Yesterday Roman and I made a Target run and my mom kept little brother so we could hang together.

We were looking at the Lunchables, yes I said Lunchables and he said “Mama I need to go ask them what their names are.”

He marched right over to some kids in the frozen pizza section and said,

“Hi my name is Roman. What is your name? Wanna know how to spell it R,O,M,A,N.”

We talked to this mom and her 3 kids. One was going into 1st grade, 3rd and 5th respectively. They were super and very receptive to Roman. We said goodbye and have a great school year. He continued on his quest down the aisles, it was the sweetest thing.

“Hi my name is Roman. What is your name? Wanna know how to spell it R,O,M,A,N.” 

Last night after dinner, I read Roman one of the posts I have been working on about bullying. I looked at his face and he was crying in my arms, BIG crocodiles tears were running down his face.

I said how does this make you feel he said, “thats terrible and so sad I don’t want that to happen again. Mommy lets write about something happy.”

Roman wanted to write a blog so I said let’s do it.

(He speaks in 3rd person because when I read my stories about him they are in 3rd person. I decided to take dictation and not change a word or tense. He was distraught and determined to make himself happy, so instead of talking about bullying, these are the words that came out of my big 5 year old. His responses are in blue italics. I ended up asking him a few questions then he said, “Ok its done, its good.” He is wise beyond his years, and I must say he has my passion for words.)

“Roman is about to be in kindergarten. Roman is going to be great at his new school. He is going to do math tests. He is going to be good at the math tests.

He is a really good kid. He loves his new school. And he doesn’t want to move out of his new school. There won’t be any bullies at his new school. He is really good at school.

Bless his heart he is really good and he gets to ride on the bus everyday to school. Roman is so excited for his new school and he cant wait to go there. Roman is going to look so cool in his clothes. He likes to match.”

What are the rules of school?

“The rules of school are no hitting, no screaming to the teacher, only outside, be nice to everyone”

“Don’t be rude ONLY be nice.”

“Make new friends.”

Anything else? Placing my hand around my ear…

“Oh and listening ears and kind words.”

What do we do if we see someone in trouble.

“We say Please Don’t hurt my friend. He is a really nice guy or girl. “

What do if we see someone who is sad?

“We be nice to them. Say what’s your name and be kind to them and tell them they are the best kid in the whole world. And everyone is different.”

What do you do if you are scared or sad?

“Jesus, please help my mommy not to be sad when I am at school, the end, Amen. “

Final thoughts?

“What’s that?”

How do you want to end your blog? Usually it is something positive that Just Happy Mommy would say.

“Everybody is different. Everybody is awesome and everyone is cool and smart and kind.”

“Thats it.”

“Roman’s Blog” 

It goes without saying but, I am beyond thrilled with how Roman’s first blog post turned out. Even more so, I am proud of myself. I am one Proud mom!

I love you to the moon and back 100 Roman.

Thank you God for the strength to teach and guide my children as you taught us.

Just Happy Mommy

P.S.: I would like to give full disclose that while helping write this post I swallowed a LIVE FLY.  The nasty insect was in my freshly brewed Nespresso coffee with my new favorite white chocolate mocha creamer. I did NOT look before I sipped and swallowed. It buzzed around in my throat and I proceeded to flip out and try to vomit in the half bath while Roman screamed like a little girl.

My littlest love, turned the computer off 3 times during my typing and editing. They both went to time out twice and I am writing in my undies and robe.

This is how I blog. #reallife

Special thanks to Netflix, GoGo Squeeze pouches and PawPatrol for allowing me to blog over the summer.

Because even tho this post is about as sappy and perfect as a picture of a little cherub girl with ringlets, wearing a flower crown, on the beach at sunset, on your Instagram feed, this is the stuff that you remember.  We all feel the stress, sadness and screaming SMILE, say CHEESE back to school craziness. Its all the feels mixed with the over abundance of Back to School pics and posts.

SO get ready because its my turn next week to flood your feed with pics of my little nuggets first day school. I am about to put social media on blast 🙂 XOXO Please pass the tissues & klonopin.

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