Parenting is really F$&@?ing hard!

If you think parenting is easy, you are prolly F$&@?ing up.
For the most part, we all hear that parenting is the hardest job in the world, but the most rewarding! In my case, like most parents, I think parenting is really f$&@?ing hard. 

But it’s the best thing we have ever done. 

Sounds like an oxymoron, but doesn’t anything that brings you the greatest joy in life and sunshine in your heart require hard work? The answer should be a resounding yes!

I like to say that pregnancy is the easy part. Even tho it’s very difficult, emotional, nauseating, and exhausting, it’s a cake walk compared to the unwritten, fairytale, nightmare, best seller you are about to write with your family. The ups and downs, twists and turns, loves and loss, triumph and heartache that we both enjoy and hate in our lives. 

Parenting is the most important job in the world. We are continuing the human race. It’s our job to teach them manners, the difference between right and wrong, the golden rule etc., and praying that they have a conscience. Some of these things are inherited, but they don’t know unless you tell them. I think I’m a little too honest and open with my boys. I scare the hell out of them about stranger danger. What to do if they get lost or if someone is creepy. Teaching them early on about body awareness and boundaries. 

We don’t live in the 50’s, 60’s, & 70’s anymore. Hell I’m a child of the 80’s, and we were safer then than we ever will be again. 

Researching other generations is important to learn from the past. 
Do you know where your children are?

My hubby looked up the article above last night. He said “Do you remember hearing ‘It’s 10 o’clock, do you know where your children are?'” I had heard of this, but what we found seemed more interesting to me than the PSA itself.

My generation, GenY or Millenials, is always hearing and reading things should be simple like they were in the good ole days. Let kids be kids. Well, maybe not so much…

The PSA was largely targeting the parents of Generation X, described by a 2004 marketing study on HighBeam Research as “one of the least parented, least nurtured generations in U.S. history.”[3][4][5][6]

It goes on to discuss the creation of a latchkey kid Latchkey Kid and the pros and cons to that lifestyle.

If we don’t parent our kids, who will? Having rules, regulations, and laws are essential to our safety as a society. But are we raising a generation of self righteous, entitled assholes?!

Simple everyday things like taking them on play dates, birthday parties, the park, grocery shopping and even to get gas has become a headache, a treat and torture all in one. That’s life today nothing is easy and we are all busy.

When I hear older generations say, “My kids were easy” and “Just let them play”, My husband and I look at each other puzzled and think “Um, maybe you f$&@?ed up.” If parenting is easy, I’m pretty sure you aren’t doing it right. 

“Nothing worth doing right is easy.” – Mike Matheny

“Nothing in the world is worth having, or worth doing, unless it means effort, pain, and difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well.”
-Theodore Roosevelt

We are setting our children up for failure if we are not good parents, role models, and teachers. 

Saying “No!” is harder than saying “Yes”. 

“There are winners and losers in games.” 

“Life isn’t fair.” 

“Bad things happen.” 

“Being polite is important.” 

“Be the friend you want to have.” 

“Communication is key.” 

“Open your mind, but guard your heart.”

 “Listening is an art.” 

“Patience will get you far in life.” 

This and all that other stuff you thought was bullshit, it’s what your parents should have told you. 

It’s all true. I’m still learning these on the daily! 
We have to learn to parent our children’s generation. Unfortunately, we don’t have the freedoms, trust, or maybe ignorance, of the past generations. But we can help create a new crop of adults that can continue the basic fundamentals of what it means to be a good person. The journey of our lives as kids into adults, and then into parents, requires all the virtues and promotes personal greatness in our kids.  
We have summer chore charts and we started asking the boys at bedtime, “what made you smile today? What made you sad today? What did you learn today?” 
It’s not going that well but I think Reflecting is important for everyone no matter what the age. Doing the right thing is hard and I am learning more from my 2 little, angel, nugget monsters than I ever thought possible.

Embracing the present, learning from the past, and looking to the future are how we learn to navigate this life, and love it everyday we are given. 
Just happy mommy  

When does it get better?! 

“When does it get better?”
My husband asked me from our bed as I walked in to wash my face, put on my face cream and brush my teeth.

I said “I don’t know?! Ugh maybe it doesn’t get better.” Then I walked out.

