I want to remember: Stop, Think, Be Thankful

I want to remember. I want to remember everything. I want to remember the way he smells. I want to remember his sweet little voice saying “I love you mommy.” 

I want to remember it all because 4 years ago today I became a Mama. Certainly the scariest, best, most amazing moment of my life happened 4 blazing years ago.

It has been a whirlwind 4 days of birthday celebrations, and I finally have a moment to myself to relax and reflect. 

Be Thankful
I’m stopping to think about the last 4 years, and I am beyond thankful for my family. 

Baby Bear, you have changed me into the person I was yearning to be, a mommy. Thank you for teaching me what life is all about. As I teach you the golden rule, manners, and how to be a good person, you remind me of these invaluable life lessons.

I have been sending you boys emails instead of making baby books, because it is so easy these days to just type a sentence and push send right at that moment. That way, memories are not lost and forgotten. I just logged into your gmail to read some of the emails and watched some videos. So, of course, I am doing that ugly, laughing, crying thing moms do. 

This has to be one of the best gifts I have ever received from your God Mother who made this video of your first year and gave it to us on your 1st birthday.

My sweet baby boy, you are so dynamic, smart, and kindhearted.

Your willingness to include and help others is a special gift.

Even as a baby you have never known a stranger, and it is evident when you were inviting little boys to your birthday party last week in the checkout line and parking lot at Target.

You have so much energy that you push yourself to the brink of exhaustion because of your FOMO!
I love that you like to organize! You line up your dinosaurs, trucks and action figures in a cute OCD manner.
I want to remember all of your sayings.
Mama hold you
You are beautisul
Number one homie
I want to remember all your favorite things:
You love JUNK food, which I will say, you were not really introduced to much until your Aunt Sissy treated you. And little brother came along, and you were potty trained.
Pizza, popcorn, candy, sour gummy bears, pop, cake, cookies, fruit snacks, pudding, ice cream, whip cream, you name it, you love it, and it is bribery at its finest!
Like buddy the elf you love sugar and marshmallows and anything covered in maple syrup. 

You love to dance. Your favorite jams are “pump up the jam”, purplicious, or Fergalicious, “Party Rock” and Luke Bryan. 
You want to be good at everything the first time you try it like someone else I know (me), and your frustration makes you try harder. 
My boys are my world. I live and breathe for them. I had 29 years of me and now I want to share the rest of my years with my babies and give them the best life possible.

I gave my birthday boy 3 parties! Redamndiculous! I know. I agree. I will go into those next post Birthday party bonanza! 

I do not do it for me or recognition. I do it for the memories I’m making with my boys. And that is priceless! 
Sunday morning came, and you were so excited to open and play with all your new toys. It was a like a watching a T-Rex running after his prey or a tornado’s path of destruction moving from gift to gift until there was nothing left. You were crying, whining, and being a brat. 
I was thinking of how to teach this lesson. We are learning the difference between good behavior and bad, ungrateful, bratty behavior. I said some kids don’t have birthday parties and get tons of presents and have all this awesome stuff! You are lucky and very special, so act like it. Then I said “Stop. Think. Be thankful.”

I need to look in the mirror when I am teaching these lessons. Having kids reminds us of the basics of being a good person. I grew up learning the golden rule until it was mentally tattooed on my brain.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Sadly I think this human lesson has been lost among the last few generations. It’s all about me me me. 
Well, Baby Bear, you are everything to me. And I am so proud to be your mom. God has blessed me with you and your brother, and I am eternally grateful. Thank you for 4 outstanding and challenging years! I love you to the moon and back 10! 

PS: we are officially partied out! If you need us we will be in a pajama, pizza & cake coma! 


Just Happy Mommy