I’ve been working on taking time to really soak up life’s moments. I love traveling with the boys at these ages. Its almost like the sweet spot of childhood. They are a little more self sufficient (no diapers, bottles or cribs), they actually want to hangout with us and they are discovering the world with innocent eyes.

This past weekend we went glamping with some of our neighbors. It’s a new Labor Day weekend tradition for us, to close out summer with our village. Even with Covid and the pandemic concerns we decided we needed this time together. Time to get outside and enjoy some family time. Also, the fact that we reserved this place almost a year in advance and there were no refunds. So off we went to Gore, Oklahoma to Marval Resort.

Each year the kids from Woodfield put on a talent show called, “Woodfield’s Got Talent.” Last year we were audience members. But this year, this year, we had been talking about the talent show months in advance.

When we were in California this summer Perry and Roman stayed the night with Uncle PJ and Aunt Robinne at their home. PJ and Robinne planned a special movie night for the boys. Space Jam had just been released and their outdoor movie theater set up looked like a Pinterest post. They had all the Perry safe foods and even had an old time hotdog roller grill, popcorn machine and all the candy and pops the boys could eat!

My brother is a trained musician for those that don’t know. And we of course think he’s a rockstar. That being said, Uncle PJ loves music so that night, Perry sang his song, “Talking to the Moon,” by Bruno Mars outside on their patio. They live in a magical place, Laurel Canyon, where so many other great musicians once lived and played. We told them about the talent show and how Perry should sing. Perry is shy and humble but honestly quite good for a 6 year old. PJ and Robinne agreed he should sing in the talent show. How cool is it to have your family support your dreams?

Fast forward to last night. We were nearing the end of the afternoon at the river and several of the older kids had secured the stage for 6pm. Perry was very nervous. He said several times, “no I can’t, I’m too nervous.” We all encouraged him. And when I say we all, I mean all the other kids and parents.

Uncle PJ even called me to wish Perry good luck. PJ shared how incredibly special his first performance was and how he wished he could go back and relive his first show. He told me that there are so many emotions, fear, adrenaline, excitement and insecurity just to name a few.

I don’t know about you, but the only crowds I would perform in front of were my parents. And our den fireplace was my stage.

Now, it was Perry’s turn. He slowly made his way up on stage. The stage managers and older kids flanked the stage and the music began. I had butterflies in my stomach. Seeing my little baby up on stage made my heart race.

And he sang. He sang with his soft sweet voice with one front tooth missing. He stood with confidence not wavering. It was so pure and so innocent it made several of us tear up. The crowd cheered him on. Encouraging whoops and yeahs followed by clapping and howls, “yeah Pear Bear!!” He sang the whole song and when he was finished the crowd went wild.

He ran off stage and into my arms it was one of the best moments of my life. And hopefully one of his too. It is something I will never forget. I am crying tears of gratitude as I write. Proud doesn’t even describe it. And I didn’t even have my phone to record it. Thank you to my village for capturing Perry’s performance. I hope this is just the beginning. I see so many BIG things happening in Perry’s life. He is special. And how lucky am I to always have a front row seat cheering him on? He knows I’ll be waiting in the wings to hug him and tell him how proud I am to be his mama.

I’m taking the time to stop and enjoy my kids. They can show us how to be fearless. My gratitude grows each day that I can stop, be in the moment and reflect on these times. Because even tho we are all growing older the memories can remain fresh and vivid in our minds. And I never want to forget last night. I’m forever grateful for my family and my people.

“Every day I bless my life by counting my blessings.”- Oprah