I went into check on our son since he woke up with a nightmare. I can barely keep my eyes open and my teeth are growing fur and I really need to wash my momiform aka “the robe”

This is reality.  I’m the mom. Even tho sometimes I feel like a dirty diaper and smell like a prepubescent boy. I’m happy I get to stay home and take care of my boys. I don’t know how it’s all going to workout but Lord knows it will. 

Right now I’m in my older sons twin bed writing this and watching him sleep. Creepy?! Um no! Pretty soon he won’t let me in his room, let alone lay in his bed to talk and scratch his back. 

Just before he fell asleep he looks at me and says,

“You can be happy mommy. I love you to the moon and back ten times.”

10 is the magic number. Everything is 10, ten more minutes, ten years old, 10! 

He was playing with my hair and then he kissed his fingers and touched my lips.

Tears start streaming down my cheeks and falling onto the pillow.

  He fell asleep with my hair in his hand. 

How do children have such intuition and know just what to say? I feel like God was speaking to me through my child. 

Lately it’s been so tiresome and exhausting to teach, love and nurture 2 little ones and all that goes along with it. But there are these little moments when you get a glimpse of a little breakthrough. 

When they are on their best behavior and use manners. 

When they show remorse and have a conscience. 

When they genuinely show love, care and concern for another person, you stop and think I’m doing a damn good job!

When they are misbehaving and you threaten and you have to follow through. That’s being hardcore and good parents. We have been following through and finally the thing I never understood and hated hearing my mom say was “it’s always harder to say No, than it is to say yes!” 

Huh?!? It all makes sense now. In order to not raise an asshole in today’s society we have to say no. 

Reward good behavior but also give penalties. Negotiating with little terrorists. Telling them NO more screen time when it’s easier to ignore and silence them with God knows what garbage. Hello guilty! Erryday. We iPad, YouTube, watch movies. 

People want to criticize everything. Mostly people without kids. Sorry DINKS. I always think “this is the diary of Britney Spears, you think you know but you have no idea.” It’s true we don’t know someone’s path until we walk in their shoes. 

But refreshingly I have heard that if our parents had these devices and tools they too would use them to their advantage to get things done. One of my favorite quotes of all time is from Ferris Bueller’s day off Ferris: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

When does it get better? It doesn’t because these are the best days of our lives. The hardest yet most rewarding, because we are blessed and responsible for molding 2 precious boys into men. It’s a serious and great reaponsibility. We must stop and be present. Be present with our children. Be present with ourselves and with eachother. 


Just Happy Mommy 

Remember to Love the not yet Mom’s 


Happy Mother’s Day!

I have been trying to think of a cute, heartfelt, and poignant post for this most important holiday. I think Mother’s Day is one of the best reasons to celebrate. We all love our mom, mama, mommy, madre. The woman that gave you life and would give her life to save yours. And I am so thankful I have 2 adorable, loving little boys. They are my reason for living and bring so much joy to me and our family.

I was woken up with smiling faces, hugs, kisses, hazelnut coffee, and a sweet card in bed. I mean does it get any better than that?!?! Yes. Yes, it does. The last week of my life has been the greatest gift and wish come true. We just got home from a family vacation to Destin, Florida. If you are contemplating a trip. Go. Don’t think. Just go.



What if you aren’t a mommy?  Maybe you can’t become a mommy. What if you might never have the chance to have a child of your own? There are so many women struggling to have a baby.

I know there are so many ways to become a mother. Whether it is through the amazing gift of procreation, modern medical assistance with IVF, adoption, foster parenting or other ways.

But what if you woke up alone in a hospital bed? What if you were greeted by nurses, beeps, pills and questions? What if your body did not allow you to live a real life, let alone have the ability to grow and carry a child or even literally carry a child.

Some women with infertility issues, chronic illnesses, and debilitating diseases may never get the chance to be someone’s mother.

Could you imagine?

Simple freedoms. Things that we all expect to have until our health is compromised.

It’s almost like Alzheimer’s in reverse. Your mind is like let’s go and your body is like umm no what? Huh? slowing down.

While I complain that my baby has allergies or that we had to quit the country club and move from private to public school I have to stop myself and say STFU!

