I’m sorry I’ve seemed to have lost my mind 

So I was all excited to lose some extra lbs and tighten and tone my mom bod. I wanted to document the journey like a real blogger, but the last 3 weeks have been like a binge eating, cheat meal marathon, carb load feast. And with with zero miles logged. Honestly you can blame it on everything in life lately. Exhaustion, depression, and the fact that I have zero F’s to give. I have survived on coffee, Dr Pepper, baby bell cheese, and boxes of left over hideaway pizza for nearly every single meal for over a week now.

When your babies are sick, your world stops and you become everything to everyone. It’s like newborn/puppy phase but with screaming sleepy sick minions. My sweet little angel nuggets both have terrible allergies. Since it’s spring in Oklahoma, that means break out the checkbook and the nebulizer. We have been to see our awesome doctors more than a few times over the last month. 

  Needless to say, I am overly cautious and I need the copay reassurance that we do not have RSV or pneumonia. With those doctor visits comes extra togetherness and less mama time. I will walk into a pool of flames for my kids, but hot damn, it’s hard when they are sick and then tag team my ass with the sleeping edition of musical beds.

I have exercised once since my post, and that was yoga. No joke I’m either too tired, can’t take sick kids to the gym, or I’d just rather have a beer and watch basketball with pizza and wings. In this house, we are Sooner born and Sooner bred. And when we die, we will be sooner dead. Boomer!!! Final 4!
Im sorry I seemed to have lost my mind. I bounce from subject to subject like a boy jumping in a bounce house. I wake up in the middle of the night and worry. I want to live a long time, but I feel the stress and unhealthy choices I make have taken a toll on me. I feel ancient. My neck and shoulders feel like I have an evil biting elephant hyena on my neck. Like, 33 never looked so wrecked. I have never been more ready for a vacation in my life! Dentist chair selfie 


  I have been following and getting more followers on Instagram lately. and while it is fun, I am also realizing that I need to step up my perfect photo game. Unfortunately, I have zero sponsors for my blog. So if any one of the many brands that I use and love want to hop on the just happy mommy train lets go!
I am still upping my insta game so I need some selfie tips. How do you get the over head shots of your entire outfit? Do you have an assistant? Oh, cool, bc my assistants are 4 and 18 months. A selfie stick makes me look like I’m holding an awkward metal pole to hide my triple chin.

   I also need to frequent more flower shops because everyone of those flower pictures I do give a heart to. Finally, and most importantly, how do I get people to give me cute clothes and shoes and bags and accessories?!?! Need the info, need the swag. I am clearly so late to the social media and blogging world, it’s a joke. I didn’t join this cult until fairly recently, but I embrace it with open arms. 
I’ve been looking at getting some new swim suits, but I can’t get myself to a store or follow through on the “purchase” button of the online checkout. Mama needs a new swim suit ok?!?! 
I love sleep. I love sleep more than food, sex, and wine. Ask my four year old what my favorite thing to do is, and without hesitation, he says “Sleep!” Boom! Can I get an Amen?!

So since I have been torturing toddlers with syringes of white, pink, clear, and purple medicines, cleaning up their puke, and wiping asses, we find entertainment in bathing and watching waaaaaaay too much tv, Netflix, vudu etc. The husband says we are out of towels. I don’t know what I’m wearing to work tomorrow. Laundry and dishes are overflowing. 
Next thing I know, my sister is being admitted into the hospital, we are completely out of diapers, and our water has just been turned off by the city. I’m cleaning up vomit and rabbit turds, and bleaching the bathtub for the 3rd time in a week because little brother is potty training and decides to take his diaper off constantly. He pees outside and thinks the tub is now a toilet. He started this all on his own. My mom has told us our little brother was potty trained at 18 months and I always thought she was exaggerating but it is possible. Siblings. Monkey see, monkey do.
So fast forward to Easter, and it’s a weird day. Usually we are all together. This time last year our baby was being baptized. My brother and his girlfriend were here, and we were celebrating. 

  This year we had our usual activities and meals, but it wasn’t the same. We missed Aunt Sissy. All this joking around with my blog above and saying how tough it is to workout, Instagram followers, and all that bullshit goes out the window when it comes to my sissy. 

