chicken nuggets, gold fish, and peanut anything etc.

We really do NOT expect anything to change or for anyone to make crazy accommodations for us. This is the world we live in. It’s up to us to protect and teach our kids what is safe for them. But should that include not taking them places out of fear? NO! He just started at a little nursery school and we love it. They  take his allergies very seriously and I feel he is safe, comfortable and happy there.

Anytime he has something in his hand that is not safe we used to scream “NO!!!!” Out of fear and now it scares him to tears. We are trying to be calm and say “no baby that will make you sick,” I reminded him that he can’t have those treats or he will get sick and have to go to the hospital. He says “k.”

Food is a big deal in American culture. Sometimes we affiliate it with family, celebrations and even love. When I think “ok I can do this,” then I slip and think,” but I want pizza, ranch, cheeseburger, or queso or a donut.” All terrible food choices I know, but man they are delicious and cheap.  I love the idea of becoming paleo and vegan but seriously the execution in Oklahoma is hard and expensive! Yes I am complaining. It’s really F-Ing hard when you can’t have wheat, oats, eggs, dairy or nuts. I go to 3-4 different stores to get all the things we need and like. But I’m starting to not mind as much it’s the new normal.

Today I saw new items from one of the safe brands he can have.

Enjoy Life Foods

I was so excited I called my mom and almost burst into tears. Sounds absolutely ridiculous but I have been waiting for this brands pizza crust and brownie mix to come to Oklahoma for 10 months. They are “Allergy-Friendly”

This is huge! It’s the little things in life that matter and being able to let him experience them not only brings him joy but all of us as well. When I showed him and big brother all the new “safe” foods bubba said “oh mama that makes my heart go up!!” As he beams his smile and hugs me tight. He is so protective, aware and helpful when it comes to baby brothers food and safety. For that, I thank God. When baby sees his food boxes he is thrilled, claps, smiles and says “Yay!!” It’s the little things that matter.

Of course we hope and pray he will outgrow some of these allergies. But how will we know?

Food challenges.

Skin testing.

Needless to say I was afraid to take him to get his skin tests. He was scared but he did amazing! I’m so proud of him! He’s mama’s tough, beautiful boy! Please read the next posts for more photos, videos and recipes.

Teaching him that things will hurt him and make him sick is crucial to this process. Empowering him to know he is feeding his body with the best food possible is important for his self esteem. Remember he is only 20 months so our allergy journey has just begun.


Just Happy Mommy



Don’t mess with Mama bear, her babies or America! 🐻💙❤️🇺🇸

I’m a mama bear! Don’t mess with me, my Cubs or my country ! I need to know where my babies are, who they are with, what they are eating and how they are feeling. Helicopter mom? Yes. Have I started to become the mom in the “Luvs” commercial? The one with the mom with her first kid armed with gallons of hand sanitizer and then she hands the second kid over to the man at the oil change place. Yeah I’m not quite there yet. As I sit here, getting an oil change, listening to the sad news reports on TV, I realize I’m far from that “Live, Learn then get Luvs” mom. (Click the blue words below to see links 💙👍🏻)

Luvs Commercial
This place smells like cigarettes, piss, pine sol and I wouldn’t hand my baby over to lovely Mr. John with the neck tattoo. I’m more like the “Eat, sleep, then pray” mom.

Anyway I started this post 215 days ago and I still feel the same way I did when I started writing this. We have to protect our kids and loved ones more than ever. 

The mass shooting in Orlando and the media coverage the last couple of days has reminded me why I am afraid of this world. Remembering all the horror and terror of years past makes me sad. Visiting the 911 Memorial Museum last summer and hearing the voices, screams and seeing it up close and personal is something that will haunt me forever. Plus when you work in television, you see and hear gory, gruesome details on murders and other heinous crimes. It makes you paranoid.  So ya I’m scared for my kids because of the evil world we live in.

As The POTUS said yesterday. The President of the United States,

“This is a sobering reminder that attacks on any American regardless of race, ethinicity, religion, or sexual orientation is an attack on all of us and the fundamental values of equality and dignity that define us as a country. No act of hate or terror will ever change who we are or the values that make us Americans.
Today, marks the most deadly shooting in American history. The shooter was apparently armed with a handgun, and a powerful assault rife. This massacre is therefore a further reminder of how easy it is for someone to get their hands on a weapon that lets them shoot people in a school, or in a house of worship, or a movie theater, or in a nightclub and we have to decide if that’s the kind of country we want to be. And to actively do nothing is a decision as well.”

