People ask me “what is a blog?” I say it is a digital medium that is a blank canvas for writers and artists to use to create and write about their passions.

So for me, blogging is a way to share my life experiences while I navigate being a wife, mother, sister & friend in this digital age.


The criticism, like most art, is always there. People judge. But what has to be at the heart of any really good blog is belief.

Belief in yourself, belief in your writing and belief that it’s damn good. I joke around that since starting my blog I have painted myself into an honesty and humility corner.

Like my mission statement, I promise or vow to my readers that I will always keep it real! For example if someone doesn’t like what I wrote it’s easy to say well then don’t read my blog. It’s a nice way to say FU 😚🖕🏻. Just like a TV show, magazine or book you are still in control, if you don’t like it, don’t watch, purchase or read the media.

Blogging can be an art form, a business, a secret or hobby. It really is a cool way to share, but be careful that you remember, as I do daily, that “you can’t make everyone happy you’re Not Target” 🎯 😂

I struggle with taking myself too seriously then feeling so down & not confident in my ability to produce good content. Then back up the mountain of writers block to a flood of ideas and creativity that I can’t even keep up with. Like typing this at 4am.

Thus my idea that I wanted to be Tulsa’s Oprah with my 12 days of Christmas, Favorite Things, giveaways as a one man band, with 2 kids, no budget and a dream! img_4047.jpg

I love Lisa Rinna’s new tag line on RHOBH “don’t try to hustle the hustler” some days we put on lipstick 💄 big girl boss pants and some days we cry and say WTF am I doing. I should just quit. This is so hard, time consuming and nobody really gives a shit but me.

Well don’t we all feel like that no matter what career or passion we pursue? If it doesn’t scare the hell out of you then you aren’t dreaming big enough! Well let me tell you, I am both!

I’m not peddling a thing except my self. I’m giving away amazing, fun and frankly, bad ass prizes just because I can. I know people LOL!

Being a blogger may sound like a made up, bullshit job, and maybe it is, and the jokes on me. Although, giving your time, putting your heart and life out there is no easy task.

Anyone can can post a pretty picture.  But what does that picture say in 1,000 words?


Just Happy Mommy


  1. Love this post about Blogging! So true & so real! Keep up the amazing work…you are loved & supported by MANY!!!

    • kristydeboer14 Reply

      Thank you so much sweet friend! So happy to have your support! Who runs the world? GIRLS!!! XOXO

  2. Just stumbled upon your blogg. I am now an instant fan! Thanks for keeping it real.

    • kristydeboer14 Reply

      I am so glad you like it! Thanks for reading! 2017 is looking bright & happy 🙂

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