  She is fighting for her life. She is the strongest person I know. And for me to bitch about not working out and taking care of two perfect little babies really puts things into perspective. I want to fix her. I want to help her. I want to give her the life she so desperately wants and deserves to live. She is so private but please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. We all cope in different ways. Running, eating, drinking, denying, sleeping, crying, shopping, praying, and thinking positively. Trust me. I’ve tried them all, and I’m done. I want my sissy back.


Just happy mommy 

Aunt Sissy Video

7 reasons Mommy is a super hero 

DO NOT question a Mommy. She knows what is best. There are several reasons why one should NOT doubt a mother but these are mine 

1 Motherhood is the most important institution

2 Motherly instincts are always right.

Im talking primitive shit here people. When I was pregnant with our first son, I would get up to pee in the middle of the night and I would turn the bathroom light on. My husband mentioned this to me because I never turned the light on before. I asked my OB and he said that it is a mothers instinct to check her surroundings. The Mama Bear instincts are real and can be stronger and more present in different mothers.

When you question a mom it causes her to question herself and her motherly instincts. Trust us moms, we do enough of that on our own, every second of every day of every year of our childrens lives. I suffer from anxiety, worry and possibly hyprocondria from time to time. For example my neck has been bothering me so instead of going to the chiropractor I just jump straight to the conculsion that I have a golf ball sized tumor in my neck. For no reason other that I am a loon.

When it comes to my boys I would have to say I flip out over everything. I had gotten better until we had a few recent ER visits and ambulance rides. So I get in fight or flight every time someone spikes a fever, coughs or vomits. All of which have been happening for almost 2 weeks straight. Spring break sucked a big turd! My older son has terrible allergies then was diagnosed with a virus and everyone knows viruses are bullshit, it has to take its couse. Which translates to good luck mommy!

3 Do what she says: 

A mother is ALWAYS right!

Usually I will ask my husband and mom questions then go and do the exact opposite of what they think. Often times I will listen and think everything is fine and that I am over reacting. Then I say NOPE these are my babies and I know them better than anyone in this world. Mama knows what to do! Do you think he is ok? Should I take him to the doctor? When I am struggling if I should take my child to the doctor I would say  99% of the time I am glad I did and 80% of the time it is for a real good medical reason. Today was one of those days. I decided to take our younger son to get checked for RSV. He has all the symptoms, coughing and wheezing, runny nose, loss of appetite, restless sleep, slight fever etc. He has also been coughing so much he has been vomiting. It is the saddest thing ever. Sure enough when I took him in he was breathing fast 60 per minute and had tight chest contractions. We administered an albuterol breathing treatment and within 10 minutres he was a completely different child. He is on steriods and antibiotics for a right ear infection and we will do breathing treatments every 4 hours.

4 Moms are super heroes

Once you have the diagnosis the real work begins!

You will be bribing to administer medicine and breathing treatments. Struggling to get them to eat and one already looks malnurished. And go ahead and F$%& that schedule and no screen time over spring break. BAHAHAHA yeah right. Screen time it up in this biatch. There aren’t many things worse to a little boy than telling him he cant go outside. And the reason is the air makes you sick baby.

To survive on such little sleep, extreme stress and malnutrition is amazing to me. Mothers do NOT get the recognition they deserve. We do this because it is in our DNA to keep our babies healthy, happy, thriving and beaming! Remembering everything becomes extremely difficult. My genius mother suggested I start keeping a journal of who ate what, pees, poops, and who had which medicine, what time, how much. When was the last breathing treatment.?

I have been trying to find a clever way to explain my sleeping patterns the last 2 weeks and it goes something like this. I was always terrible at math and especially word problems. Hence the journalism degree LOL.

Mom and Dad (M&D) boy #1, boy #2, couch and recliner. Starts out M&D, then #1 comes in and M goes out. M goes to #1’s bed and then #2 wakes up. M & #2 go to the couch. Then #2 goes back down & M goes to #1s bed. See how D didn’t move haha.

Or M&D plus #2, then #1 runs in and its M, D, #1 & #2 all 4 in 1 bed! M & #1 go back to #1 bed. Then #2 starts crying. #2 back down and M goes to the couch.

 I always have the baby monitor and my iPhone in the robe pockets like a cowboy huslters his gun and knife. Ready for action. Ready for the fight.

There are so many different variations of our sleep patterns and habits. All of which are controversial and I do NOT care. If we are all sleeping that is all that matters. When we are well we can work on schedules and staying in our own beds.