This was the 14th time President Obama addressed the nation about the worst mass shooting in US history.

USA Today Article

We are not promised tomorrow. 

Just like Tony Award winner Lin-Manuel Miranda said last night “Love is love is love is love!”

Tony Award Winner Speech

His sonnet moved me to tears.

This world is crumbling. I fear for the future. I fear for our kids. We are not safe at school, church, movie theaters, nightclubs, work or sporting events. Do we stop living our lives? No. Do we step up and take more precautions? Yes.

So what can we do as parents to keep our kids safe? Watch them! I swear almost all of our accidents have happened when we have been inches or feet away.

1. Leashes:

The first time I flew alone I put a panda backpack leash on our older son. He is a wild one and I needed that peace of mind, regardless of the looks and judgment of other airport patrons. This mama don’t care. I ordered it on Amazon Animal 2 in 1 Harness Backpack

And I got my mom one too! We haven’t flown with our little son yet due to his airborne food allergies but you bet your ass I will be using it again!

Let me say that I openly hated on parents who used leashes on their kids before I had kids.  Disgust written all over my face as kids were attached to their parents at the a State Fair, like dogs on leashes.

And in the words of The Notorious B.I.G., “if don’t know, now you know!” – Juicy. RIP Big Poppa

Juicy The Notorious B.I.G.

2. Baby Monitors: 

Ok I plan on keeping these up and on until puberty. We live in a small house yet I am attached to these more than my cell phone when the sun goes down. I’m on my third monitor and use the dual cameras. My husband is looking into outdoor home safety cameras. He had me download this ap yesterday which we are super excited about.  Family Life 360 in the AppStore. I’m reluctant with technology and my hubby is a techy guy. Let’s just say I would go back to blackberry if I could even tho life revolves around Apple and Android.

I have a sign like most mama bears, hanging over the door bell either kindly or threateningly requesting not to ring the bell, knock or solicit for fear of waking the baby. Truth be told I think everyone should have one of these because seriously who likes it when the doorbell rings or there is a knock at the door? Not me! I don’t need what you’re selling, preaching or to open my door for a home invader. If you haven’t seen this stand up comedian talk about answering the door click here it’s hilarious!!!

Sebastian What’s wrong with people?!?!

It’s so true when we were kids it was a joyous sound to hear the doorbell. Now it’s like STFU, hit the deck and “did you park in the garage?!” We live in fear. If I’m home alone, forget about it.

3. Microchips:

Which brings me to microchips. We microchipped our dog so if he was lost or stolen we could find him. So when will we start microchipping our kids? Agree or disagree but we already put  leashes on our kids. I know, I know it’s inhumane and goes against free will, but so are these staggering statistics on missing and exploited children in the United States!!!

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
According to the FBI, in 2015 there were 460,699 NCIC entries for missing children. Similarly, in 2014, the total number of missing children entries into NCIC was 466,949.

So forgive me when I say I want to do anything in my power to keep my babies safe and secure. I have mentioned before that I may be too real with my boys. I teach them stranger danger. I never bring race or looks into it. Just simple facts.

“If someone tries to get you what do you do?!”

“Run, scream your head off and look for help.”

“If you can’t find mommy who do you look for?”

“Police or someone that looks like mommy, daddy or meme.”

“No one touches your penis but you!”

This might sound agressive but so is the abuse and violence that is blind to its innocent victims.

It starts at home. We must band together to raise our kids in the world of today no matter how ugly it may be. I wish I could wear rose colored glasses and continue in the mommy brain ignorance is bliss mode, but no longer. Our children’s safety and lives are worth the time. Is it scary? Yes. Is it necessary? Yeah.

It starts with me, you and all of us to protect this land that we love.

Love knows no bounds.

God bless America.


Just Happy Mommy

I want to remember: Stop, Think, Be Thankful

I want to remember. I want to remember everything. I want to remember the way he smells. I want to remember his sweet little voice saying “I love you mommy.” 

I want to remember it all because 4 years ago today I became a Mama. Certainly the scariest, best, most amazing moment of my life happened 4 blazing years ago.

