I just started getting BOTOX this past summer. Turning 34, having 2 kids, living off little sleep and being a former journalist, aka (party like a rockstar) had me like WOOF! I am all about the tuneup. Like I said in my post The D Word we tune-up the car so lets tune-up the marriage & the body!

Scoff all you want but I love this stuff. I know so many of my friends are prolly terrified that I don’t use their beauty products but let me just say don’t knock it till you try it. They call it the gateway drug for cosmetic procedures for a reason. I am OBSESSED! Dr. Campbell & his team at BA Med Spa are so friendly, knowledgable, medically licensed & professional. I was so nervous the first time but now it really is like getting your teeth cleaned, except not as bad. Maybe its not for everyone so that is why I am picking 2 winners on this giveaway! Choose the FREE 10 units of BOTOX over $100 value and go with me so I can hold your hand!


The 2 FREE Organic Spray Tans from SLATE Tulsa $80 value. Seriously this is amazing! I used to only get spray tans for special occasions or when getting family photos taken. Now I want to get them all the time because it makes me feel pretty instead of frumpy. I love that I can get a spray tan and NOT have to wear makeup because it brightens me up. Literally a glow. We all need a little sunshine in our lives this time of year. It is FREAKIN FREEZING! Trust me, the girls at SLATE are so awesome, fun & professional.

So please ENTER to WIN! I will post the winners in my next POST Tuesday night! XOXO Just Happy Mommy

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