5 A mommy who has had a full night of sleep is unstoppable.

We make all mistakes and don’t worry mommy guilt is punishment enough 

A mom with NO sleep is mombie or a mom zombie. Add a sick kid, messy everything and stress and we just gets thru the day on coffee, Dr. Pepper, cold pizza, dry shampoo and deoderant.

Yesterday we came home from the doctor and I was running on fumes, literally. I went to turn on the water and drip drip nothing. WTF!?!?!? I forgot to pay the water bill and our city turned the water off!!! OMG CALL DHS, WORST MOM EVER!!! I quickly got on the phone paid the bill and then realized we were completely out of diapers. SERIOUSLY!!! CALL THE COPS! I need to be put away! Put away to bed!

Heres the deal we have autopay and auto delivery on diapers from the HONEST COMPANY but we recently got new debit cards and I didnt bother to change the experation date or the new CVS code so no water and no diapers. IDIOT!

Love your Mother like she loves you

I have to stop often to remind myself how lucky I am. We all have struggles, challenges and pain that we dont want to share. Moms have to hold it together. My mom is the best at this and I take after her. Although we all break at some point. My sister was also recently admitted into the hospital for extreme dehydration. She does not like me talking about her health issues on my blog but any and all prayers and positive vibes for my sissy are welcomed.  I was overwhelmed to say the least. Trying to lean on God and keep positive. I started to have chest pains and went into a panic attack.

So my sweet husband took over and I laid down to relax. After awhile I logged onto Facebook and saw my best friend and uber talented photo/videographer posted a link to a video she produced for the Down Syndrome Association of Central Oklahoma.

Down syndrome awareness video 

I stopped and watched the 15 minute video and not only was it awesomely well done but also very informative and helped put things into perspecitive. All moms have something going on. Allergies, Down Syndrome, Autism or even a strong willed little one.

7 Mothers make the world go round. 

I love my mama with all of my heart and soul. I am so thankful for all my friends who are moms in some form or another, human or fur 🙂 We must encourage each other and tell each other we are doing a great job! Remember that your mom cleaned up your puke, wiped your butt and comforted you when you were sick.  I found this little story and I loved it so much I wanted to share it with you:

“A little boy forgot his lines in a Sunday school presentation. His mother was in the front row to prompt him. She gestured and formed the words silently with her lips, but it did not help. Her son’s memory was blank. Finally, she leaned forward and whispered the cue, “I am the light of the world.” The child beamed and with great feeling and a loud clear voice said, “My mother is the light of the world.” While Jesus is the true light of the world, you mother can be the light which will lead your children to Christ.”

And a few wonderful quotes about Mothers:

God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.

–Jewish Proverb

All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.

–Abraham Lincoln


Just Happy Mommy


Spring has sprung! 🌱🐰🐣🌷💐🌻

Spring has sprung here in Oklahoma. We have been enjoying nearly perfect weather the last few weeks. We had our first BIG spring thunderstorm the other night and it was pretty and wild. And while I am usually a HUGE lover of summer and fall but I must say these cool spring mornings and mild, longer days are especially lovely. The boys and I have been spending more time outside and enjoying the weather.

My 4 year old wanted to start a garden. I have a black thumb. I cannot keep a plant alive. Keeping 2 children and husband alive? Yes. Any other living organism from tree, bush, grass, flower or herb, NOT A CHANCE. Still, I decided to indulge him. I lucked out and found these little pods in the dollar section at Target! Now I just need to pray that he did not inherit my deadly phalange.


 So far so good! Seeing the little green sprouts made us both so happy and excited! 

It is spring break this week in OK! And this time of year is school enrollment and decisions! My mind has literally been spinning the last few years. It is a question and constant discussion at any mommy function, playdate or activity. Where is your child going to school? I have been planning and figuring things out, stressing out, worrying, panic attacks, questioning and praying about my families future. Thankfully, we are finally making some BIG decisions and it feels good to have things lined up for next year. I have an upcoming post about the Great School debate! All I can say is stay true to your convictions and go where your child will be happy and thrive. 