I bring these things up because, even though this is a day to rejoice and be thankful for mothers and all that they do for us, this is a day of pain and sadness for others. Death, loss, hopelessness, and fear.

The trivial things Mom’s complain about. The funny and disgusting things we talk about. The heart burn, morning sickness, laundry, dishes, wiping butts, and kissing booboos. Or wanting to pick up the phone and call your mom 19 times a day and remembering she’s not there.

There are women who are wishing they had those things to occupy their time. They want to have a baby, a butt to wipe, and little hand to hold, or have a mommy to hug.

Instead they are usually bombarded with questions. “When are you gonna have a baby?” “The clock is ticking.” “Are you trying?” “Are you gonna freeze your eggs?”

No shit. They know their clocks and they are consumed with conception, levels, medication and even staying alive. Whether it is infertility, cancer, rare and incurable diseases, there are women who are literally dying to be a mom.

Unfortunately this hits home to me as I have seen many friends and family members struggle. It has been at the front of my mind that the person closest to me for all of my life might not even have the chance to be a mommy. What if you are not able to take care of yourself but your mind sees and wants those normal things we all take for granted.

I want my sister to have a better quality of life. She has been in and out of hospitals for almost 8 years, and the last couple months have become worse, more serious, and concerning. She is embarrassed and doesn’t want pity. She is so strong it’s astonishing. Getting labs and blood work every week, doctor appointments, residents, hospital visits, infectious disease doctors, questions without answers, and the list goes on and on. Not being able to live alone let alone and keep a job or do daily tasks without feeling like hell everyday. If you can’t take care or yourself, how can you take care of a baby??

I could not imagine switching places with her and watching your sister and friends get married, have careers, and start families while you start a new IV treatment and look forward to a shower. That is torture. Yes, she endures all of this and still has faith and hope. But it’s wavering. So I decided to pamper her on Mother’s Day. I gave her a pedicure, blowout and makeup. Even with no where to be but in a hospital bed it made her feel special and loved.


My parents are at an impasse. They have done everything they can and still do not know how to help their baby.

You have a baby and love these tiny humans more than anything. I don’t know what might be worse than not being able to help your child’s suffering for so long and not being able to give them a good, happy, healthy life.

Mothers are the glue of this world. But we also crack and sometimes break. The love of our children helps keep us together. My mom is one of those people. She is the glue that keeps our whole family together. So selfless, compassionate, caring, and loving. I love my mom more than I love myself, and she has taught me so much. I can only hope to be the mother she is to me to my babies.

So not only tell your mom how much you love her. Tell the other women in your life how much you love and admire them. Do not pity or dismiss others challenges. Instead I challenge you to think of the women longing to hear Happy Mother’s Day.

Someone you know. Someone that is hurting. Reach out to them with a comforting text, phone call, or visit. I know in this day and age we are scared to pick up the phone and show true care and emotion. But, trust me, you have no idea what it might mean to someone that is struggling.

Some women chose not to have children for whatever reason. But could you imagine not having the physical ability to choose?

Happy Mother’s Day to my fellow mommies, the not yet Mom’s and to my beautiful Sissy. May God heal you and grant you a beautiful life you deserve. Remember

Just Happy Mommy




Why do we make plans?

We aren’t promised tomorrow or next week or even next year. 

Plans make me happy and plans make me cringe. 

“So what’s your plan?”

We have been hearing this question for a majority of our lives.

“Where do you plan to go to college?”

“What’s your plan after college?”

“Where do you plan to live?”

“Do you plan on getting married?”

“Do you plan on having kids?”

“Do you have a retirement plan?”

“Health care plan?”

And it all comes full circle again when you are a mom… “Where are your kids going to school? What’s your plan?” We all have a calendar full of activities, events, parties and obligations. 

I always had a plan. I was a go getter as long as I could get sleep and some cocktails. As a young journalist you take any job you can get in tv. Then you fake it till you make it. In my case the job was assignment editor. What you ask? Exactly. Think of it like the air traffic controller of a newsroom. You don’t care about them until they F$&@ up or until you have to fill in for them. Basically you plan the news for a living. I made it my plan to master this position and I ended up making it my bitch! RIP deuce desk 

I knew I was going to get married at 25 and I did. I wanted to have kids at the exact same ages my mom did 29, 32, and I did. Who knows maybe we will have #3 in 5 years hubby LOL! He’s done I’m still open to the plan. I knew I wanted to be a mommy and raise my family in Tulsa. Always liked the idea of moving away but it’s never gonna happen. 

