Sunday Night Dinners

FullSizeRenderMy parents and sister just left our house after coming over for Sunday dinner. We have been doing Sunday dinners almost every week for the last few years since the boys were born. It is one of my new and most favorite family traditions. Sometimes my mom cooks, sometimes I cook but we usually get take out. My mom, sister and I look after the baby and my husband, dad and little man watch football, play on their phones & iPads and rough house. It is the best way to start our week off right.

Meme, Papi and Aunt Sissy are obsessed with the boys and we love having the family together. My parents are very hands on and and we can’t go a few days without seeing them. My mom watches the boys two days a week and extra too so they are extreeme Meme fans! I love the way the boys smile when they see my parents. Oh and anytime Aunt Sissy is around the boys eyes light up and they scream with delight running to hug her.   My little brother lives in Los Angeles with his girlfriend who we love but we all miss him a TON! We try to facetime him in on birthday dinners or just to say hi. We are counting down the days till he comes home for Christmas. We have a long on going family group text and I send them all pictures of the boys everyday. If they don’t get a picture for a day or two they get sad because they want to see their boys.

Wearing comfy sweats, eating Hideaway pizza with magical ranch and lauging at the kids as we all embrace the chaos. I got the boys into the bathtub and of course my dad comes in carrying a cup of water. Why you ask? When we were little my sister and I would take baths together just like our boys. My dad would come in and throw a cup of cold water on us and we would scream, laugh and squeal. It is such a fun and silly childhood memory and something I love seeing my dad continue to do with my boys.IMG_6826

My mom and I finish the bath and get them all lotioned up and pajamas on.  Now the rough housing begins. My dad tickles and wrestles them and the loud girlish screams were probably heard next door.  The boys are walking around falling down like little drunk people which means it is time for bed. Everyone gives hugs and kisses and its time to go. Now reality sets in, looking ahead to a hectic week. But for just a few more hours it is the weekend and I am going to enjoy it by sharing these moments with you.

I say all this because I am overwhelmed with happiness tonight and I want to remember nights like tonight. It is NOTHING special but the people and the memories we make on Sunday nights are special and something to be cherished. I hope my boys will remember these nights but if they don’t I have a hundred pictures and this blog to remind them. I am so thankful for my family and we are beyond blessed to have such a strong bond and live in the same city. XOXO

Just Happy Mommy