On Sunday nights when I was working at the TV station I would have the worst anxiety attacks and Sunday night blues. Anticpating the stress of the upcoming week and all the work that I needed to do, often sent me into a full blown panic attack. I know I am not alone in this. My dad falls victim to this every Sunday night!

It wasn’t until I became a new mom that all of that melted away, once I decided to be a stay at home mom. Even still, It took me awhile to let go of the “grind.”

I would have nightmares about breaking news, missing a live sheet or not following up on a detail. It wasn’t that I missed the stress, it was more like I needed to recover from the years of fear, paranoia and anxiety associated with my jobs.  I worked for a corporation that had big expectations and but low salaries.

I still hear my JMAC professor, “if you want to make money, do NOT become a journalist.” Well ain’t that the truth?! Haha talk about the 1% that is who “makes it.”  The rest of us do it for the storytelling, the thrill, the excitment and protection of our first amendment rights, freedom of the press.

Even though we did not make much money I NEVER regret working in TV. I met some of the best and most important people in my life. I am grateful that most of us still keep in touch and I consider them some of my best friends.

So instead of having the Sunday dreads, I have Monday Motivation. Looking ahead towards the week is actually fun and I enjoy it. What a difference a life change can make. Becoming a mommy is the best thing I have ever done. It is hard as #$%& but I would NOT trade my time at home with my boys for ANYTHING!

It is not glamourous. It is often thankless. I am happy to make meals, pack lunches, wipe butts, sing songs, read books, cuddle and be a taxi driver. Of course it comes with the usual “work drama.” He stole my car. He hit me. I didn’t do it. Plus the nervewracking arguing, consistent talking, constant eating and of course all the pee, poop & farts one person can handle. #boymom

Last week it dawned on me that it is happening, I am officially a chauffuer. We are in FULL SWING literally and physically with Spring sports. I am so excited. I have honestly waited for these days with great anticipation. I know that it will be short lived and loose its luster faster than I can type this but nonetheless I am excited to be a soccer, karate, golf mom! MORE on this topic next week!  LOL 😂

My husband and I keep a pretty active schedule. We both workout 5 times a week and try to fit in a date night once a week. Staying busy is part of being a parent. My motivation is my boys. I want them to make friends, be active and have fun.

I always hear “it is so important for your child to be social with other kids.” DO NOT WORRY both my boys are social butterflies. Both so friendly at times that we have joked around that we would microchip our kids like people do to their dogs. I kid I kid but seriously if that becomes a thing…

Maybe working, in whatever capacity that may be, is your Motivation. Maybe a vacation is your motivation. Maybe wealth, health or a combo is your goal. Whatever it takes to movtivate you to great things, do that.

Being a good wife, mom and not raising a$$@oles is motivation for me. Looking good and being healthy is motivation for me to workout and kick my butt. Being a good person is motivation for me to continue to love others, be kind and understanding.

We decided to start our tradition of Sunday night family dinner when I had the it’s. It is something all of us look forward to. We get to share a meal, have some laughs watch TV and enjoy the last remaining hours of the weekend with the ones we hold most dear.

So if you are reading this and dreading tomorrow, remember it is not all set in stone. Find what you love doing and rock it. Challenge yourself NOT to fear, but to own your motivation and make good choices towards your goals.


Just Happy Mommy

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