So Here’s the deal. Plans are bullshit. We plan and plan and then plan the plan. Since becoming a mom I have started to sometimes loathe plans. Simple example, kids get sick. Can’t plan that. Although I can usually predict it because we will have some BIG plans it could potentially ruin. Case and point this week. We are leaving for the beach at the end of this week. We have planned this for months and it is a much needed getaway for all. 

Come on robbers hope you like stealing dishes in the sink, clothes from old navy and mountains of laundry. My husband always says I should not post that we are out of town for fear we get robbed. But I say the most valuable things we have is our kids and yes we are taking them to the beach too! It’s a family vaycay. 

Our little boy has a compromised immune system (for any new readers) and has extreme allergies to food and the environment. So today I took him to see our sweet pediatrician because he has been coughing and breathing rapidly, congested and feverish. We decided since we are leaving town and our deposit is NON refundable,  we better check everything off the list. 
So we took chest X-rays, nasal swab for flu and throat swab for strep. NO fever, no flu, no strep. Chest X-ray not so good. She called it fluffy. Possibly the start of pneumonia. If you have never experienced a child getting a chest X-ray it is like a mid evil torture device. The tears stream and baby cries mommy until it’s over. As a mom this is one of the worst sounds. 

This evening daddy comes home with a bag full of drugs (costing more than my car payment) and we begin our new plan. Our new normal. I will be administrating breathing treatments everyday even after he is done being sick and finished the antibiotics. 

 A mother never plans for her baby to be sick. A baby who is sick has got to be the saddest and most painful thing. And for a mom who helplessly tells them it’s going to be ok and begging to God to help her child or take their place, it is exhausting. 

I see this in my own mother. She shows so much grace and strength while helping me and telling me it will be ok. All the while I know her aching heart yearns for her baby girl to get better. Your baby is your baby. Whether they are 18 months or 31 years they are still your baby after all. Our health is our wealth. 

Please click below to learn more about food allergies.

Living with food allergies 

As people we are taught to follow a plan. We thrive on plans. We have safety plans.We have goals. We have agendas. We have tasks, events, celebrations and expectations and obligations. 

I kinda hate the saying “it’s always something.” It comforted me until recently. I know we all have pain, triumphs, struggles and things going on. But when someone says “it’s always something,” isn’t that just a nice way of saying tough shit move on?!? Or am I my usual sensitive Sally?!?

I think I have fallen short on some of my promises I made in my first blog posts. I promise to keep it real. Well here’s the real deal I can’t do it all. I can’t be a super me! Everyday I try to get up and be the super mom and a super wife and super friend and super daughter and super sister.  

Thing is I’m exhausted and need to realize over and over that

 I am enough. 

Just me being me. 

I can’t plan for everything that gets thrown in my way. 

I really admire other moms and bloggers who really have their shit together. Pretty Instagram pictures, lighting, poses and real posts. I have ideas and try, but fail miserably. 

I want to keep hustling my blog, my brand and make extra money for my family. That’s why I took this picture tonight. If you can’t plan your posts to promote yourself and your business then do it all in one. I’m a wife, mommy, writer, hustler and swag lover! I hope this makes you chuckle 😂 links below


Like I planned on posting about my 60 day beach body reveal well here is the reveal!
I didn’t change shit and I look the same. Chips and salsa erryday! Mommy pops, donuts, smoothies and currently a big bowl of spaghetti! 😂😂😂🍷🌮🌶🍩🍝

I wanted to do a cute pinteresty post about how to perfectly pack the family for a beach vacation. At this point we will be lucky if we get to go. I’ve gotten this far… I love this plan from Pinterest and 

40 Beach Tips & Tricks

So I sit in the bathtub with my wine and baby monitor on full blast and think I hate plans but I know I need them. 

I hope & pray everyone stays safe during these storms. It is important to have a safety plan in case of a tornado. 


