Tonight we did our first real homework assignment of the year! Each week we are to complete several pages of a math book and turn them in each Friday.  Thankfully our son loves numbers and math. He loves to count and so he is excited to have homework. The only thing I am excited about is that I can handle kindergarten math homework it is the years to come that mommy will need the tutor.

Recently I got an email from wanting to collaborate with me. I checked them out and not only is it a legit site but they also offer some FREE & valuable resources. They have tons of educational games for kids. I am all about making numbers, math and learning fun! Check them out below.

I figured what can it hurt? So today after the bus stop I got this game set up for us to try. I didn’t even have to go to the store to get the stuff. I already had all of this at home. Some solo cups, coins and a sharpie. Just use whatever you have around the house. You can use buttons, coins, food etc.

I think next time I will use gluten free pretzels and have them do some subtraction as he eats them after school snack. Now that is a 2 for 1!

Depending upon how high your child can count write some numbers on the cups with the sharpie. Today I did 5, 10, 15. Starting out easy counting by 5’s.

Make sure you count out loud, so when they drop an item in the cup they keep track.

Roman Counting Video 1

To challenge them have them do some addition and subtraction problems. What does Cup 5 and Cup 10 add up to? If you take 5 coins out, how many are left?

Sounds super simple to the adult mind but visually seeing the items go into the cups and counting them out was fun. I could tell it is helping their mind connect  with the eye and hand coordination.

I am a visual learner not auditory.  So this was a perfect game for me to begin teaching my boys math and making it fun.  He was having fun and I could tell didn’t even think of it as learning math. To me that is the best way to learn when it is fun and not forced.

Roman Counting Video 2

When you can make things a game and it clicks. Plus it gives my boys confidence and really sinks in so they will remember it better. “Mom its like odd squad its like odd squad,” which is another game I let him play that is on  PBS Kids.

Roman said he loves homework. Now that is music to my ears. Thank you to and I hope you will check them out.

Just Happy Mommy

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