It has been a whirlwind 4 days of birthday celebrations, and I finally have a moment to myself to relax and reflect. 

Be Thankful
I’m stopping to think about the last 4 years, and I am beyond thankful for my family. 

Baby Bear, you have changed me into the person I was yearning to be, a mommy. Thank you for teaching me what life is all about. As I teach you the golden rule, manners, and how to be a good person, you remind me of these invaluable life lessons.

I have been sending you boys emails instead of making baby books, because it is so easy these days to just type a sentence and push send right at that moment. That way, memories are not lost and forgotten. I just logged into your gmail to read some of the emails and watched some videos. So, of course, I am doing that ugly, laughing, crying thing moms do. 

This has to be one of the best gifts I have ever received from your God Mother who made this video of your first year and gave it to us on your 1st birthday.

My sweet baby boy, you are so dynamic, smart, and kindhearted.

Your willingness to include and help others is a special gift.

Even as a baby you have never known a stranger, and it is evident when you were inviting little boys to your birthday party last week in the checkout line and parking lot at Target.

You have so much energy that you push yourself to the brink of exhaustion because of your FOMO!
I love that you like to organize! You line up your dinosaurs, trucks and action figures in a cute OCD manner.
I want to remember all of your sayings.
Mama hold you
You are beautisul
Number one homie
I want to remember all your favorite things:
You love JUNK food, which I will say, you were not really introduced to much until your Aunt Sissy treated you. And little brother came along, and you were potty trained.
Pizza, popcorn, candy, sour gummy bears, pop, cake, cookies, fruit snacks, pudding, ice cream, whip cream, you name it, you love it, and it is bribery at its finest!
Like buddy the elf you love sugar and marshmallows and anything covered in maple syrup. 

You love to dance. Your favorite jams are “pump up the jam”, purplicious, or Fergalicious, “Party Rock” and Luke Bryan. 
You want to be good at everything the first time you try it like someone else I know (me), and your frustration makes you try harder. 
My boys are my world. I live and breathe for them. I had 29 years of me and now I want to share the rest of my years with my babies and give them the best life possible.

I gave my birthday boy 3 parties! Redamndiculous! I know. I agree. I will go into those next post Birthday party bonanza! 

I do not do it for me or recognition. I do it for the memories I’m making with my boys. And that is priceless! 
Sunday morning came, and you were so excited to open and play with all your new toys. It was a like a watching a T-Rex running after his prey or a tornado’s path of destruction moving from gift to gift until there was nothing left. You were crying, whining, and being a brat. 
I was thinking of how to teach this lesson. We are learning the difference between good behavior and bad, ungrateful, bratty behavior. I said some kids don’t have birthday parties and get tons of presents and have all this awesome stuff! You are lucky and very special, so act like it. Then I said “Stop. Think. Be thankful.”

I need to look in the mirror when I am teaching these lessons. Having kids reminds us of the basics of being a good person. I grew up learning the golden rule until it was mentally tattooed on my brain.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Sadly I think this human lesson has been lost among the last few generations. It’s all about me me me. 
Well, Baby Bear, you are everything to me. And I am so proud to be your mom. God has blessed me with you and your brother, and I am eternally grateful. Thank you for 4 outstanding and challenging years! I love you to the moon and back 10! 

PS: we are officially partied out! If you need us we will be in a pajama, pizza & cake coma! 


Just Happy Mommy 

Are play dates the new friendship / online dating?!

This morning was one of the best play dates I have had in my 4 years of being a mom. My littlest love and I met an old friend and her twins at a city park this morning. We had not seen each other, in person, in what seemed like a decade but we keep up with each other online. I had zero anxiety about meeting her and no worries if the kids would get along. We picked up right where we left off, as awesome girlfriends! Our conversation was easy, funny, kind and smooth, considering we were running after 3 kids under 2! This is what it is all about! NO judgement! I walked away feeling so happy and looking forward to our next date.

As a mom sometimes play dates can feel like dating. Like dates, they can go great, ok, awkward and even terrible. I haven’t dated in a decade but I hear its brutal and from Aziz Ansari’s book Modern Romance this new digital world has made it a big ole mess.

