Hello person reading this. Wow, I appreciate you taking time to read this. I haven’t posted in a while because, frankly, I go back and forth with even continuing this blog. Riding the waves of this whole blogger deal can be super awesome and mega frustrating. Anyway, I wanted to share a couple funny stories to assure you that I haven’t gone to the dark side. It has been a minute so I am gonna keep it real, real here for ya’ll.

I have been all about experiences lately. I was noticing that after the move we were all about stuff and watching TV. Getting stuff for the house, school and using Amazon Prime Video and Netflix way too much. Well that is NO longer an excuse.

We are now into the holiday season and I am all about letting my boys experience the best that fall and winter have to offer. This weekend we were offered 2 FREE tickets to the Oklahoma vs TCU game in Norman. The seats were awesome and with less than 24 hours notice I said yes to the tickets, knowing we couldn’t find a babysitter with such little notice.

“Let’s take the boys,” I said.

“They have been dying to go to a ‘Boomer Sooner’ game. It will be great, we can stay in a hotel with an indoor pool and buy 2 tickets before the game,” I said.

Not long after my husband agreed. My mind started to race and a new TO DO list was being formed.

Why am I doing this to myself?

Selfishly we wanted to go to the game but we also wanted to see the boys faces light up in the stadium where we feel in love. Plus watching the game it in the stands is an awesome experience. The mission was near impossible, but I can do it!

Saturday morning up at 5:30am, book the hotel and chug coffee until it was time to run all the errands. (Sidebar my husband has been sick off and on lately so he stayed home and napped with the little one.)

We were off with the list of of errands to run before the road trip commenced.

1)Pick up the Tickets @ mom & dads

2)Blaze pizza (gluten free and vegan)

3)Trader Joe’s for coconut milk

4)Dick’s Sporting Goods for noise reduction headphones and a new OU hoodie bc my oldest has outgrown everything.

5) Walgreens for selfie stick, chips, pops, gum etc.

Boom! Home to pack. On the road and hitting mega traffic. We drove into Norman and after several prayers in the car and a few stern lectures about, “Stay with mommy & daddy, DONT touch anything, DONT eat anything,etc. ”

We were on campus and all the feels came back. We walked down Boyd Street where I had once lived, past the President’s house and the Art Museum with the horse with the red eyes and finally we were on Campus Corner.

I got to see an old sorority sister of mine, after trying to connect several times over the years, which of course made me so happy. We walked to a friends tailgate and the boys jumped in a dirt pile and played football while daddy and I enjoyed a much deserved beer.

We stopped to get a cookie and pee then walked, winded and ran after our toddler to the stadium. Mommy had to use the selfie stick again and then we made our plan.

Divide and conquer. I got the toddler, the backpack and the 40 yard line seats and daddy got the 5.5 year old and the end zone tickets. We would meet after the first quarter at our designated spot.

It took almost an hour for us to enter the stadium and get to our seats. I kept thinking this is way more of a cluster fuck than I have ever experienced. Come to find out it was.

The stadium held a state record in attendance at a sporting even that night 88,308. Not to mention we all decided to get to our seats at the same time. So here I am trying to smile while carrying a backpack full of shit that we didn’t need. Both of us wearing puffy coats and boots, sweating and trying to purchase a Dr. Pepper.

Then he has to pee. We get to the “family” designated bathroom area for some drunk bitches to say the line starts here. “Oh I’m sorry I was just following the sign that says FAMILY bathroom. See I have a 3 year old that has to pee,” I said. Then she gets all Demi Lovato on me and says, “Sorry!”  ” Oh right, not sorry, ok I get it,” I said with a sweaty upper lip and whisked my pacifier sucking child to the women’s bathroom.

We are fine. Everything is good. I keep telling myself out-loud with a fake smile. After accidentally being kneed in the chin where your teeth slam together. While the inner monologue is running a muck saying, “Hahahaha grab the popcorn and enjoy the show because this mom thinks she can do this.” 

After what seems like another 20 minutes of sweating, swaying and yes feeding my 3 year old Dr. Pepper, (kiss my ass) we finally plow drive through the row with baby and backpack in tow to our seats. I think ok we made it. Praise Jesus there is a God I did it. Then kicked in the gut by my sons cowboy boot because he needs his headphones.

Thankfully he was thrilled and on his best behavior and thank heavens I got an extra set of the noise reduction headphones and allowed the paci and blankie to attend the game as well. So judge away  people, my 3 year old still has a paci but he also has damn high emotional and cognitive IQ so back off. XOXO.

I wished the cell reception worked better because before we knew it, it was time to meet daddy and bubba the meeting spot to reconvene and switch kids. ARGH we were fine and should have just stayed through till half time. Live and learn and buy a $30 build-a-bear.

My biceps are on fire and my fiery positive mental attitude had been extinguished by my sweating brow. Time to go. Shut her down. Negative ghost-rider the pattern is full. Mama done. We took some more pictures then headed to OKC to our hotel.

The next morning waking up to screaming and fighting over who took off the build-a-bears clothes, I took the boys to the indoor pool and hot tub and then got them some breakfast.

Daddy made plans for brunch with his best friend and their family. We had a great time at RePUBlic and then headed back to Tulsa. All in all it was a great trip.


NO one got hurt.

NO one vomited.

We didn’t get kicked out for screaming kids.

NO one lost any thing.

NO allergic reactions!

Was it perfect? No.

Was it terrible? NO.

Was it hard? Yes.

Was it memorable? Yes.

Will we do it again? Yes.

Because we love our kids. Parenting is hard. But seeing my Roman kneeling at the same fountain where we had just taken our family selfie and hearing him say, “Dear God, I want to remember this forever,” made it all worth it.

So despite all the ups and downs and what felt like parental abuse it was worth it because we are making memories with our kids. They tell everyone, “We went swimming inside at a hotel and we got to see a boomer sooner game.”

With Thanksgiving a couple of weeks away and Christmas around the corner. I am really hoping we can grant them the gift of experiences instead of a butt load of toys that need assembly, batteries and will find a home in the corner of a closet in a few weeks.

Thank you all for reading. Just remember


XOXO Just Happy Mommy

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