Target Trip from Hell

Target trip from hell. One of my worst parenting dreams came true today.
Armed with my list, baby bjorn, cart cover, cartwheel barcode, fully charged phone, and bag full of tricks we headed off to Target. The red store, as my 3 year old calls it. We have to get lots of food and stuff for the house today. It’s 10:15am.
We start off in the baby isle bc if there is one thing we need it’s pouches. Then to the toiletries. Baby brother is waving at other shoppers, and the 3 year old already has my iPhone watching story bots. Then he starts climbing out of the cart and sliding underneath the basket. Whatever at this point. Going to get our shit and get outta here. Picking out face wash, shampoo, contact solution etc. then it happens.
He wants to push the cart. Fine. “But we need to go down this isle and get daddy razors.”  “No I want to go down here.” “No you need to get back in the cart or we are going to go home.” I’ve started sweating at this point. The baby is starting to fuss and arching his back and pulling my hair. 3 year old screaming I finally get him in the cart and I said we are going home. I’m so done with this. I can’t even.
This is when the proverbial bomb dropped. He loses his shit and starts screaming, “I don’t wanna go home. I will be on my best behavior. No mommy No! I don’t wanna go home!”

Screaming over and over and over tears shooting out and everyone is looking at us. He can throw one hell of a fit. Red faced and loud! Making me sound like the evil step mother and people are wondering if they should call DHS. I’m embarrassed, sweating, exhausted, and furious.

A woman in her late 60s comes over to see what’s going on. We are near the checkout. She says “what’s wrong?” “what’s your name?” “why don’t you want to go home?!”  “Are you ok little boy?” “Yes he is fine he is just upset because I told him we need to go home.” Mind your own biz lady. Haven’t you ever seen an adorable, healthy, clean kid have a tantrum at target because the mom says she’s done and doesn’t want to perpetuate the tantrum or prolong the trip any longer?!?!?!

I finally get him to calm down and throw a bunch of random groceries in the cart plus some new lays white cheddar and black pepper potato chips and start to check out. We get everything unloaded and I get both boys into their car seats. The baby just smiles and takes his wubba nub. Turn the AC on full blast bc Im sweating and just start bawling. 3 year old says “it’s ok mommy just take a deep breath.”  “I love you.”  “It’s ok.”  “Just Happy Mommy.”

You know what? It is ok. I should be happy. We are privileged and healthy people. Here he is calming me down. How did he learn how to do that? From me! Obviously I’m doing something right. What a sweetie. But damn it’s hard taking two kids to the grocery store.
Some moms will never understand what it is like to have a strong willed child. So good for you. But for those of you that know what I’m going thru, here’s to eating this entire bag of Lays white cheddar and black pepper potato chips and nap time! It’s only noon so too early for a mommy pop. Until next time…


Happy Mommy