I follow LOTS of celebrities on social media and I watch a lot of E! & BravoTV. I used to think “wow they make looking beautiful look easy & effortless.”  In reality I know it takes teams of people and months of prep if not years for these people to get to this status.

Most stars have a team that literally works on every facet of their lives.

Personal trainer, chef, hair, makeup, stylist, driver, maid, assistant, nanny, nails etc etc. some more or less than others.

But nonetheless, a team around them to help them achieve their goals.

So when you pick up your fashion magazine or scroll through your social media feeds and see all the glamour photos of these nearly perfect humans. Remember that you too can get there but it’s gonna take time, talent, money, perseverance AND WORK!

Most of the things that I do on my blog are random or off the cuff but some are planned and calculated.

With my blog I don’t want to post just because my calendar says so.

But, I had a professional photo shoot with one of my BFFs scheduled so I knew I had to get serious.

 The line from 40 year old virgin continuously pops into my head:

“You think this was an accident?  All of this right here, premeditated partner.”  YouTube Clip 40 year old virgin

I knew what I wanted to wear and achieve from these pictures from the outfits down to my jewelry, hair, shoes & makeup.

All premeditated and planned out months in advance. I did NOT wake up like this. 

First things first get that body right & tight!

“You wanna hot body? You better work bitch!”- Britney Spears.

She is and always will be a body inspiration for me minus her 2007 breakdown. 

So I made my playlist a reality!

The theme of work was constantly on my mind. 

So I decided to push myself out of my comfort zone in nearly all aspects of my life. Listening to these songs during my workouts got me excited and gave me a swag and even got me to twerk. 

Click below to watch these HOT A$$ videos on YouTube. 

Work B!$ch- Britney 

Work work work- Fifth Harmony

Work- Iggy Azalea 

Work- Rihanna & Drake

Work- Ciara & Missy Elliot

I decided I was going to take these pictures even though I’m not exactly where I want to be, but to show off my progress. First were some pictures I took in February before I started working out with my trainer. These pictures were NOT fun but a way of pushing me to have to embrace my skin. 


I have been working with my trainer John Jackson for a while now and I started to see results quickly and NOW I can see my body transforming. I AM NOT LOSING WEIGHT! This is a total body transformation not a get skinny mission. 

Me & Babe in Hawaii 2011 Before Babies

Lean Paddle Boarding Babe 2011

After having 2 kids you have things that do not go back the way they were before.

He said to me “pull in those abs,” while I was running and I yelled back “My abs are in, that’s just my skin.” 

I have been more disciplined with my food choices, although I joke that if I was on a no carb diet I would be even bitchier than I already am. I still enjoy my ultimate favorites: chips, dips, cocktails & tacos but in more moderation than I did before.

My husband knows my love language is gifts and that includes food & drinks. If I am having a bad night with the kids he will get me champagne or Taco Bueno 🙂

Another fellow journalist and BFF of mine told me she had an idea for the title of my book, if I ever get to write one,

“Just Happy Mommy: Behind the Apron.”

It is perfect because I try to showcase that you can be a happy, good mommy, wife and still be real and sharing my life “behind the apron.”

Even still today society sees June Cleaver perception of the stay at home mom. I am anything but that!

Every look tells a story and thankfully my talented friend and professional photographer captured it perfectly. I did a kitchen scene, an under construction edgy look, easy breezy nightgown look, and of course some full glam mixed in.  Check out this quick slideshow below. 

Photoshoot slide show

I am so excited to share more of the beautiful photographs taken by my dear friend Beth Hawkins. Blog post soon to follow! XOXO Just Happy Mommy

Posted by Just Happy Mommy on Tuesday, June 6, 2017

As a mommy you hear all the time to make sure & do things for yourself. Well here it is. My hard work is paying off. I decided to push myself. Treating myself to workouts, hair appointments, botox, nails, spray tans etc to get ready for my photo shoot. These are all things I care about. Call me hubris but that’s not all I am about. If anything I just really started to invest in me and my dreams. And let me tell you it is an investment.

I love my husband. Thank you babe. Thank you for the support financially, spiritually and emotionally, through my transformation if you will. 

The best part is that I do NOT allow it to come before or take away from my boys. If there is time then great, if not then it can wait. I have been super busy and I take time for me and my marriage. I will not apologize for that because it is making me a better me and a happy mommy. 

It’s all about balance. Somedays I kick a$$, workout, eat perfect, clean house, do laundry, and I am super mom. Other days my cape is in the wash and the only marathons we run are food, movie & cuddle marathons, all day baby, all day. Somedays we don’t even leave the house because mama is so tired.

My squad is the best! They get me. They don’t try to change me. They encourage me. They love me. 

So here we go. Unapologetically sharing my life as a wife, mommy, daughter, sister, friend and blogger. 

I am by no means fishing for compliments here. I just wanted to show people that it takes hard work and dedication to look fit and be healthy. I have A LOT more to share with you and I would love to get feedback on what you want to know.

John and I have toss the idea of doing a fun workout video…

Any way keep reading, sharing and kicking butt!

God bless you.

Believe in yourself!  

and remember…

“It’s Xxpen$ive to be me.” – Erika Jayne

“You better work!” – RuPaul


Just happy mommy

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