Just happy mommy 

Swag photo cred: Hubby and links below 

Fabulous Earrings by Abby Sparks
Lip Sense Lip Gloss
Mom Life Tee & Sunnies

Breakdown. Breakthrough. Repeat

I LOVE the movie Jerry Maguire. I know every word, every look, every song! One of my favorite scenes is when he writes his memo in the middle of the night. He’s in the zone writing passionately and so proud of his “Breakdown or Breakthrough?!”  

I feel like everyday/week/month/years I go through a series of breakdowns and breakthroughs. Albeit some are small and no big deal, while others tear at my heart and weigh on my mind. 

My life is never boring. I always feel like I need to explain why I share this stuff. It’s Simple; to connect and let people know they are not alone in this crazy mommy world. 

I will not backtrack but just a little glimpse into a typical week. Last Thursday my car literally breaks down at work. It overheated with 2 barefoot, no napped, little boys inside. While we were waiting on daddy to come to the rescue they were running around Posh (the super cute boutique where I work)

POSH Tulsa Link
Then I Breakdown crying because my sissy is going back into the hospital. Her poor body and spirit are struggling and breaks my heart to see her in pain and sad with no real treatment plan. But my boys give her the best medicine there is! 

That same evening we have an awesome Breakthrough at swim lessons, baby brother is jumping in with no fear. Over and over. He was so happy and holding his breath and showing off his adorable toothy grin! 

Then I changed what I thought was a wet diaper to have a steaming cow patty turd fall on my foot. I took a picture but I will spare you the graphic content. I can’t make this shit up! Sorry can’t resist a good pun 😂😆💩🙈

Breakthrough I survived a super packed Saturday, 3 events: baby sprinkle, bloggers brunch & grand reopening at Posh. Then I took the boys to visit my grandma and play outside.  


That evening we had dinner with our best friends with 5 kids under 5. As I lay my head down, little bro starts crying and breathing fast and coughing. Albuterol treatment begins… Ahhhh those innocent hands  

 Breakthrough Sunday, I finally got to sleep in, well after getting up in the night. But still my body slept thru the screaming, fighting, and cartoons. Dad goes for a run. I go for a run. Dad leaves to go to the office. I load the boys up in the rain to go to Target. We had a great time. We 3 musketeers love Target. Who would have known that a sparkle bouncy ball in the $1 section is the most prized possession of all?! Winning!

Drop off the baby and groceries. (I think I got some food. haha) 
On to the next. A birthday party for a school mate at the bounce house place. I think “Sweet! They will wear him out and feed him. He will be ready for bath and bed when we get home.” Oh slow your roll there, Little Mama. Not so fast. I thought I would survive a 2 hour party. No, no, no. Total meltdown as we are leaving, complete with laying on the sidewalk screaming and crying over playing light sabers with their new bubble wands and some devil skittles arcade game. Brattastic voyage home.  This is how we wrap birthday presents when we are out of scotch tape 🙈😁

 Here is where the breakdowns and breakthroughs collide. We live in a small house. 1,500 sq ft is small for 4 humans and all of their crap that has accumulated over 10 plus years together and enough clothing to cover an entire small country. America the land of excess. 

  Anyway, when one of the boys gets up crying in the middle of the night, it usually wakes the other one up. Case in point: this morning. My littlest one woke up from the thunderstorms and just wanted me to hold him. Then he sucked down 3 apple sauce pouches at 3:13am. This is pretty normal. Unfortunately, because of his allergies, he is limited to what he can eat so I’m always going to fed him whenever he is hungry. He is below 10% when it comes to his weight. So it’s kinda like I’m still getting up for an overnight feeding except I’m not nursing. 

But when the big brother hears us and gets up and wants to cuddle on the couch, this is where it gets tricky. They want me all the time. I love it. But when they want to start fighting and playing on top of me at 4am, I’m thinking “OK, guess I need to start the coffee.” A smoothie and veggie sticks later I think little man might go down without a fight. Big bro has chowed down 2 mini bagels and cream cheese and is on episode 3 of paw patrol.

 As I see the sky turn from black to navy I know there are 2 ways this can go. Either we go to bed and try to get an hour or 2 before school or we are up for the day screwing up naps and mixing up days and nights. 

