Being a kid again 

“They” say that when you have kids it’s like being a kid again. You get to experience all the wonderful things in life through your children’s eyes. My husband and I are big kids at heart. He roller blades while our older son rides his scooter and follows behind our boys when they ride their power wheels Ford F-150 truck around the neighborhood. We love to take them places and let them experience new things. Daddy has taken the 3.75 year old camping twice this year. Since I stay at home we play outside, watch movies together, bake cookies, play hide and seek, paint, color, do puzzles and all kinds of fun activities. I am asking for adult coloring books for Christmas and I’m addicted to magic puzzles Ap on my iPad. 

We each have our favorite songs and we call them our jams. “Luke Bryan is my favorite jam,” says my older son, “mommy please stop talking I need to hear my jams.” We listen to iTunes and a Disney CD my mom got us in the car and rock out to Aladdin and Frozen. I am pretty goofy. I love to sing and dance and make the kids laugh. Here is one of my many car performances before we went to the gym. I’m a terrible singer and yes I am parked in a parking spot. And clearly my son is unimpressed as he picks his nose!  I cut it down so your ears don’t bleed 😂😂😂

Now it’s only Christmas carols and movies. The original Dr Seuss’s The Grinch who stole Christmas, the old school Burl Ives Rudolph the red nosed reindeer and Santa Claus is coming to town and of course Frosty the snowman. We went to my parents house and my mom had all of our old Christmas books when we were kids. One in particular really stood out. 

 I opened it and sang every carol to the boys, they didn’t pay attention or care. But my mom joined me and my sister noticed it was copyright 1979.

Now that he is almost 4 we are watching Elf, Home Alone and Christmas Vacation. He loves to eat popcorn and drink sparkling grape juice and we cuddle up on the couch. This is what I call a mommy is in heaven moment. Minus the time he called daddy a jerk, thanks uncle Frank! Oh and saying this one liner over and over on the playground “Hallelujah! Holy shit! Where’s the Tylenol?”

We went to see Santa this morning at Bass Pro with our besties. The boys loved looking at the winter wonderland and playing in the workshop. We had the best time. Of course I had to dress the boys in matching Santa jams so I joined in the fun because why not?! OH yes I wore my jams in public and to the bagel shop. 

 Playing Santa might be one of my favorite things as a parent. Seeing the magic in their eyes and when they really start to believe in Santa is such a special time in childhood. Christmas is hands down my favorite time of year. I have such amazing memories with my family and I am thrilled to continue traditions and make new memories with my boys. 

Babies don’t keep. And before I know it, they won’t come running to me with their arms outstretched and saying mama hold you. They won’t want to jam out with me, sit in my lap, eat popcorn and watch a movie with me. I am going to milk these days and years for all they’ve got! My boys bring me the most joy I’ve ever known and I want to give them the happiest childhood. Teaching them that life is not about presents or gifts but making memories, laughter and sharing time with the ones we love. 

I don’t want them to take life too seriously while they are young. They will feel the pressures too early as it is with academics and sports. So I’m going to continue to be a goofball, embarrass myself, the boys and make my kids laugh. God willing they will always look at me with those big, moon shaped, loving, smiling eyes. 

Xoxo Just Happy Mommy