It’s ok to take care of yourself. Actually it is imperative to being a good person. Taking time for yourself is so important.

So many parents, myself included, do not give themselves enough credit, down time or self love. I hear often from my family and friends that I am too hard on myself. I need to give myself a break. The thing is either, I think I am NOT doing enough or I am just overwhelmed and doing too much. The slippery slope of parenting is a fast and dangerous one to ride. As a parent these days we are expected to do all the things:

Taking care of the family, the house, the bills, calendar, work, play and all the extras. I sometimes compare being a good parent to being a good chef or baker. Some days we get the recipe just perfect and other days we try something new and it is an epic fail. We strive to create the perfect mixture of love, discipline, education, comfort, fun and strength and roll it into one delicious child.

Ok that sounds kinda creepy but you get what I am saying.

We do all these things to help mold well rounded individuals. But we forget to take time for ourselves. The saying that mom’s don’t break we just bend is true but we also break. We are human beings after all even tho we have some seriously legit super powers. Recharging our batteries, pampering, having fun and never losing sight of ourselves is what helps make us remarkable creatures.

Imagine this: It’s a Friday, your kids are in school, you are taking the day off and just doing you.

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There are several scenarios that my friends and I daydream about.

Laying in bed, sipping coffee, watching TV, reading Jesus Calling and then enjoying a morning workout with friends, some spa treatments, outdoor patio lunch then the epic finale of a nap in a freezing, cold, dark room before getting your husband fetches the kids.

Now call me crazy but doesn’t that sounds like the perfect day off? Us moms are lucky to have just one of those things per week. The simplicity of drinking coffee alone with no one screaming or watching you pee has become a luxury. Sometimes I think ugh I can’t afford to do this or ugh I really shouldn’t splurge. Ok sometimes it is the opposite. We deserve a few things.

Ain’t nobody happy unless mama happy!
Happy Wife Happy Life.

So as you all know, I love my babies more than anything, but Lord knows they give me a run for my money. And let’s get real I have aged more in 5 years than I have in 10. I NEVER took care of my skin or even cared until recently when the lines on my face drew a map that spell out HELP! So I started doing BOTOX which I will still continue to do because it is awesome and I love the results. I needed more than just my antiaging needle juice.

So I decided to get a facial. NOT all facials are created equal! I have had some where I left feeling like I was a wax doll covered in every lotion, potion and witches brew and $90 poorer. I have had facials when the next day I am red, swollen and in pain feeling more like a chemical peel than a facial.

Imagine being greeted with cool, flavored water, lead down a hallway to a lovely scented spa lounge.


The esthetician asked me if I had any trouble issues, what I hoped to achieve from the facial and then moved forward with the treatments. She began with an incredible hot towel foot massage. It almost immediately helped loosen me up and melted me into the warm soft massage table.

Next, she started the steamer and explained all of the things she was putting on my face. The smells were so nice, never too overpowering. The was some slight tingling but overall a gentle, cleansing feeling as she began her next steps of cleansers, toner, lotions and potions.

Finally, she finished with a soothing neck massage. I felt so relaxed. I had drifted off to the place in my brain that rarely sees any action. The chill out no synapses zone. NO to do lists, no worries, no questions, fears or pain. It was remarkable what that hour did for me. It helped me refocus, feel content but most of all feel pretty.

I left feeling so confident and honestly I started taking selfies of my fresh, clear, glowing complexion.
Ihloff Salon & Spa at Utica Square not only treated me to the best facial I have ever had but also gave me some lovely complimentary samples and a luxurious face cream. Which I use daily & LOVE!

When you have an experience at Ihloff you also get to enjoy 5 star amenities that are included with your service. Try to make time to enjoy the personally scented steam shower, Aveda products and individual mirrored dressing area.

Why am I sharing this with you all?

Because you too deserve some ME time.

We do so much for the ones we love. If we took 1/10th of that love and returned to sender could you imagine how much happier a world we would be.

Before someone can love you, you have to love yourself. I am happy to report that I am practicing what I preach. I try to give myself one of those moments every week and every month. Taking time to enjoy a meal alone, drink coffee and watch the sun come up, workout and blare my gangsta rap, get my nails done, get my hair did, enjoy a facial, get a massage, whatever do it!
When you feel pretty you act different. When you feel pretty your whole outlook changes.
When you feel good you are you.

This year I want to give the gifts of experiences. I keep thinking off the boxes of crap sitting in our garage from our move this summer. Those boxes stress me out. I do not want to open them. I do not want to put more stuff away. I want to start fresh, clean and purge all the extra crap. Ain’t nobody got time for all this junk.

Since we are officially in fall, Halloween is a month away and then the hustle, bustle and stress of the holidays is fast approaching, I have already thought about how I want to do something different.
So, this year, I want to give gifts that help ourselves. Help our selves get centered, relax or enjoy one another.
What is even better, is using our locally owned businesses to fulfill the nice list of gifts.

Ihloff Salon and Spa is a locally owned and operated Tulsa treasure and now has 4 locations to pamper and serve Oklahomans.

I am thinking about putting together a MOM’s Day Off Event at Ihloff Salon & Spa
Would this be something you would be interested in? Let me know in the comments section.

Their staff, products and knowledge of beauty is something to see, use and enjoy.

I try to teach the boys to give meaningful gifts. “Is this a gift that you would like to receive?”

If yes, then you know your friend will like it too!

Call up and get a gift card for a a mani/pedi or something as wonderful as a spa day.

Give the gift of experience and self fulfillment. Some of the best memories we have as a family, that are at the fore front of my minds eye, involve some sort of special, place, treat, people or moment and sometimes it is all of those things wrapped in one.

Take time for you. You only have one life. GO LIVE IT!

Just Happy Mommy

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