With the warmer temperatures comes waredrobe changes and challenges. Seriously I am never ready to wear sleeveless or shorts let alone in March. So here it comes the pale cellulite and the added winter hibernation flove Flab/love. Like many women I follow several fashion bloggers on instagram and pinterest for ideas on cute fashion and online deals. The thing is I need to shape up this ship before putting on stripes, cuttoffs and sandals. This mama ain’t beach ready, sheeeeeit I’m not even ready for swimming lessons. We will be going on a family vacation in May so we have a deadline and a goal to reach! I did get my hair did yesterday after 3 months. And as my sister so elequently quoted Romy and Michelle’s high school reunion “you look so good with blonde hair and black roots it’s not even funny.”  Thank goodness for blonde dry shampoo 💁🏼💁🏼

So once again the lovely spring storms return to Oklahoma and we need this rain.  I welcome this rain with open arms and look at it as a clean slate! 

We started decorating for Easter today and the boys loved it! My older son has my personality and the baby is just like his daddy. Basically I’m obsessed with celebrating holidays, decorating, cooking and he just shows up haha kinda like our wedding day 😂🤔 

I am so thankful my mom kept some of our childhood items over the last few decades. And this year I finally got out my Nana’s table linens to decorate my Easter table. Here are some of the books we started reading tonight at bedtime. Notice the prices $0.83 & $0.63 and my Nana’s handwriting in the book. God I miss her so much!     


  Easter always reminds me of my grandmothers. We dye eggs and decorate homemade sugar cookies with our cousins. It is a tradition we are still keeping alive for my boys! My Nana was famous for her deviled eggs and she taught me her secrets. So now Im the official deviled egg maker!

We were always so excited to hunt eggs at their houses after church and show off our matching outfits my mom made for us.  

 Wow I’m getting really nostalgic. But seriously what wonderful childhood memories! I’m so grateful to have such strong, smart and beautiful women to influence me in my life and made me who I am today. 

Of course I had a line up play dates and fun things to do With the boys this spring break but my poor boo bear has a nasty virus. So we have been getting creative around here. Embrace the chaos! 

Everyone knows their house goes to pot when a kiddo is sick. Getting up at all hours, playing musical beds and being practically home bound as not to share our fever and cough with others. 

Sooooo we got crafty today! Enjoyed the breeze through the windows, turned on some Grease jams, painted and made cotton ball Easter bunnies with the boys hand and foot prints. It’s worth the mess! 

Finally I decided I was going to try something I have been wanting to make for awhile now…

Vegan Mac n’ Cheese


  Since my little nugget can’t indulge in the amazingness that is Mac n Cheese I figured I would give it a shot. I slightly altered the recipe but it turned out pretty good! 

Veggies Don’t Bite Vegan Cheese Sauce 
It’s made with potatoes, carrots and lots of spices. I used gluten free pasta and coconut milk to thin it out and I didn’t use any other nuts. We are meat eaters so I added some shredded turkey and we loved it! Brother and dad not so much. The only downside is that when I make something uber healthy I think I can have like 3 helpings in one sitting. Oops.

Having my little bunnies at home this week makes me thankful for springtime and excited for the next beautiful mess we create! I can’t believe Easter is next weekend! 


Just Happy Mommy


60 day beach body challenge the just happy mommy way😂😝🧀🍩🌮🍪🍕🍦🍻🍟🍿🍾👍🏻

Like always I am keeping it real! So I am going to do something I have been wanting to do since I had my second little boy; a body challenge with before and after pictures and a reveal after 60 days. There is no real diet, cleanse, pills, or gimics. I am doing a collabo if you will, of what I know works for me and trying out a few new things I am curious about as well. I DO NOT WEIGH MYSELF! And if any of my dietician/medical friends are reading this I am sure they will cringe LOL.

I know health and wellness are the keys to life but if that means I can’t eat cookies or have a beer then I’m out. I love smoothies and salads but I also have to have cheezits and cheese almost daily. Trust me I have come a long ways from my TV days of drinking magnums of wine with my coworkers.

Anyway, we are going to the beach in less than 60 days so I am wanting to lose a few pounds. I am going to try a little harder to eat less and workout more. Notice I did NOT say eat better. If there is one thing I know about myself it is that denying me food and drink is a sure fire way to get me to be a hangry biatch and aint nobody got time for that. But I am making time everyday to excercise even if it is to walk to the neighborhood park with the boys.

