The T’s! Teens, Twos & Threes

Forget the terrible twos it’s all the T ages! It is the terrible teenage months, 2s and 3s. Yes there is actual literature on this. Basically every 6 months they change give or take. New challenges emerge along with new skills and milestones! 

    I have yet to experience the real teenage years with my boys, but from what I remember I was a naughty tease. It makes me have heart palpitations just thinking of how naughty and wild my boys will be. I mean look at that face!!! 

     Anyway, it has been my experience as a mom, specifically to 2 boys, that the age of 15-19 months are some of the hardest. Not to say every age thereafter does not have its challenges. 2 & 3 will come with plenty! 

    Somehow I had forgotten the days of screaming, crying, scratching, biting, and head bashing tantrums of the teenage months. 

    For this is the reason we keep having children. We forget these token tantrums and hellacious times. Somehow it gets thrown down the disposal of memories.

    But now I am in the throes of the floor flailing, end of the world, snotty, crocodile teared tantrums. Come on, you know the ones. Either you feel sorry for the parent because you too have been there, or you think “Ha! My fictional kid’s not going to act like that.” Bahahaha 🖕🏻 Good luck with that. 

    With our first son, I really freaked out. He was an angel baby. Then, around 15 months, it struck! I thought we needed to call a priest for an exorcism because he grew horns and a tail overnight! I, of course, sought the direction and advice of my mom who suggested we go to the PED. He gave us a book called SOS help for the parents.

       It’s kinda like parenting for dummies. Lots of situational examples, and how to react and discipline without spanking or breaking their spirit. 

    So children get frustrated because they can understand what we are saying, but they cannot yet verbally communicate. So we try to teach them sign language for this brief intermission before they start talking nonstop. Our first son signed and learned words very quickly. Our second son, not so much. He just wants his wubba and blankie, and to scream, grunt, point and scratch his way to what he wants. Obvi this is not acceptable. He knows how to sign, and he knows what we are saying. But instead of trying, he gives up and literally slams his head on the tile or concrete floor then looks at me like “WTF? Mom, why did you let me do that?!” Thankfully, I know this is a phase. 

    I would also like to point out that he was the happiest baby on the block (another book and DVD reference) until recently. So many of you are like, “Well, what changed?” Teenager is what changed. Pissed off, frustrated, teething, growth spurting little nuggets who are not babies anymore. Oh the decision to be a baby or a big boy. 

      As you can see the similarities, and almost direct correlation, of the teenage months and the teenage years. Discovery, understanding, boundaries, body changes, and challenging parents. I love the shirt “mom life is the best life”,

     but I also like the one that says “you are why Mommy drinks”.

    Clearly I love my boys more than anything or I wouldn’t give two shits about figuring them out or even writing this blog. To all the other moms who are going thru this, it is ok. This too shall pass. 

    Raising a strong willed asshole, I mean child, is hard work but it is worth it. Learning, understanding, and gaining patience for your strong little one is one of the best gifts you can give them and yourself. 

    I had to go back to the drawing board on how I am going to parent. There is no magic wand or book or blog that can help you do your job to help your kid learn and navigate this world. 

    Also I did NOT read all these books! I’m more of a rag mag  conisore I respect and admire people who read, I’m just better with pictures. Which is the perfect transition to today and oddly ironic. 

    You want proof? We went to the bookstore today because he had birthday cash burning a hole in his  Avenger wallet, and he had to have immediate gratification. Unable to wait 2 days for Amazon Prime at half the price. 

    The book is called “The Book With No Pictures” by BJ Novak. It is a fantastic book! It came highly recommended by a friend of mine and recently a yellow class favorite! So we went to the book store, and he bought the book with his own money. It really has NO pictures! 

    And of course I was beyond proud! Not only did he ask for help to find the book, count his money, and say thank you, but he bought a BOOK with his OWN money! Not a cheap crap toy! 
    Meanwhile this is happening. 


      He throws this book on the floor! “Parenting the Strong Willed Child.” Now if that isn’t God speaking to me then I don’t know what is?!?! Plus destroying the checkout display items 😳

    We have come leaps and bounds with my now 4 year old who is so well adjusted, intelligent, kind, and understanding.
    I know his brother will be another beautiful challenge for mommy. So until then, Cheers! Here’s to the T years! 😘🍷



    Just happy mommy