Ying and Yang

The ying to my yang. I always say that my husband and I are very different and we balance each other out. So, the ying to each other’s yang, if you will.

As stated in previous posts, I am spiritual and I also believe in karma. The balance of the universe compels me.

The last 24 hours is a wonderful example of this. Like if things feel too good to be true, just wait and something will happen to smack you back down to earth.

Like most nights, the boys wanted to snuggle, cuddle and sleep with me. I was wiped out after my family came over for Sunday dinner, so I indulged them after a couple books and songs and laid down in the bottom bunk twin bed. These bunk beds have been passed down from my mother and siblings to my sister and I and now to our boys. I fell asleep with them and my husband woke me up. And as I got up and turned around I saw the boys sleeping on each other so sweetly.DC464533-2EEA-4C25-944D-682525F81770

This has literally NEVER happened. They both love each other but more the rough, tough, antagonistic, arguing, screaming, fighting and crying kind of brotherly love. So of course I snapped a picture and dozed off to sleep in my bed.

Now comes the yang. Just after midnight I am jolted awake by the sound of thunderous feet stampeding down the stairs like a herd of elephants. Both boys half asleep crying and rattling on about some nonsense. So I threw the older one into my side of the bed and calmed the sleep walking night terror 3 year old back to bed. I don’t know if your kids can “smell you,” but mine can sniff me out.

Also the kicking and sleep talking is enough to drive one mad. So I snuck into the guest room not long followed by the baby wolf who noticed I had left his den. Needless to say I didn’t get much sleep. But seeing them in a sweet slumber is what makes all this craziness worth it. The special moments that become the ying to the mother f$&@ing yang.

After the morning routine, bus stop and drop off at nursery school, I scooped up my BFF who is in town for thanksgiving. We went to a hip cool and new-ish workout place REVVD and got our cardio strength training on. Then we went to Ediblend a local, fresh and delicious superfood cafe in Utica Square. My husband met us and we each enjoyed a healthy treat. Next we ventured off to Madewell, West Elm, Starbucks, Snowgoose, Loft and finally it was time for the best f$&@ing day ever to end.

Today was a day that I day dream about often. Spending time with a BFF one on one. Catching up, working out, drinking coffee, shopping, eating healthy foods, laughing and being outside in our hometown. Even while trying on clothes I said “this is like the best f$&@ing day ever. I mean besides my children being born and getting married of course. LOL!”

No, but seriously, something so simple became so HUGE. It is the simple things that mean the most and that is quality time with the ones who mean the most to you. Isn’t that what we teach our kids. And isn’t that what the holidays are meant to represent?

If there was one thing i had to accomplish it was buying the thanksgiving turkey. I had put it off long enough and it was 1.5 hours until pick up. So off I go to get the holiday bird and a few other things on my list. Of course they only had small ones and instead of reserving my turkey online or calling around I just got 2 small turkeys Incase I couldn’t find another gluten free, fancy organic bird. They assured me I could return them even tho I have never returned food before. Low and behold the other Whole Foods did have a larger bird and agreed to let me exchange them. Great I said “I’m on my way!”

I had picked up my younger son and knew I had a small window of time before the bus arrived. So we stopped to get this self inflicted turkey fiasco under control.

Well here comes the yang! After the best day and way too much happiness the year old tantrum bomb is ignited and this was epic. Putting his cowboy boots on him was apparently as painful as jalapeño juice in your eye and genitals. This sent the human into a full blow screaming fit of rage which I wanted to record so badly but it was not safe. He went snow angel on me in the middle of the concrete parking lot.

I was calm and tried to wrangle him but then went limp noodle and the siren screams alarmed all shoppers. I should have just gotten back into the car but I persevered. I lugged a shoeless toddler and 2 petite Diestle turkeys back to Whole Foods. We walked in to a LOT of judgey McJudgersons which is always a treat.

Then he starts to wail about the Christmas tree display at the entrance. He was mad that I didnt stop and admire it with him. Then we get to the customer service desk where a woman offers him some free fruit to try and help appease him but to no avail he responds with shrill screams and shotgun tears of obvious mistreatment.

Then the purse. He spies an adorned and embroidered magenta purple clutch that apparently he just had to add to his wardrobe and wouldn’t let it go.

I made my way back to the deli and found the man I talked to on the phone. We moved away from other customers and I accidentally knocked into a display of fresh herbs (sage, rosemary and thyme) and they fell and spilled all over the floor. I’m holding back tears at this point. The tantrum is still continuing. I get the turkey and back to customer service to make the exchange. He continues on about the purse all the way to the car. I’m defeated, Exhausted and reminded.

Ya, ya, ya first world problems I know, don’t get me wrong I’m all the things #thankful #grateful #blessed but that doesn’t make the experience of dismantling a human grenade any easier.

I guess the truth is we have to have the yang to appreciate the ying or visa versa. So for that, I love it, all the ups and downs, the light and the dark.

To me being thankful means understanding what really matters and feeling happy for the simple moments that end up meaning the most in life.

So take the ying with the yang and always remember to look at the happy side of life. because it is over in a blink and before long I will be missing those nights together with my boys in the bunk beds and thinking I hear my babies crying only to find an empty nest.

Thanks for reading.
Just Happy Mommy