“no matter how many options we seem to have on our screens, we should be careful not to lose track of the human beings behind them. We’re better off spending quality time getting to know actual people than spending hours with our devices, seeing who else is out there.”
― Aziz Ansari, Modern Romance

NOT all playdates are created equal. Some are casual & easy and others take effort & work. Plus the introduction to social media screws everything up. We think we know what is going on in people’s lives but do we really? Do we have a false sense of friendship security because of our online connections? Don’t get me wrong I love being able to keep in touch with my friends and family but have we replaced personal face to face time with FakeTime? Should love & friendships be work?

(Sorry I am having a Carrie Bradshaw moment, except I am in sweatpants and Uggs, drinking a Dr. Pepper and its 11:30am in Oklahoma instead of smoking a cigarrette drinking a cosmo in my designer outfit at midnight in NYC) Anyway I digress…

Karin Sieger, psychotherapist and HuffPost UK blogger, says true friendships “are based on unconditional concern for the other. We do things for the other out of friendship not in order to gain anything. Friendships can provide grounding, safety, comfort, the experience of trust and respect, of being understood and valued.”

“21st century friendships are soul friendships. They are about supporting each other to live a life that is full of purpose, courage and creativity.”

“However there are challenges – in this digital world of ours, it’s harder to maintain or make meaningful relationships. We are more independent than ever, and the only predators we really need help with are rubbish dates.”

Just like dating. Maybe you think it went great but the other mom is like WHOA! Never again! She’s a psycho! Or the other way around. That did NOT go as planned. And maybe the kids did not get along so it does not make sense to force a friendship. And sometimes we are all just too busy to make time. So are play dates like online dating? Will there be a match? One of the best ways to explain the awkwardness:

You make time when you want to see someone. I have see this shirt several times and I always laugh. “Sorry I’m late I didnt want to come.” I found this on Etsy. It is super cute I am actually thinking of getting one. Sorry I’m Late Etsy Shop

il_570xN.816685760_93noHave you ever felt this way? Hopefully most of you are humans and at one point were like ya I dont wanna do that family, work, friends, spouse event, you name it, sometimes we just dont. We are all being pulled in so many directions that is hard to be everywhere all the time.

The effortless last minute play dates are always the best for us. Yesterday and today we went to local city parks and met up with some of my dearest childhood friends and their littles. All our kids are different ages and they all got along so well.

I met another lifelong friend for breakfast a couple weeks ago, again so fun, easy, nice conversation and left feeling so glad that we finally met up even tho it was for 45 minutes.

The evolution of friendship is one of the most complex things for me to understand. My MeMaw always says its quality not quantity and if you have 5 real friends in your lifetime then you are rich.


I have always been a social butterfly even since I was little. I am lucky to say I have a lot of friends. I genuinely care about people. I think sometimes I am the delusional crazy ex girlfriend who cant understand why she was dumped. Friendships come and go it is a part of life but I have a tough time letting things go. Some people prolly have no idea what I am talking about and thats cool. I just want to know how to handle my kids getting left out, not getting invited or losing a friend.

Why do we feel the need to be friends with everyone? Is it a southern thing? Did we take the “it’s not what you know but who you know” thing a little too seriously? It is all about connections and networking blah blah. But does that S#@% even really matter? If you have 1,000 facebook friends but do NOT have someone you can 1,000% depend on then what do you have? I ask these questions because after starting my blog I find myself at an impass. How do I teach my boys how to be a good friend in this ever evolving and changing digital world? Do those people really care about me or will I ever see them again?


I am reconnecting with my friends more and more. It is reassuring to know that we are still the same little girls who used to have sleep overs except now we have real life baby dolls. I think it is because we have spent real time together.  We did NOT have the internet, social media, weird pressures and we were able to be kids. I would be lost without my college, career and other mom friends. They are always there for me and we lean and depend on each other like sisters.

To have friends you have to be a friend. And today that means we must share ourselves, our time and shed the profile picture and get back to the heart of the matter, loving each other. With our ever changing, fast paced, digital world, I pray my boys find the human connections with friends that I have been lucky enough to keep.

“Good friends are like stars, you don’t always see them, but you know they’re always there.”

“A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.”


