I turned 37 last week.

As we were driving down the road Perry said, out of the blue “I am happy God made you.” Perry age 4. Tears welled up in my eyes.

Thinking about the last week has me filled with joy! We went to Los Cabos Mexico a week ago and it was truly a once in a lifetime trip. One that my husband and I needed. We desperately wanted time together. Even though it is so hard to leave the country and leave your kids, it was worth it. I could leave them knowing they are in the best and most caring & capable hands. Thank you to my mom, Elizabeth and Ella for always keeping my boys happy, safe and entertained. 

Josh and I did everything we said we wanted to do on this trip. We enjoyed a couples spa day, sleeping in, ordering room service, playing golf at the incredible Jack Nicolas course, Quivira, deep sea fishing and catching an 8ft 170lb striped marlin. (Well we cheered our friend on as she reeled and fought for 42 minutes) Plus enjoying quality time with an old friend and making new ones. We had a blast but all good things must come to an end they say. 

We were ready to see our babies and go home. Nothing like coming home from vacation, waking up a year older, and your little people made you homemade cards and fresh flowers. We spent the rainy day chillin and then the boys wanted to go to Main Event. So we played games and went bowling. Wow, even typing this makes me feel guilty for this beautiful life. 

But not so fast! Then boys have fevers, congestion and eye buggers and my back feels like I boated a marlin, played 18 holes, drank all the tequila in Cabo and went bowling. (Oh wait, LOL) Off to the doctors we go. Baby has an ear infection, big bro has a sinus infection and I have a UTI. Happy birthday to me and welcome home mommy! 

After oodles of cuddles and sleep I had a night out to celebrate with a new, dear friend of mine! We have not known each other long but, I’m thankful she and her family are in our lives. 

Cheers 🥂

The whipped cream on my moms chocolate pie was the perfect ending to my birthday celebration! We went swimming and had Sunday family dinner. 

I share this because it truly shows the ups and downs of life. I feel tremendously grateful for my family, friends and the incredible blessings in my life. We all deal with bad times and good times. I never forget where I have been, but I am learning not to feel guilty for enjoying life because we only get one! 


Just happy mommy 

PS The boys and I are going to be on KOTV Channel 6 tomorrow! Please watch and or DVR it. We are talking all things back to school! 

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