These last few days of summer were truly the best! Sounds super cliché and annoying but it’s true. We are super exhausted but grateful for all the things we did this summer! And we finished it off with a nonstop, 3 day long playdate, with many of our friends and today we sent the kids back to school!

Today we started a new chapter with Roman in 2nd grade and Perry starting Pre-K. I am super anxious and nervous about this new beginning.  But, at the same time, I know that this is the best and next step for my precious boys. I can’t hold them back.

As parents, we are always looking out for our babies, no matter what the age. It is of the upmost importance that our kids are happy and safe at school. These days are different then when we were growing up. We have more worries than ever. Especially, when your child has special needs, like food allergies and sensory processing disorder.

Last night as we tucked the boys into bed, I read, “If I could keep you little.”

Reading this book started the water works and I told the boys I was sad, because I know one day they won’t need me and life goes way too fast.

Perry is my marsupial baby boy. We are like super attached. At least 5 nights a week we end up in the same bed. (Judge away. Never say never. Roman never slept in our bed.) Our family loves to cuddle and watch movies. Roman is always energized from the moment he wakes up. I mean he is fired up. Perry not so much… mornings are hard for us but we will figure it out. 

This morning at 3am, I awoke to Roman crawling in my bed, nervous and excited about school. So after trying to go back to sleep, I got up early, made coffee, breakfast, read my devotional, curled my hair, put on makeup and made lunches all before 6:45am! WINNING!!!

BUT, we had a couple of hiccups. Hey we all shit our pants once in awhile. Perry decided he didn’t like his $35 Jenks Trojan Under Armour shorts and threw an epic tantrum, so I missed Roman getting on the bus. Par for the course. Now we just laugh about it.

I finally got Perry to school for his transition day (that is 1.5 hours) and as soon as I picked him up he said, “I am happy I have you.” MELT ME!!! Then as we were pulling out of the line he said, “I really missed you mommy.” God gives us what we need and I needed to hear those kind words.

When it comes to a tribe, I feel happy and thankful. We call and text each other because we are all going through this together.
I am honestly overwhelmed by our friends who are like family. Josh and I prayed for this years ago. We prayed to move into a neighborhood where there are nice kids, cool parents, and be in one of the best school districts! Well, we hit the jackpot! Going thru my photos of the summer has been a testimony and reminder that our prayers were answered.

Getting to know other parents and opening yourself up to them is soo important. Of course I have my OG friends, who are my ride or dies, but we are all at different schools and different seasons of life. But that’s what is so cool because we are still such close friends.

When you get along with the parents of your children’s friends that is a HUGE gift. We don’t all parent the same way, but that’s the beauty. Not so long ago, I can say I struggled asking for help. (Unless it was my mom)

Today I can genuinely count on and trust other parents and neighbors to help with my boys at the drop of a hat. Not that we don’t already have that with grandparents and others but it’s just special to see the kids thrive and grow with a great community behind them. It is pretty special because the bond is that we are all great parents, we have all the kids best interest, safety and love in our hearts. 

This sounds like a cult, hahaha, but it’s just what we hoped for in moving out south. This Summer has been exactly what we wanted for our boys. They will remember the late nights bike riding, water balloon fights, movies in the man cave and too much sugar. They will remember that mommy and daddy love them to the moon and back and hopefully look back on these days with great joy.

Parenting is the hardest job on the planet. And doing a good job is the best gift we can give our kids. We must also allow them to grow and flourish. Being able to let go and have them gain confidence and experience things without you is important. 

I come from a very affectionate and communicative family. We wear emotions on our faces and wear our hearts on our sleeves. It has proven to be an endearing and dangerous quality to have these days. So I am often apprehensive in trusting people because I am all in. I am an open book, take it or leave it but a super sensitive edition.

We can only hope that they continue to love, learn, laugh and grow into wonderful humans. So to all the moms, dads and caretakers out there struggling with a new school, a new job, a new teacher or just feeling lost, know that you can and will find a place that you call home.  

Just Happy Mommy

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