Bare with me I am pretty scattered and not sure where to start. Instead of giving you a grocery list, some pretty colored containers, telling you how many calories you need, how much tea to drink and what kind of toilet paper to use. I am just going to say everything in moderation. If you are better with a balls to the wall approach and need to follow a diet, cleanse or whatever then do that. I just know I like seeing what other people do and maybe I am weird for sharing this but whatever here it is I really hope you all can laugh along with me because after reading this back I think it’s pretty dang funny. 

I started Sunday February 28 and walked/jogged around my neighborhood

Monday we went for a walk outside

Tuesday we played outside with our neighbors

Wednesday took a day off because 3 days in a row is a lot for me 😝

Thursday walked on the treadmill and did elliptical

Friday Yoga class

Saturday Barre class

Sunday walk to the park

Monday Blast & Furious class

Today Yoga flow

Last night I tried my first “It Works” Body Wrap! I wrapped my stomach hips and tricep flaps. I am so excited to finish the application. One box comes with 4 wraps and you can cut them and place them anywhere from the neck down to help tighten, tone & firm your skin. I saw some results with my first time but I have 3 more to go and you can only wrap every 72 hours. I am drinking lots of water and using the defining gel that came with my kit twice a day and massaging that into my problem areas to get faster results. Stay tuned for my reveal.


The food part I am sure is controversial because somedays I am healthy and others I am NOT. So here is my food diary for a week. (I always have at least 2 cups of coffee & water in the morning! Also I am trying to workout on an empty stomach.)

I already started backwards with a cheat day on my first day. We had Jimmy Johns after mass and then Arby’s roast beef ya ya ya I know “we have the meats!” When I decide not to cook I let my husband decide where to go because on the weekends I am tired of making decisions. Also I cant remember everything hello I am chasing after 2 kids. And I do the mom thing that you aren’t supposed to do and finish their food. Finally I gave up chips and salsa my #1 fave for lent. 

Thursday: Breakfast burrito, steak & feta salad and like 4 baby snickers from work 

Friday: Spinach chicken salad with strawberries, pecans, tomatoes and blue cheese, 1.5 massive M&M/ chocolate chip cookies from our fave local bagel shop, 


1 tosada & 2 beef tacos, Dr. Pepper

Saturday: Scrambled eggs with turkey bacon and 2 english muffins with REAL butter, queso, Stella beers and fireball shots. See what I mean healthy then NOT!

Sunday: No doubt fireball and mommying do NOT mix! But we get up anyway put on some coffee, watch Star Wars and eat McDonald’s egg mcmuffin, then 1/2 digornos pizza, and chef salad with ranch and 2 magic cookies for dinner.

Monday Zoe’s orzo salad with pita bread, popcorn & cheezits

Breakfast burrito and green apple and 2 chick-FIL-a sandwiches with chick-fil-a sauce boom! 

So when I say I mix it up I really mean it. I do NOT do the same workouts over and over. I know running gets you in the best shape but I will pretty much do anything but run. Also I make healthy choices and I make junk choices. So judge away. You only live once right?!?!

Now the really crazy part I am going to show myself in a bikini before and after. I am really mortified and scared but I am also strangely motivated by fear. I have learned so much from facing my fears. One of which was starting this blog. So here it goes. 

Just Happy Mommy


Maintenance: You did not wake up like this!

OK ladies lets talk maintenance. The whole “I woke up like this” is a crock of shit. If you are able to get 10 hours of sleep, drink 75-100 ounces of water a day, exercise, exfoliate, eat perfect, fix your hair, put on makeup, be wrinkle free, bright eyed, pouty lipped with an apple bottom, thigh gap, top knot, mani pedi all while wearing a perfectly pinterested outfit well then my hands are up giving you a high five and a hallelujah! Amen!

The rest of us humans try, but few attain the perfection we see in our favorite celebrities. I love to learn from other beautiful women. I have always like to see what the new fashion trends are, learn new makeup tricks, and keep myself somewhat put together. This last week has knocked me down a peg or twenty, and I have taken a wrong turn down ugly lane. Rocking a swollen face, dehydrated, 3rd eye zit, dark puffy eyes, and a triple chin to boot.

Beauty. I have been thinking about this topic for awhile now. I usually do some type of research on the topic I am writing about just to make sure I have some idea of what I am talking about. This time I did not get far. When I googled beauty routine, I was overwhelmed by the ridiculous amounts of results. “80 Beauty Tips & Tricks Every Woman Needs to Know” was when I stopped


The article has great tips but 80! Sheeeeit I barely get a shower these days, let alone shave my legs. And to worry about a skin care regimen?

