Leap of Faith

I started this blog almost a year ago. I have only shared it with a select few people. I have been praying about whether or not to share it with the world or keep it “locked away.”

My closest friends are encouraging me to put it out there. My family is hesitant. Again I have been talking with God about this for almost a year and I feel like it is time to take a Leap of Faith and share my blog. There have been so many signs over this last month. A woman from our church came to visit me at work and we shared a lovely lunch and conversation. She was so positive and very interested in my writing and told me I was a gifted communicator and I should use that gift. I also found out a close friend of mine is moving away and we met for a glass of wine the other night to catch up and she was so encouraging and empowering to me. Another girlfriend invited me to their church over the weekend and the message was “The Time is Now.” Jesus wants you to take that next step. If you are feeling like you want something more out of life and have been holding back and making excuses not to do something, the time is now. Take the hard right instead of the easy wrong. I also felt like this was speaking to me. Its easy for me to share my innermost thoughts with my family and friends but it is extremely hard for me to open my heart up to the world to read and judge. Finally I talked to one of my first and oldest friends this morning who has no idea about my blog but she kept telling me you get out what you put in and I feel like I am ready.

My posts are real. I know people will judge me. I want my words to resonate with someone. To my boys: I pray that you do not resent me and understand that mommy loves you more than anything in the world and that I would die for you.

My emotions are running high. Feelings of anxiety, inadequacy, excitement, fear, etc. Prolly does not help that I am listening to Lionel Richie Pandora either LOL. Please feel free to read any and all of my posts and give me feed back. These are not bright shiny rainbows but each has a silver lining and lesson for me. Here I am. Just Happy Mommy.