Welcome Back to Just Happy Mommy!

Welcome Back to Just Happy Mommy!

I am so excited to unveil my new website! After a couple of months of not posting and several meetings with our amazing website and marketing friend Chance Hawkins. Our labor of love is now delievered to my loving fans and readers!

Thank you to my husband who invested in my blog and believes in me. I would have quit if it were not for his love and support. Spending more time together and really being there for one another has brought us closer than ever.

So since I always promise to keep it real, many of you are probably wondering why I took a little break and didn’t post for 2 months. Well there are a lot of reasons and a lot of excuses, all of which are very real and personal. I also did not want to post half ass work. I wanted it to be good and meaninful. I decided not to just throw some junk up because my calendar said so.

The saddest and most heartbreaking reason I stopped writing because we have been dealing with so many health issues in my family. Both of our sons have been sick this past month but even more so it has been the daily struggle of seeing my sister in pain and wanting her to get better. Also my 93 year old grandmother has had 2 of 3 surgeries on her heart and is having her aortic valve replaced tomorrow. (Prayers and positive vibes always appreicated) The fear, anxiety and stress that it causes our the entire family as been imense. When you have a grandparent, parent, sibling, spouse or child that is sick, your entire life stops. My mom always says “Life gets in the way when you are busy making plans.” Well isnt that the truth for my amazingly strong family?! We are all blessed in so many ways and we have faith in God and trust in his plan. For me tho it was almost too much to share at the time. I was struggling with my depression and although I felt the need to share, I was exhausted and unsure.

After some soul searching, prayer and getting my sexy back I feel confident to share with you all. We all have shit going on. My stuff is not more important than anyone elses. I just know that in my past posts it has connected me with other people to let them know its ok. Life sucks sometimes. It is ok to not always feel #blessed. I am stronger today than I ever thought I would be. I am being tested and even though I feel like I will break, I just bend a little more and look at my babies sweet sleeping faces and know it is all worth it  to be with them.

I have explained that fear and anxiety are my cryptonite. Once you let them creep in they can take over not only your mind but your body and paralyze you. To people who suffer or know someone who suffers from depression or anxiety it is real and it sucks. Thankfully I surround myself with people who know me inside and out and reassure me that I am kicking ass at life. We all need a cheerleader. Even my cheerleaders need a cheerleader. Being genuine and asking how someone is doing can make a difference. Checking on someone, sending a gift, text or even making a call to someone can turn things around.

The second reason I took a break stems from this fear and anxiety. My husaband and I have recently become estranged from his dad and stepmom.  Back in July I wrote a blog about Racism and how it affected my family.


Unfortuately 4 sentences in this post upset someone. I stated in my first blog post ever that I promised to offend someone.   I know that by writing a blog you will always have people that disagree with you. Never in my dreams did I think that it would be someone who shared my last name and tear my family apart. I am actually shaking writing this to you. I will be sharing these details in a later post.

The first ammendment right to freedom of speech is one that I hold dear. If you do NOT like my blog do NOT read it. Simple. Done. But for those of you that enjoy my writing this incident has now fueled me to continue to share. I am reminded daily rthat the journey of life and motherhood is never easy but we have to remember to be true to ourselves, shake them haters off and be JUST HAPPY!

I am so excited to share with you!

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“It’s Kristy bitch & I’m back!”

I was taught “If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all.” But what if that deafening silence speaks volumes? 
I haven’t posted on my blog in over a month. I have felt really down because of some very sad and personal things going on in my family. Unfortunately this drama has caused stress to some relationships.  
So if I can’t say something nice I shouldn’t say anything at all right?! Well I am not going to perpetuate hate but my deafening silence has now come to an end and I am ready share my latest volumes with you. I finally decided to stop being afraid and continue to be me. 
Unedited, unfiltered, unapologetic and real!!! I am strong! I will bend but I will NOT break! 

I’m not perfect. No one is. Only God can judge me. My support system is amazing and I thank them all for helping me, believing in me and lifting me up when I felt so down. 

I love blogging! I know it when I write something good. I can feel it in my gut, my heart, and my nerves. It is almost like a giddy nervous feeling before I post. Sounds stupid to some but I’m so passionate about my writing that it feels like sharing a gift. I share myself, my life and experiences to connect with people. 

I realize that there will forever be haters. It’s really easy just don’t read my blog. Haters are now my fuel to drive my blog into the eyes of readers. 

Seriously tho, I know my blog isn’t a big deal. But hey, I believe in it and I know it has personally touched some people. It is terrifying to share some things (marriage counseling, mental health issues etc.) but once I do it makes me feel happy and free. It is always nice to relate to someone who is brave enough to share right?!

I’m excited to share some of my highest highs and the lowest lows and all the fun stuff in between. I will be unveiling my new website very soon! I think you will like my upgrades. So please be sure to look for my new posts! I have some exciting news and I will be doing some fun giveaways! 
It’s Kristy bitch & I’m back!


Just happy mommy