My husband says this is my fault because I cater to their every whim. OK. Yes, I do. So I find myself either sleeping in my sons twin bed with him or on the couch.  

  My mind is racing or I’m blogging this to you and thinking “I should have gone for a run or to the gym.” Hahaha Nah I’ve got a good 12-16 hour day ahead of me. All in good time, my pretty, all in good time. 
You know how most moms, myself included, really loathe unsolicited advice. Like “Bitch, you don’t know my life or my kids. Thanks. I appreciate it. I will put them to bed earlier and make sure they get an organic meal and wear matching pjs.” Ok bye 

I’ve run myself into the ground with worry over my family. Some people know what that is like, and others will never understand until they live it. 

I think my breakdowns are my breakthroughs. 

Little by little I see that those times and doors are closing in on me. I need to cherish being able to hold both my boys on the couch. Be thankful I get to sing them both to sleep each night. The days of requesting rocking chairs, scratching backs and cuddles are numbered. I will be craving this before I know it.

It’s also comforting to know that this is nothing new or different. It’s mom life. We all have these mornings, and it’s nice to know we aren’t alone. I read an article the other night that was talking about parenting in past generations. It was really great but I found myself angry at the end. Comparisons suck. Earlier generations didn’t have access to all of this technology and they didn’t live in fear everyday. I wish I could let my boys play outside. Hell, in the front yard, without me. But it’s not gonna happen. I wish I wasn’t glued to my phone and feeling the need to connect with strangers over my own family. 

The world has gone through a breakdown. A breakdown of connections. I just hope we can breakthrough and find each other once again. 
Just happy mommy 

Spring has sprung! 🌱🐰🐣🌷💐🌻

Spring has sprung here in Oklahoma. We have been enjoying nearly perfect weather the last few weeks. We had our first BIG spring thunderstorm the other night and it was pretty and wild. And while I am usually a HUGE lover of summer and fall but I must say these cool spring mornings and mild, longer days are especially lovely. The boys and I have been spending more time outside and enjoying the weather.

My 4 year old wanted to start a garden. I have a black thumb. I cannot keep a plant alive. Keeping 2 children and husband alive? Yes. Any other living organism from tree, bush, grass, flower or herb, NOT A CHANCE. Still, I decided to indulge him. I lucked out and found these little pods in the dollar section at Target! Now I just need to pray that he did not inherit my deadly phalange.


 So far so good! Seeing the little green sprouts made us both so happy and excited! 

It is spring break this week in OK! And this time of year is school enrollment and decisions! My mind has literally been spinning the last few years. It is a question and constant discussion at any mommy function, playdate or activity. Where is your child going to school? I have been planning and figuring things out, stressing out, worrying, panic attacks, questioning and praying about my families future. Thankfully, we are finally making some BIG decisions and it feels good to have things lined up for next year. I have an upcoming post about the Great School debate! All I can say is stay true to your convictions and go where your child will be happy and thrive. 


With the warmer temperatures comes waredrobe changes and challenges. Seriously I am never ready to wear sleeveless or shorts let alone in March. So here it comes the pale cellulite and the added winter hibernation flove Flab/love. Like many women I follow several fashion bloggers on instagram and pinterest for ideas on cute fashion and online deals. The thing is I need to shape up this ship before putting on stripes, cuttoffs and sandals. This mama ain’t beach ready, sheeeeeit I’m not even ready for swimming lessons. We will be going on a family vacation in May so we have a deadline and a goal to reach! I did get my hair did yesterday after 3 months. And as my sister so elequently quoted Romy and Michelle’s high school reunion “you look so good with blonde hair and black roots it’s not even funny.”  Thank goodness for blonde dry shampoo 💁🏼💁🏼

So once again the lovely spring storms return to Oklahoma and we need this rain.  I welcome this rain with open arms and look at it as a clean slate! 

We started decorating for Easter today and the boys loved it! My older son has my personality and the baby is just like his daddy. Basically I’m obsessed with celebrating holidays, decorating, cooking and he just shows up haha kinda like our wedding day 😂🤔 

I am so thankful my mom kept some of our childhood items over the last few decades. And this year I finally got out my Nana’s table linens to decorate my Easter table. Here are some of the books we started reading tonight at bedtime. Notice the prices $0.83 & $0.63 and my Nana’s handwriting in the book. God I miss her so much!     


