Movie Theater Memories

Something we have been dying to do is take the 3 year old to the movie theater to experience a movie on the big screen. It was such a special treat for us growing up and getting to go to the theater. So we couldn’t wait to share that with our big boy.

Everyone loves the movies, and he is no exception. He is quite mature for his age. We let him watch things we know many parents would NOT agree with like Jurassic Park and Avengers. So, I finally planned it out and got a sitter for baby brother. I showed him a YouTube video about the rules of the theater. We watched the movie trailer for Disney Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’ 12 times and talked about how much popcorn and Sprite we would indulge in.

Finally the day came for our BIG outing to the movie theater. He was so excited and so sweet. We got our tickets and then walked to the concession area. I ordered us a large popcorn and large Sprite and daddy got a hot dog. We made our way to screen 13 and sat down in the huge leather reclining seats. Of course I made daddy take our picture to document and share on Instagram and Facebook. Then the movie started. He was laughing a lot and pretty loud but it was a Disney Pixar movie, so most of the other patrons were parents and kids. We sat there enjoying the show, munching popcorn, and sipping sprite. I think I watched his face half the time. When a dark villain scene started (which included a scary ass clown) he got scared, flailed about, and got a little out of control. I quickly suggested he cuddle with me and he calmed down. I was in heaven. My little baby was so grown up and sitting in my lap watching a movie on the big screen. I know to some this is simple and not a big deal. You know what? You are right. Sometimes in life it is the little, simple things that mean the most and that you remember so vividly. I will never ever forget that moment. Now I can’t imagine NOT taking him to the movies with me.

Seeing your babies grow up is bittersweet to say the least. You want them to stay little, yet sharing these moments as they grow is what makes being a mommy so rewarding. I am so grateful that my boys love me as much as I love them. I never knew a love like this was possible until having my boys.  The movie was much more deep than I expected. Without sadness, the joyous moments did not mean as much and it is important to experience all emotions to have a well rounded childhood. So just like parenthood, the struggles, tantrums, frustrations, and tough times make the happy times even better! Thank you Heavenly Father for testing my patience and strength daily and giving me my greatest gifts.


Just Happy Mommy

Target Trip from Hell

Target trip from hell. One of my worst parenting dreams came true today.
Armed with my list, baby bjorn, cart cover, cartwheel barcode, fully charged phone, and bag full of tricks we headed off to Target. The red store, as my 3 year old calls it. We have to get lots of food and stuff for the house today. It’s 10:15am.
We start off in the baby isle bc if there is one thing we need it’s pouches. Then to the toiletries. Baby brother is waving at other shoppers, and the 3 year old already has my iPhone watching story bots. Then he starts climbing out of the cart and sliding underneath the basket. Whatever at this point. Going to get our shit and get outta here. Picking out face wash, shampoo, contact solution etc. then it happens.
He wants to push the cart. Fine. “But we need to go down this isle and get daddy razors.”  “No I want to go down here.” “No you need to get back in the cart or we are going to go home.” I’ve started sweating at this point. The baby is starting to fuss and arching his back and pulling my hair. 3 year old screaming I finally get him in the cart and I said we are going home. I’m so done with this. I can’t even.
This is when the proverbial bomb dropped. He loses his shit and starts screaming, “I don’t wanna go home. I will be on my best behavior. No mommy No! I don’t wanna go home!”

Screaming over and over and over tears shooting out and everyone is looking at us. He can throw one hell of a fit. Red faced and loud! Making me sound like the evil step mother and people are wondering if they should call DHS. I’m embarrassed, sweating, exhausted, and furious.

A woman in her late 60s comes over to see what’s going on. We are near the checkout. She says “what’s wrong?” “what’s your name?” “why don’t you want to go home?!”  “Are you ok little boy?” “Yes he is fine he is just upset because I told him we need to go home.” Mind your own biz lady. Haven’t you ever seen an adorable, healthy, clean kid have a tantrum at target because the mom says she’s done and doesn’t want to perpetuate the tantrum or prolong the trip any longer?!?!?!

I finally get him to calm down and throw a bunch of random groceries in the cart plus some new lays white cheddar and black pepper potato chips and start to check out. We get everything unloaded and I get both boys into their car seats. The baby just smiles and takes his wubba nub. Turn the AC on full blast bc Im sweating and just start bawling. 3 year old says “it’s ok mommy just take a deep breath.”  “I love you.”  “It’s ok.”  “Just Happy Mommy.”

