Movie Theater Memories

Something we have been dying to do is take the 3 year old to the movie theater to experience a movie on the big screen. It was such a special treat for us growing up and getting to go to the theater. So we couldn’t wait to share that with our big boy.

Everyone loves the movies, and he is no exception. He is quite mature for his age. We let him watch things we know many parents would NOT agree with like Jurassic Park and Avengers. So, I finally planned it out and got a sitter for baby brother. I showed him a YouTube video about the rules of the theater. We watched the movie trailer for Disney Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’ 12 times and talked about how much popcorn and Sprite we would indulge in.

Finally the day came for our BIG outing to the movie theater. He was so excited and so sweet. We got our tickets and then walked to the concession area. I ordered us a large popcorn and large Sprite and daddy got a hot dog. We made our way to screen 13 and sat down in the huge leather reclining seats. Of course I made daddy take our picture to document and share on Instagram and Facebook. Then the movie started. He was laughing a lot and pretty loud but it was a Disney Pixar movie, so most of the other patrons were parents and kids. We sat there enjoying the show, munching popcorn, and sipping sprite. I think I watched his face half the time. When a dark villain scene started (which included a scary ass clown) he got scared, flailed about, and got a little out of control. I quickly suggested he cuddle with me and he calmed down. I was in heaven. My little baby was so grown up and sitting in my lap watching a movie on the big screen. I know to some this is simple and not a big deal. You know what? You are right. Sometimes in life it is the little, simple things that mean the most and that you remember so vividly. I will never ever forget that moment. Now I can’t imagine NOT taking him to the movies with me.

Seeing your babies grow up is bittersweet to say the least. You want them to stay little, yet sharing these moments as they grow is what makes being a mommy so rewarding. I am so grateful that my boys love me as much as I love them. I never knew a love like this was possible until having my boys.  The movie was much more deep than I expected. Without sadness, the joyous moments did not mean as much and it is important to experience all emotions to have a well rounded childhood. So just like parenthood, the struggles, tantrums, frustrations, and tough times make the happy times even better! Thank you Heavenly Father for testing my patience and strength daily and giving me my greatest gifts.


Just Happy Mommy