  Easter always reminds me of my grandmothers. We dye eggs and decorate homemade sugar cookies with our cousins. It is a tradition we are still keeping alive for my boys! My Nana was famous for her deviled eggs and she taught me her secrets. So now Im the official deviled egg maker!

We were always so excited to hunt eggs at their houses after church and show off our matching outfits my mom made for us.  

 Wow I’m getting really nostalgic. But seriously what wonderful childhood memories! I’m so grateful to have such strong, smart and beautiful women to influence me in my life and made me who I am today. 

Of course I had a line up play dates and fun things to do With the boys this spring break but my poor boo bear has a nasty virus. So we have been getting creative around here. Embrace the chaos! 

Everyone knows their house goes to pot when a kiddo is sick. Getting up at all hours, playing musical beds and being practically home bound as not to share our fever and cough with others. 

Sooooo we got crafty today! Enjoyed the breeze through the windows, turned on some Grease jams, painted and made cotton ball Easter bunnies with the boys hand and foot prints. It’s worth the mess! 

Finally I decided I was going to try something I have been wanting to make for awhile now…

Vegan Mac n’ Cheese


  Since my little nugget can’t indulge in the amazingness that is Mac n Cheese I figured I would give it a shot. I slightly altered the recipe but it turned out pretty good! 

Veggies Don’t Bite Vegan Cheese Sauce 
It’s made with potatoes, carrots and lots of spices. I used gluten free pasta and coconut milk to thin it out and I didn’t use any other nuts. We are meat eaters so I added some shredded turkey and we loved it! Brother and dad not so much. The only downside is that when I make something uber healthy I think I can have like 3 helpings in one sitting. Oops.

Having my little bunnies at home this week makes me thankful for springtime and excited for the next beautiful mess we create! I can’t believe Easter is next weekend! 


Just Happy Mommy


Sunday Night Dinners

FullSizeRenderMy parents and sister just left our house after coming over for Sunday dinner. We have been doing Sunday dinners almost every week for the last few years since the boys were born. It is one of my new and most favorite family traditions. Sometimes my mom cooks, sometimes I cook but we usually get take out. My mom, sister and I look after the baby and my husband, dad and little man watch football, play on their phones & iPads and rough house. It is the best way to start our week off right.

Meme, Papi and Aunt Sissy are obsessed with the boys and we love having the family together. My parents are very hands on and and we can’t go a few days without seeing them. My mom watches the boys two days a week and extra too so they are extreeme Meme fans! I love the way the boys smile when they see my parents. Oh and anytime Aunt Sissy is around the boys eyes light up and they scream with delight running to hug her.   My little brother lives in Los Angeles with his girlfriend who we love but we all miss him a TON! We try to facetime him in on birthday dinners or just to say hi. We are counting down the days till he comes home for Christmas. We have a long on going family group text and I send them all pictures of the boys everyday. If they don’t get a picture for a day or two they get sad because they want to see their boys.

Wearing comfy sweats, eating Hideaway pizza with magical ranch and lauging at the kids as we all embrace the chaos. I got the boys into the bathtub and of course my dad comes in carrying a cup of water. Why you ask? When we were little my sister and I would take baths together just like our boys. My dad would come in and throw a cup of cold water on us and we would scream, laugh and squeal. It is such a fun and silly childhood memory and something I love seeing my dad continue to do with my boys.IMG_6826

My mom and I finish the bath and get them all lotioned up and pajamas on.  Now the rough housing begins. My dad tickles and wrestles them and the loud girlish screams were probably heard next door.  The boys are walking around falling down like little drunk people which means it is time for bed. Everyone gives hugs and kisses and its time to go. Now reality sets in, looking ahead to a hectic week. But for just a few more hours it is the weekend and I am going to enjoy it by sharing these moments with you.

I say all this because I am overwhelmed with happiness tonight and I want to remember nights like tonight. It is NOTHING special but the people and the memories we make on Sunday nights are special and something to be cherished. I hope my boys will remember these nights but if they don’t I have a hundred pictures and this blog to remind them. I am so thankful for my family and we are beyond blessed to have such a strong bond and live in the same city. XOXO

Just Happy Mommy