Just Happy Mommy

Credits to GIF ap for iPhone, Pinterest, Etsy, Aziz Ansari and Huffington Post


Mean Mom Judgy Eyes

I just found out one of my all time favorites, Jennifer Aniston, is doing a movie called Mean Moms. That is totally fitting because tonight I’m going to be on TV talking about just that. Local ABC affiliate KTUL interviewed me as a “local blogger” to talk about Mom Shaming. I am no expert, but I am pretty sure mom shaming can come in lots of forms. Almost always from ignorance. Once I got to thinking about it I realized I had a lot to say so here it is…


We all know the judgy eyes. The “ERMYGERD” looks we get from other women, especially other moms. The story is Mean Moms and the hot topic of mom shaming. Well I think it’s total crap. Most people need to worry more about themselves and their own families before throwing shade.

(My husband just introduced me to the GIF Keyboard on my iPhone so I am playing around.)

GIF KEYBOARD for iphone

First things first, there is NO right way to parent. We need to keep health, safety, education, and the individuality of our kids in the fore front!!!

Mom Shaming occurs on social media, TV, society or even from the socio geographic expectations of mothers today. I think that since the constant sharing and parenting opinion explosion online, it’s ruined self confidence and mothers being able to trust their intuition. My grandmother and mother’s generation succeeded with amazing grace and flying colors without the judgement that many Mom’s feel today. Why? Because people still had interpersonal conversations and there was NO internet.

So there is real life and then there is social media but the line is being blurred more everyday. When you share your life experiences online someone is going to judge and comment, so be prepared.

I think of the line from Field of Dreams,

“If you build it they will come.”


“If you post it they will judge.”

I am ashamed to admit that I too have judged moms. I have been shamed by both other moms and my own family members. I have been to the point of tears and having my husband call someone asking them to take the comment down. “Kids learn what they see.” “Maybe he needs more attention from his mom.” Really? Wow? How did you come to that expert opinion based on a picture of a toddler?

GIF keyboard for iphone
Here is the thing. Most women are sensitive beings, and moms are on another level of vulnerability because we feel exhausted, frustrated, under appreciated, and dare I say it, jealous, or even worse, envious of others. I am raising my hand right now. Hello. It’s human emotion. If you can honestly say you have never felt any of those emotions then you are prolly a liar, a saint, or on some sort of medication I need to know about. Lately I try and laugh, because there is no such thing as having it all. But, oh how we try! So how do we overcome these demons?
own your truth
embrace the chaos
keep it real
Logo 1c
I find comfort, happiness, and even validation when I share my parenting experiences with my mom, sis, and my best friends. I tell them all the disgusting and hilarious things that go on behind the share button. Pictures of laundry piles, and that my kid just pooped on the floor and I need a cocktail or 4.
 When my best friend and I walk into public places with our 4 boys under 4, people look at us like we are aliens with 6 heads packing heat. Hello. Its fine! We have to eat too. Sorry I made you annoyed and uncomfortable for a few seconds of your life. COEXIST!
The thought that children should be seen and not heard is absurd and ancient.We are all sorts of crazy. Anyone with sleep deprivation and unrealistic expectations is set up for meltdowns and failures… Sometimes I want to join my one year old’s tantrum and scream in downward dog too. Until you actually participate in a #reallife tantrum and experience the misery, embarrassment, and the utter exhaustion it takes to handle one then… BYE FELICIA!
GIF keyboard for iphone
Our parents and grandparents lived in a different time. They didn’t have to worry about what other people had because it was not continuously shoveled into their face everyday. They didn’t feel pressured to lose their baby weight in 5 weeks. We are supposed to be automatically happy the second our child is born. These unrealistic expectations of the average American mother are overwhelming, to say the least. It can be a losing battle. The CONSTANT comparisons can make even the most confident woman question herself and convictions.
As I have explained in previous posts about my struggles with postpartum depression, I definitely felt judged. Even more so when I would talk about taking medication. People feel they have the right to know and voice opinions no matter what the subject. It is exhausting and honestly sad. For some reason some of us feel like we need to validate our choices while others choose to hide them. What works for some does not work for others. Conformity is not the answer. Acceptance and support is what mothers need.
My mom used to have a couple sayings that would DRIVE ME CRAZY when I was a kid. Now I think they fit in nicely with this post.
“Well that is why Baskin Robins makes 31 flavors,”
“To each his own.”
People judge us. Whether working, staying at home, working from home, part-time working, private schooling, MDO, church-going, atheist, public schooled, home schooled, fast food eating, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, vegan, paleo, city-based, suburb living, farm living, single or married, every woman has the right to choose what is best for her and her children. We do not all have to agree. This is America after all.
I will say it again. What matters is our kids! We need to stop worrying about all the other crap, and focus on what is important.
Their future.
Building respectful children who learn manners and know how to treat people is our responsibility as parents. Our job is to help them navigate this scary and intimidating world while celebrating their differences and learning to love themselves.gif keyboard on iphone
We live in an over-the-top politically correct society. I think this subject of Mom Shaming will continue until someone creates MomBook, which implements rules of courtesy and etiquette. People will continue to give their 2 cents even if they have NO sense at all. Unfortunately there are a lot of ignorant and judgmental people in the world.
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Just Happy Mommy

