You know that scene from Liar Liar with Jim Carrey after he has sex with his coworker and she asks “was it good for you?” And He can’t lie and responds with “I’ve had better.” Bahahaha well…

For the next month people are going to ask… “How was your Christmas?” The autocorrect response is “Great!” right? 

If you really had a great Christmas then congratulations. I think the odds are not forever in our favor as we get older and add more humans to the mix. Let me explain. We have 2 kids, the odds of one of them being sick on any given holiday are 50/50. The more kids, grandkids, cousins etc more germs right?! 

Tuesday baby gets sick and continues to run a high 100-104 temp for 4 days including Christmas on Friday. 

Friday its Christmas morning and we skip breakfast and miss my grandmas gathering because my Sissy is doing terrible, my mom is super sick and my sweet husband just got back from Walgreens with a bag of meds for himself. 

The day started off great I got to snake a clogged toilet full of shit, which takes the one liner “shitters full” to a very smelly reality. Kids and toilet paper don’t mix.

We get to my parents and everyone opens an insane amount of gifts. We are so spoiled oh wait I mean #blessed 

We got my dad a turntable because he has stacks and stacks of records that he can’t listen to and he is a music lover/freak. 

My Dads present breaks and then the meltdowns start.From the baby to my 62 year old mom. Like dominoes falling, another one bites the dust. 

I look at my brother, who just flew into town last night from California, and he has a look of sadness and what the hell do I do?! Well we got the hell out of dodge and came home. 

Screaming kids and the baby drops a wooden play tool box on my toe as I bathe, lotion and pajama the little angels. I’m Look up and realize I’m forced to watch Star Wars and Jurassic world over and over. 

Mama needs some Bravo, chocolate and a cocktail.


 What if we were not able to lie.

 I would have to say I’ve had better Christmases than this year….
You know you are a 33 year old mom when you get a box of coffee, frying pans, socks, soap, gum, an Aquarium membership, lip plumper and under eye patches from your husband, kids and parents. So I will be a fresh, awake, bright eyed and pouty lipped when you see me kicking it at the aquarium with my new socks on! Holler! All ready to bake a mean casserole. 
Soooo the bright side since I’m just happy mommy. Is…

 I have all these people! 

I am lucky! 

I have my husband, 2 boys, mom, dad, sister, brother, grandma, and lots of extended family plus all my in laws. Not to mention my BFFs you know who you are.

Family is everything.

It’s not about diamonds, champagne, shrimp cocktail and fancy active wear, all of which were on my list but you don’t get to keep them in your heart. 

My family is the only thing in the world that matters. Period. The end. 

Leave it to my dad to put it all in perspective he texted me tonight and said 

“Tough times don’t last, but tough people do. I love you.”

Xoxo just happy mommy 

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