I wrote a post this time last year about Giving Tuesday. My husband and I visited our local homeless shelter with BIG hopes and aspirations to help out those struggling in our community. We have NOT been back since. We talked about it. Thought about it. Never acted on our plans to go back and volunteer. I feel so sad, guilty and ashamed for not following through. Unfortuneately I feel like I am not the only one. Maybe we do something once or twice a year to help out others. What kind of example am I setting? Well I am bound and determined to do more.

Teaching my boys that this time of year is not only about being thankful but also that it is about the spirit of giving. This morning my son took his teachers a couple of candles just to say thank you and I appreciate you.

This weekend we are going shopping with our friends to purchase toys for boys and girls their age and donate them to less fortunate kids. I am excited and anxious to see how he reacts and responds. I pray that he will feel the joy and excitement that comes with giving.

I have always been surrounded by very generous people. We are a part of a very caring and close group of friends in our community. Tulsa is a special place. We are a Big City with a Small Town culture. There are just 2/3 degrees of separation which I personally love and find very charming. I love living in Tulsa. It is so fun growing up and now seeing my friends with their kids. Now our kids are friends and we go to each others kids birthday parties and celebrate baptisms and holidays together. Another very unique and special thing that I take pride in is that we support each other. We genuinely want each other to succeed and we feel happy when they do.

Several of us own our own businesses. After Thanksgiving we have Black Friday, Cyber Monday and now today Giving Tuesday. Some of my longtime friends own a beautiful, professional and classy home furnishing & design company. Luxe Furniture & Design is owned and opperated by Chris & Tamara Noel. We grew up together. We played tennis together and graduated from the same high school and now we both have 2 little boys. We share the ups & downs, excitement & stress of being parents and owning your own business. Tamara is not only a wonderful mother but she works tirelessly to provide the best quality and service to Tulsan’s looking for the best in fine furniture & design.  My hubs and I recently went to their stunning showroom and if you haven’t been you must go check it out. Their expertise on custom interiors is quite impressive, not to mention the amazing selection of fabrics and choices.

Luxe is located at 9922 Riverside Parkway in Tulsa. And earlier this month they hosted a local bloggers event. Their enthusiasm about the holidays was contagious. And since today is #givingtuesday I thought it would be the perfect day to do my first official #justhappymommy #giveaway.  ENTER TO WIN  just sign up to follow my blog. It is EASY just look for my popup to get updates on my posts and I am going to “pick” a winner this week!

I am so excited to GIVEAWAY a $100 Giftcard to Luxe Furniture & Design.


Also included in this GIVEAWAY is a $25 Giftcard to J. Cole Shoes!!! They have some of the BEST shoes in town! Also be sure to follow them on Instagram

With ONLY 25 shopping days left before Christmas these Giftcards would be a great place to start or finish getting gifts! They both have fun, fashionable and festive array of gifts for everyone on your list. Besides the obvious gorgeous furniture & home decor they have my favorite candle and hand cream; Volcano by Capri. It is the perfect gift for any teacher, co-worker or for your home.

The spirit of giving is contagious. I am already feeling more inspired. Making someone smile and get “all the feels” is what Christmas time is all about. Good Luck in my first Giveaway. I have another one coming up soon!


Just Happy Mommy

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