Mommy Says Bad Words

You know why Mommy says bad words? Because she can no longer live in the fantasy world of no cussing. After only 4 years of parenting and 2 kids I have reached the “I don’t give a s***,” Mommy says bad words, level. 

In my very first blog post I promised a few things, one of which was to offend people. So I use curse words which is taboo language and considered offensive and innapropriate. Well I can be both of those things so hence why I enjoy cussing. 

If you don’t cuss well congrau****lations. Stop reading.

I love Jesus, but I cuss a little. This is not one of my faith filled posts. 

Over the holiday break my older son kept telling me, “Mommy you are on the naughty list because you say bad words.”  I responded with, “yes, yes I am, I’m sorry, I will try to do better.” Trying to set an example and clean up my potty mouth especially since I tell him not to say bad words. Do as I say, not as I do mantra. After 2 weeks together, hardly leaving the house, and everyone being sick, I lost it.

We had stopped at Whole Foods to get the baby allergy friendly food and a slice of pizza for brother. On the way home he asked to listen to the ‘Grinch’ song, then he wants to watch ‘Elf’ the movie. Mind you I am driving, but like many moms I have mastered the keeping your child happy while traveling is key, albeit unsafe. We were almost home and he says “mom the volume, I cant hear it.” As I turned I hit a HUGE pothole, the kind that could easily pop a tire. His pizza went flying to the floor and he started crying. I lost it. I said “F#$% YOUR PIZZA!!!”

I immediately apologized then I realized I created that little angel/monster. The one in the back seat that wants to hear his jams and watch a movie on a 10 minute ride home while eating a $4 slice of organic pizza!!!

We got home and I explained to him why mom got upset. Finally I said “honey that is just who I am.” Surprisingly he said “that’s ok Mommy, I love you just the way you are.” WOW. Ok cool.  

Saying a cuss word is better than throwing something or acting out in anger right?!

There is new scientific evidence out there that people who cuss have better vocabulary, are more attractive and have less stress… I don’t know if I believe it but HELL I will take it. Here are a few of the articles that back up this amazing claim.

So why do I cuss and other people do NOT? Well, believe it or not I grew up in a strict household. I got my mouth washed out with soap several times. Enough to remember it was not worth saying bad words. My mom doesn’t cuss and my father is an attorney, haha nuff said. My mom is a straight arrow republican and my dad is a hippie democrat. I think my siblings and I had the best of both growing up. We all took manners classes and cotillion. But we were not overly censored on what we watched or the music we listened to. 

I minded my P’s and Q’s until college and then I went loco in the cabeza. My husband is always getting on to me about my bad language. 

I own who I am and being a mom doesn’t change the fact that I cuss and I enjoy it. I know it is frowned upon in general and is extremely frowned upon to cuss on social media. I think the reason is because we are trying to be the best versions of ourselves on fake book yet we should strive to be our authentic selves. I will always try and tame my taboo words around others but I also think teaching my kids self expression and real life language is my perogative. 

Here are a few examples of why I cuss…

When you go check on your kid in the bathroom to find the sink overflowing, the toilet clogged and soap all over the mirror, I say WTF?!

When you see your child falling in slow mo and hit their head and you can’t quite get there in time to prevent the injury, I say S***!

When your kid wakes you up and says any of the following… “I peed my bed, I’m hungry, I don’t feel good, or just wake up and it is still dark outside, I say DA**it! 

When you are in the checkout line at the grocery store and you go to pay and realize that you do not have any form of payment because the baby got into your purse and threw your cards somewhere, so you leave with nothing but an empty cart and kids crying and screaming “the food, we need the food, I’m starving, mommy we need the food,” like we cant afford it and I am starving my kids. Meanwhile people are wide eyed and gawking. I want to look back at them and say do you think these clean, well dressed, adorable boys are mistreated or malnourished!??! I want to say “**** no!  So stop judging me you a**holes.”

