What keeps you up at night? 


Health? life & death?

Money, financial security & your job?

Love, marriage & relationships?

Reaching goals & education?

Safety, terrorism?

Violence, crime, bullies?

Allergic reactions? Accidents?

The list goes on and on… As a mommy my mind is hard to turn off and feels like it is constantly on the spin cycle. My thoughts are like laundry, NEVER ENDING!

We all have worries. Sometimes they are minuscule and other times they seem to take over our lives.

How much attention do you pay these worries, concerns, anxiety and panic provoking thoughts?

It is easy to say:

“don’t sweat the small stuff,” or

“it is all in God’s hands,” or

“everything will workout the way it is supposed to.”

All of these statements are true. Unfortunately, they do NOT help me sleep at night.

I do pray. I practice deep breathing and meditation.

Lately, I have had so many “irons in the fire.” I am anxious to see which ones light.

Patience is a virtue. And one I do not have much of, what I do have, goes to my boys.

I prayed for all of these awesome opportunities & great things to happen in my life.

So of course, I am uber thankful for all the positive things happening with me, my family, my blog and I am excited for the future.

Looking back at the last year, we endured some serious struggles. Some that are deeply personal that I have not shared.

This is why I took a departure from sharing posts about my boys. We were shaken as a family.

There have been so many times I have wanted to word vomit all over this blog, but I thought about it and what good would that do?

I have to be true to myself, continue to do what I love and if that upsets some people and ends relationships, so be it.

My blog is something I am passionate about, proud of, and really believe in.

I will NOT give up my dreams and all the ideas I have for myself. What kind of example does that set for my boys?

So thanks to perseverance, uplifting support and faith, I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Even though I am still waking up several times at night it is not because of fear, financial strain, allergic reactions, marriage problems, sadness or stress.

It is now a happy excitement.  Like “Where is my path taking me next.?” “How am I going to get all this done?”

……………..or its the boys waking me up. 90% of the time it’s the boys 🙂

I do not feel as much dread as I once did.

More than ever I see the importance of  staying true to yourself, holding fast to your convictions and empowering others.

I am learning to trust the process of just letting go.

Knowing that the challenges you face are preparing you for something greater than you could ever imagine.

What keeps you up at night?

We would love to hear from you. Share your struggle or triumph in the comments section below.


  1. What keeps me up at night?! My email inbox currently (haha), but all other basic shit, too, including the excitement I have about getting my new kitchen table delivered in Saturday 🙂

    • kristydeboer14 Reply

      Awesome I can’t wait to see your new table! Miss you girl XOXO

  2. lately it’s been marriage stress & financial stress that in turn stresses me out about the example I set for my kids.
    But it’s also happy things too like teaching a yoga class & getting to go on adventures in nice weather with my kids, or the exciting new things happening in our church !!! 🙂

    • kristydeboer14 Reply

      For sure! I feel you there. Good for you for teaching yoga, that sounds very fulfulling. Thanks for reading! XOXO

  3. Katie Teel Reply

    Mostly, I keep myself up. With two small kids and a hubby that goes to bed early it’s my only me time. Plus I’m a bit of a night owl. It’s my time to catch up on shows, mindlessly search the internet or just get my shower in. Ha! When I have a design going I lay in bed thinking about the right layout or color scheme etc etc.

  4. I keep myself up at night! Even though our infant goes to sleep around 8, at the latest. (And other kids by 8:30.) I’m ready to go to bed myself, but those last hours of the day are the only ones I have for time with my husband, vegging out, planning my week, or just having a moment of solitude… or every third day, taking a shower. 😉

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