Here’s the thing. Women are not supposed to age, wrinkle, grey, sag, or whine. Yet when men go grey they become a silver fox, gain some moobs, and they are dad bod hot. UM NO! I refuse! I have aged more in 4 years of being a mom than I did drinking and smoking every single weekend while eating Mexican food and never washing my makeup off in my 20’s. Now after breastfeeding 2 babies, gaining 60 lbs twice, and never really sleeping again, I look my age and need to get my maintenance on! I AM NOT COMPLAINING! MOM LIFE & PREGNANCY TAKES ITS TOLL.

I can hear the peanut gallery now. Why don’t you stop blogging and go workout?! Why don’t you put your kids down earlier? You should go to church. How many cocktails are we talking about? Try Botox, Pilates, these 8 face creams etc.

It costs a lot of money to look good. Good genes are priceless and you bet your sweet ass I have some great genes. I don’t know about you, but I think I look better than I really do. Until recently when I looked in the mirror I thought “I know I could always look better, but my clothes fit. Considering my mom lifestyle, it was decent.” The first pic is ZERO makeup with my oldest son  🙂 The second was a month ago after getting my hair done with my gorgeous sissy!



OH HOW WRONG I WAS! A couple of weeks ago, I had a reaction to my eyelash extensions. My sister is amazing and pays for this lavish unnecessary extravagance, and I have had them on for several months and never had a problem. Anyway I was interviewed for a TV story and we had professional photos taken of my family in our home. After seeing my fat, swollen, round face triple chin on TV and again in this local magazine I was mortified. WTF had I done. Thinking hey “I look good” turned into “HOLY HELL I look like that?!” Instead of feeling excited and empowered my confidence plumeted.


Kristy DeBOER On Balancing Work & Life copy

Now I think back to those damn eyelash extensions. Sure enough, when I got them done again, this happened! Last Saturday I woke up like this.



GROSS! Crusty, red, itchy, burning, and swollen shut. Looks like I have pink eye huh? Nope not pink eye because it went away after using Rhoto eye drops, warm compresses, and taking Benadryl.  The price we pay to look like a beat basic bitch.

I have been getting my hair highlighted and colored since I was in high school. As a blonde its a deal made with the hair devil. I used to get my nails done but that was a budget cut since baby #2. I have NEVER bought expensive makeup. I recently started using a nightly face cream that gave me a HUGE third eye sized zit on my forehead. Then there is the physical and mental maintenance, which I think is the most important, but also for me the most neglected. Exercising is KEY.  It makes me happy, a better mom, wife, and person. But when I do not get much sleep, I forgo my workouts for sleep and bravo in order to continue functioning. Ok, my biggest hurdle FOOD/DRINK. I love to eat healthy, and I hate anxiety. But I still eat Taco Bueno and enjoy a cocktail. I drink A LOT of caffeine. Coffee and Dr. Pepper are my #1’s. I am really trying to drink more water. If you have read my blog at all, you know my stance on mental health.

The terrible 3: Depression, Anxiety & social media  – Just Happy Mommy

The terrible 3: Depression, Anxiety & social media 

Finally fashion. Looking cute is considered maintenance to me. Especially since I work part time at my friends totes adorbs boutique, which is pretty much the only place I shop other than Target or online. Check out Posh online


When you look cute, you feel pretty. And when you feel pretty it shows. You can have it all goin’ on, but if you DO NOT FEEL GOOD it shows. I love the expression “you can’t polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter”.  I guess what I have been trying to word vomit out the last 1,000 words is we should age gracefully. Keep a young attitude towards life, and explore different options. Just like my mom says, “what is good for some women does not work for us.” As for me, balance is the key. I want to stay true to me, and I think this article from the local magazine Daily Table explains my outlook on food perfectly. Not only is eating a celebration, but so is life so go take a bite!

Just Happy Mommy

Kristy DeBoer On Balancing Work & Life

Reasor’s new magazine Daily Table Interviewed Kristy DeBoer On Balancing Work & Life.