You know what? It is ok. I should be happy. We are privileged and healthy people. Here he is calming me down. How did he learn how to do that? From me! Obviously I’m doing something right. What a sweetie. But damn it’s hard taking two kids to the grocery store.
Some moms will never understand what it is like to have a strong willed child. So good for you. But for those of you that know what I’m going thru, here’s to eating this entire bag of Lays white cheddar and black pepper potato chips and nap time! It’s only noon so too early for a mommy pop. Until next time…


Happy Mommy

Motherhood: A day in the life

MOTHERHOOD. We do it all. I don’t know how, but we do. I was up at midnight with my 3 year old for a glass of water, then 3am to clean up the wet bed and his pull-up, 5am because he’s hungry, and then I fall back to sleep and the baby wakes up just before 6am. Feed the baby and lie back down then my Husband kisses me goodbye and then both boys wake up its 7:15am.

Disclaimer: I’m not looking for sympathy, empathy, a handout, or advice – it’s just cathartic for me to write. I do have a journalism degree after all.

Now I have to get one kid to school, the other to my moms, and some how get myself ready for work.  Coffee is brewing, and kids are screaming. “I want Curious George and my Captain America shirt. A quesadilla and chocolate milk, please.” At least he says please. Thankfully, it’s raining so we don’t have the sunscreen, bugspray wrestling match. The baby is still sleeping!

My modest home looks like a tornado and a hurricane fought to the death. It’s an art studio, restaurant, daycare, laundromat, hotel and spa, and a movie theater! I’m so thankful that my kids have food, clothing, toys and all the extra amenities … but we don’t have a maid. Call me the cook, teacher, entertainer, hotelier and the housekeeper! It’s exhausting. Daily example: Vacuum the cheezits and puffs, but then they magically reappear moments later. Underwear in the TV credenza. Dishes piled high and laundry on the couch. Coffee cups and baby bottles everywhere! Four people and their crap take up every square inch of this place. But my kids are healthy and happy.

Dressed, no makeup, and out the door off to school at 9am. Drive-thru coffee and oatmeal, and off to Meme’s we go. Open shop 10am. Work till 2pm. Get gas and stop into Whole Foods to get organic soy formula for the baby. Pick up big bro from school then pick up baby from Meme’s. Drive thru dinner (yes I see the irony of Whole foods and then a drive thru) Feed the boys. Husband walks thru the door and thankfully helps with bedtime. I AM DEAD. I don’t even want wine at this point. Just a trashy tv show and sleep, before it’s time to do it all over again tomorrow.
I don’t want a medal. I’m not complaining. I’m simply describing my last 12 hours. All we want is appreciation. Someone to say “wow you are amazing and take such good care of your family.” A break would be nice. I would be so thankful for him to say “hey honey why don’t you go to yoga and I will take care of things!” It would make my whole week to be able to do that.
I love being a mom! Doesn’t sound like it, but I do. I want to see my boys grow up. Teach them and learn from them. Give them the best of the best. I try my best to prepare and protect them from the scary ass world we live in. They are why I live and breathe. Growing them inside me and feeding them with my body was such a blessing from God. It’s my job to make sure I love, protect and nurture His creation.
 I have been a working mom and a stay at home mom now I’m a combo! First I went back to work but hated pumping and giving my nanny my commissions.  I gave up my career for them.  I stayed at home pregnant thru the terrible twos and I recently went back to work to make some “ME” money. I work at a friends cute little boutique. It’s not much, but it helps pay for my extras and some date nights.
Thank you Heavenly Father for my husband and family. My Husband doesn’t get left out. We would be nothing without him. Hell, I wouldn’t have kids without him. He is the breadwinner and fully supports our family. He carries us and loves us.

My mom is a saint. She is my hero, my guardian angel, therapist and cheerleader. Meme takes care of the boys all the time for free and I think they love her more than me sometimes.

There is no perfect balance. There is nothing that’s perfect. Working is hard. Staying at home is hard. Being a good parent is hard. But we do it because of those sweet smiles and cuddles and unconditional love from our babies. When they look up at you and say “you look beautiful mommy,” when you are a hot mess with frizzy hair and no makeup. When all they want is their mommy to hold them. It is all worth it. Motherhood is selflessness. 

Nobody has it all together. If you think I do then I’ve got you fouled with matching outfits, play dates and Instagram posts. Some things we do for ourselves or others but let’s keep the focus on our kids. I’m guilty! They don’t need much but we live in a world of excess. What they need is our love and attention. So To all the moms out there with 1-10 kids, working, staying at home or a combo, you rock! You make the world go round! Thank you all for everything you do! And cheers to lots of love, sleep, coffee and wine!!!


Happy mommy