2 kids, working out, Party Tacos and Oreo Thins

  Ok so like many moms out there our bodies are NOT like they were 10-15 years ago, hell not even as good as after kid number one. I don’t think I’m alone in this. I try to bounce back after my babies and I do by nursing and excercising. But then I keep eating like I’m still pregnant and nursing well after having the baby and not breast feeding. 

I’m the pregnant girl that gains 60 lbs with each pregnancy and doesn’t hold back. I mean killing some double cheese burgers with curly fries and root beer, pizza with ranch, cookie cake slices, cupcakes and bowls and bowls of cereal! I managed to get back to “normal” but over a year after having #2 I workout when I can but I do like barre and yoga. I don’t run! Lol! I still eat like crap. I know if I quit eating bad I would not have my extra jiggle and my ass wouldn’t be a Kardashian wanna be. 


Getting to the gym with 2 kids is not easy. Timing your workout class with their schedule, loading them up and making sure they have snacks, water, diapers and captain America shields and of course shoes. The little kids missing shoe game is so frustrating. Anyway it’s a mental break I so desperately need. When I’m done I can feel the endorphins and my mind is clear. 

Then I walk into kids club and suddenly my namaste is jolted back to reality and wrangling kids. Ugh I really don’t want to cook 3 different dinners now…

Sometimes I wonder if my downward dog is helping my flapping triceps or if those 100 squats are shrinking my saddlebags?? Then I think nope because I went thru the Taco Bueno drive thru for throwback Thursday 49 cent Party Tacos after my workout. Hey I love me some party tacos, a good deal and not having to cook! What I don’t love is when someone orders the entire menu in front of me and my car starts overheating and smoking in the drive thru line. Feeling like trash and trapped ironically I’m wearing my fancy active wear and the baby is wearing suede fringed moccasins for the love. I call my husband who’s like “get out of line and turn the car off.” Call my sis who is like “what do you want me to do? Call AAA?” The real question is do I get the food or just bolt? This fat kid got her party tacos and 10 salsas and then drove her smoking sleigh back home. (Thankfully it was just my fan)

Somedays you literally just can’t. You can’t adult, parent, let alone workout, those days you get through life. Then when the kids are asleep you take a bath, put on your robe and watch Real Housewives in bed with a package of Oreo Thins, popcorn or maybe a glass of wine and all is right with the world. My Husband expects this once or twice a month so he watches football and plays clash of clans oh wait that’s every night hahaha kidding.  I am NOT the only one right?!?!

At the end of the day no mom is perfect. I need to embrace me. I love having 2 boys. I enjoy working out. But I love food! And I really want that shirt that says “namaste in bed.” I’m also coming to terms that I might never have a thigh gap and that’s ok. It’s all about balance right?! Well I make a bad ass tree. LOL sorry bad yoga joke.

Anyway do what makes you happy and a happy mommy is a good mommy! Xoxo

ps if you haven’t tried the Oreo Thins you need to get them in your mouth stat