Friends, fellow mommies, readers, followers and fans I have been having soooo many creative ideas this past month. The thing is I have been so exhausted physically and emotionally that I have not put anything down or in motion.

We have had a rough start to this year with lots of illness and stress, but I am so ready and excited to get my ass in gear and deliver some amazing content to you!

Many of you know I deactivated my Facebook account just before the new year. Honestly it has been such a weight lifted off me. I am still obsessed with Instagram and I have become a serial Snapper on Snapchat.

Just Happy Mommy is so important to me.

I want it to succeed organically.
So if you like me & my writing please share it.
Follow me on Instagram and Snapchat. @justhappymommy

One of the things I have been doing at night after the boys go down, is researching other bloggers, influencers, etc on several social media platforms (Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube.) I love you @kandeejohnson @jaclynhill

I have realized I don’t have much interaction with my readers. I just throw my life out there and thankfully you like it. But I thought I would be fun to hear from ya’ll. I have so many things I want to share but my lack of confidence and energy gets the best of me. Plus I don’t want to disappoint or annoy you.

What would you like me to write about?

Would you like for me to do videos?

I was thinking of doing a video on what makeup I use along with a hair tutorial. I rarely wear makeup and I do NOT wear expensive products but I feel like I have a few tricks to share.

IMG_9620 click to see my snaps

Would you be interested in more food allergy posts?

Like what the hell do you eat if you can’t have wheat, oats, eggs, dairy and nuts? Have you tried the Beyoncé, apple cider vinegar drink?

More Funny posts?
Everyday something funny happens. I swear we never have a dull moment.

Raw, real & emotional posts?
The Struggles, the faith, the faltering and climbing up the stairs to happiness as we navigate this life called motherhood.

Did you like my 12 days of Christmas giveaways?

Do you like the email updates? What about text updates?

I love inspirational quotes and my sweet sissy is going to help me incorporate more into my posts.

I promise I will keep it 💯 and not turn into a total BB (basic bitch). I’m not going to change me.

Just like my girl crush Erika Jayne says, “How many F&@?$ do I give? None. Not one. Zero zero zero done.”

I know there 1,000’s of blogs to read I just hope you keep coming back to mine.

Thank you all so much for sticking with me through the past year! Cheers to Love, health & happiness! PLEASE comment, share and like my stuff 😘😘😘


Just happy mommy


  1. I like all of those ideas!!! Love stuff like “day in the life” and “mom hacks” you use. Funny, raw, real, sweet and everything in between!

  2. Cassandra Minihan Reply

    I’m interested in learning more about what you eat with allergies and makeup and hair tutorials

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