Hello my lovelies! It has been just over a month since I have posted. To say I have been busy is an understatement. Although every single mommy and daddy out there is always super busy.

So I am back! And coming in HOT with my BIGGEST GIVEAWAY to date!

This PowerPlay Giveaway and Recovery Pack is valued over $400!!!

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June was literally jam packed with awesomeness!

We did our room reveal for sissy & I jetted off to Cancun for a little mommy vacation with my friends.

Oh and we MOVED into a new house!!!




The last few weeks have been super fun, exhausting and expensive! We are so happy & thankful to be in our new home. Thanks babe!



As many of you know I love to exercise and I have been working harder than usual with my trainer to achieve my best mom bod. Well, since the move I have NOT worked out (BIG SAD EMOJI). I need my exercise therapy back in my routine!

BUT, I have been working on the house. Moving, packing, unpacking, taking care of my 2 sweet little angel nuggets oh and my husband fractured his foot in 2 places 2 days before we moved. It has been a lot of work, stress, money and pain.

I have suffered from neck and shoulder pain for the greater part of my time as a mommy. Sometimes it is a pinched nerve from hunching over when I was breast feeding. Other times it was from having bad posture at my desk when I was a career girl. I have been in multiple wrecks over the course of 12 years. Plus my mom and other family members have neck issues so I think it is genetic and degenerative disk problems.  One of our closest friends is a chiropractor and has helped me on occasion, and I need to start making regular appointments to get adjusted.

In the mean time I was approached by POWERPLAY, a local Tulsa based company that has patented some incredible technology in aiding in muscle & joint pain & discomfort.

POWERPLAY Cold & Compression Therapy Systems is located here in Tulsa and asked if I wanted to try using their

Cold Compression Wraps For Injuries.

I thought why not?

Anything can’t hurt more than what I am feeling right now.

I have tried stretching, massage, heating pads, rice packs, whirlpools, ice packs, you name the home remedy or strength exercise I think I have tried it.

So I was skeptical to try this new therapy system.

I am tired and in so much pain I just push through it because that is just what moms do. Since the move,  it has become more intense and actually waking me up in my sleep, so I decided to finally try it.

Drumroll please…

POWERPLAY actually helped.

The more I used it the better I felt. This is not a miracle one use wonder. Like any injury it takes time to heal but the cold compression therapy did give me some relief. I am actually using it right now as I type this.

Just Happy Mommy Power Play Review Video

Not only have I partnered with this amazing Tulsa Company but 3 other local businesses jumped in to provide an AWESOME Giveaway for Just Happy Mommy readers. This PowerPlay Recovery Prize Pack is valued over $400

EDIBLEND TULSA has 2 locations to serve you!!! I love Ediblend and I have done a couple of their cleanses. I love the fresh ingredients and eating healthy after a workout or just stopping in for a healthy snack. The Blonde Brodie is one of my favorites or try one of their Acai bowls for a real treat.

WABI CYCLES Tulsa hooked you up with a FREE CamelBak H2O Water Bottle for when you get to use your FREE CLASS pass to STUDIO POP Tulsa. I have been fortunate enough to take several classes at Studio Pop and Abby and her crew kick your buns and make it fun! Be sure to check them out downtown across from the ballpark they offer cycling and yoga classes and inventing new ways to stay in shape while rocking out. 





ELIXIR A Skincare Studio has also given a fabulous addition to the recovery pack! 50% off a facial treatment

They specialize in facials and massage therapies. I really wanted to keep this one for myself but I love y ‘all so much I am giving away this

Plus a cute tote bag filled with a mini facial kit and this yummy smelling Southern Rhodes Spirit Body Oil.



Last but certainly NOT least 2 $100 gift cards to PowerPlay!!!

Having little kids is no joke. Especially when they are home for summer vacation. I kept them out of camps this month for a couple reasons.  I did not want to have a schedule after the move, I did not want to drive, and I want to soak up every last second with my 5 year old because he starts kindergarten in a month!!!

I never realized how much I do until this move. The boys have been resilient with the change but I know it was a lot on them. Growing older as a woman is no cake walk. We push ourselves to the brink. Sometimes there is no amount of coffee, alcohol, antidepressants or anti-anxiety medicine to make it better. Sometimes our bodies are screaming at us to rest and slow down. For this time in our lives is amazing yet a reminder of our mortality. My mother in law always says “that is why you have kids when you are young because when you are older you just cant keep up.”

My husband tried the POWERPLAY last night. He is such a good sport. He also has had several injuries in his life. He has had elbow surgery from his baseball days, a knee surgery 6 years ago, shoulder pain from golf and most recently fracturing his foot in 2 places and wearing a walking boot for 6 weeks.


He tired all the packs that we got the shoulder wrap, the knee wrap and foot compression therapies.

Babe using PowerPlay wraps VIDEO

Open all the bags and remove the instructions and power pack and the removable ice pack insert and place in the freezer for at least an hour or overnight.

Plug it in and follow the instructions.

The compression ranges from 30 to 70. Increasing in intensity with increasing numbers.

VIDEOS: Click below to watch

PowerPlay Cold Compression

PowerPlay Video Just Happy Mommy

Just Happy Mommy Power Play Review Video

If you are interested in learning more about POWERPLAY, their products, rentals or just want to see what they are all about please visit their website https://powerplay.us

Finally use the CODE: justhappymommy &  get 20% off your purchase!!!


Good luck and I will announce the winner Sunday night before everyone gets their GOT on 🙂


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