I asked my son how he feels when I say bad words he said “Mommy I want you to be happy. Can you do that for me mommy? Just Be Happy.” 

Well Damn. Out of the mouth of babes. 

Just Happy Mommy 




Sunday Night Dinners

FullSizeRenderMy parents and sister just left our house after coming over for Sunday dinner. We have been doing Sunday dinners almost every week for the last few years since the boys were born. It is one of my new and most favorite family traditions. Sometimes my mom cooks, sometimes I cook but we usually get take out. My mom, sister and I look after the baby and my husband, dad and little man watch football, play on their phones & iPads and rough house. It is the best way to start our week off right.

Meme, Papi and Aunt Sissy are obsessed with the boys and we love having the family together. My parents are very hands on and and we can’t go a few days without seeing them. My mom watches the boys two days a week and extra too so they are extreeme Meme fans! I love the way the boys smile when they see my parents. Oh and anytime Aunt Sissy is around the boys eyes light up and they scream with delight running to hug her.   My little brother lives in Los Angeles with his girlfriend who we love but we all miss him a TON! We try to facetime him in on birthday dinners or just to say hi. We are counting down the days till he comes home for Christmas. We have a long on going family group text and I send them all pictures of the boys everyday. If they don’t get a picture for a day or two they get sad because they want to see their boys.

Wearing comfy sweats, eating Hideaway pizza with magical ranch and lauging at the kids as we all embrace the chaos. I got the boys into the bathtub and of course my dad comes in carrying a cup of water. Why you ask? When we were little my sister and I would take baths together just like our boys. My dad would come in and throw a cup of cold water on us and we would scream, laugh and squeal. It is such a fun and silly childhood memory and something I love seeing my dad continue to do with my boys.IMG_6826

My mom and I finish the bath and get them all lotioned up and pajamas on.  Now the rough housing begins. My dad tickles and wrestles them and the loud girlish screams were probably heard next door.  The boys are walking around falling down like little drunk people which means it is time for bed. Everyone gives hugs and kisses and its time to go. Now reality sets in, looking ahead to a hectic week. But for just a few more hours it is the weekend and I am going to enjoy it by sharing these moments with you.

I say all this because I am overwhelmed with happiness tonight and I want to remember nights like tonight. It is NOTHING special but the people and the memories we make on Sunday nights are special and something to be cherished. I hope my boys will remember these nights but if they don’t I have a hundred pictures and this blog to remind them. I am so thankful for my family and we are beyond blessed to have such a strong bond and live in the same city. XOXO

Just Happy Mommy

My First Blog Post Ever

Welcome to Just Happy Mommy!

Ok so here is a little background on me, my family, and what I hope this blog will accomplish for me and others.  My name is Mommy. I am a born and raised Oklahoman and I currently live in Tulsa with my husband of 8 years, and our 2 sons. Before I was a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM) I worked in TV for 6 years and I have a degree in Journalism from the University of Oklahoma. I have always had a passion for writing and my husband encouraged me to start a blog and so here we are.

The name “Just Happy Mommy” came from my oldest son. He says “Just Happy” when someone is sad. After we came home from the hospital with baby brother last October I had mastitis and some serious post par-tum depression. He would come in our room, look at me while I was crying in bed, and say “Just Happy Mommy.” This of course made me cry more but I also realized he was right.

Just be happy mommy.

Taking a look at my life I have it pretty damn good! My family is AWESOME! I have 2 happy, healthy and hilarious sons and a sexy husband who takes care of us. My dad is my anchor, my mom is my guardian angel, my sister is stronger than oak and my best friend and my baby brother is a sweet & sensitive musician.

With this blog I plan to share my experiences in motherhood and life in general. There are a few things I hope to accomplish and know to be true

I want to make people FEEL! (laugh, cry, scoff, discuss etc)

I promise to offend someone

I dont know everything

Im doing the best I can


Nobody is perfect

BUT if we can just adjust our outlooks to that of an innocent child and try to be “Just Happy” I think we can enojy this wild ride called life. I hope you enjoy my blog!


Just Happy Mommy