The T’s! Teens, Twos & Threes

Forget the terrible twos it’s all the T ages! It is the terrible teenage months, 2s and 3s. Yes there is actual literature on this. Basically every 6 months they change give or take. New challenges emerge along with new skills and milestones! 

    I have yet to experience the real teenage years with my boys, but from what I remember I was a naughty tease. It makes me have heart palpitations just thinking of how naughty and wild my boys will be. I mean look at that face!!! 

     Anyway, it has been my experience as a mom, specifically to 2 boys, that the age of 15-19 months are some of the hardest. Not to say every age thereafter does not have its challenges. 2 & 3 will come with plenty! 

    Somehow I had forgotten the days of screaming, crying, scratching, biting, and head bashing tantrums of the teenage months. 

    For this is the reason we keep having children. We forget these token tantrums and hellacious times. Somehow it gets thrown down the disposal of memories.

    But now I am in the throes of the floor flailing, end of the world, snotty, crocodile teared tantrums. Come on, you know the ones. Either you feel sorry for the parent because you too have been there, or you think “Ha! My fictional kid’s not going to act like that.” Bahahaha 🖕🏻 Good luck with that. 

    With our first son, I really freaked out. He was an angel baby. Then, around 15 months, it struck! I thought we needed to call a priest for an exorcism because he grew horns and a tail overnight! I, of course, sought the direction and advice of my mom who suggested we go to the PED. He gave us a book called SOS help for the parents.

       It’s kinda like parenting for dummies. Lots of situational examples, and how to react and discipline without spanking or breaking their spirit. 

    So children get frustrated because they can understand what we are saying, but they cannot yet verbally communicate. So we try to teach them sign language for this brief intermission before they start talking nonstop. Our first son signed and learned words very quickly. Our second son, not so much. He just wants his wubba and blankie, and to scream, grunt, point and scratch his way to what he wants. Obvi this is not acceptable. He knows how to sign, and he knows what we are saying. But instead of trying, he gives up and literally slams his head on the tile or concrete floor then looks at me like “WTF? Mom, why did you let me do that?!” Thankfully, I know this is a phase. 

    I would also like to point out that he was the happiest baby on the block (another book and DVD reference) until recently. So many of you are like, “Well, what changed?” Teenager is what changed. Pissed off, frustrated, teething, growth spurting little nuggets who are not babies anymore. Oh the decision to be a baby or a big boy. 

      As you can see the similarities, and almost direct correlation, of the teenage months and the teenage years. Discovery, understanding, boundaries, body changes, and challenging parents. I love the shirt “mom life is the best life”, 


     but I also like the one that says “you are why Mommy drinks”. https://www.etsy.com/shop/FiveWildHearts?ref=s2-header-shopname

    Clearly I love my boys more than anything or I wouldn’t give two shits about figuring them out or even writing this blog. To all the other moms who are going thru this, it is ok. This too shall pass. 

    Raising a strong willed asshole, I mean child, is hard work but it is worth it. Learning, understanding, and gaining patience for your strong little one is one of the best gifts you can give them and yourself. 

    I had to go back to the drawing board on how I am going to parent. There is no magic wand or book or blog that can help you do your job to help your kid learn and navigate this world. 

    Also I did NOT read all these books! I’m more of a rag mag  conisore I respect and admire people who read, I’m just better with pictures. Which is the perfect transition to today and oddly ironic. 

    You want proof? We went to the bookstore today because he had birthday cash burning a hole in his  Avenger wallet, and he had to have immediate gratification. Unable to wait 2 days for Amazon Prime at half the price. 

    The book is called “The Book With No Pictures” by BJ Novak. It is a fantastic book! It came highly recommended by a friend of mine and recently a yellow class favorite! So we went to the book store, and he bought the book with his own money. It really has NO pictures! 

    And of course I was beyond proud! Not only did he ask for help to find the book, count his money, and say thank you, but he bought a BOOK with his OWN money! Not a cheap crap toy! 
    Meanwhile this is happening. 


      He throws this book on the floor! “Parenting the Strong Willed Child.” Now if that isn’t God speaking to me then I don’t know what is?!?! Plus destroying the checkout display items 😳

    We have come leaps and bounds with my now 4 year old who is so well adjusted, intelligent, kind, and understanding.
    I know his brother will be another beautiful challenge for mommy. So until then, Cheers! Here’s to the T years! 😘🍷



    Just happy mommy