I talk¬†to my college bestie non-stop thru text nearly everyday and usually one the phone at least 3 times a week. We talk about everything and anything under the sun. Somehow we always end up talking about food. She said “2 of my favorite words are ‘chips & dips.'” And without a doubt I agree! We love us some chips & dips. We will eat pretty much anything associated with the snack.

We are going on family vacation together next month and I am always looking for new recipes to try out. Knowing our love of chips & dips I wanted to test out some allergy friendly recipes so that our younger son could enjoy and participate.

Like I explain in my “Food Is a Gift, Eating is a Celebration” post, food is a BIG deal for me, my family & friends. Her husband is a fabulous cook. We actually go to the grocery together when we are at the beach. Since we do most of the cooking with as much bacon as possible ūüôā Anyway onto the YUMMINESS!

My mom has always made what we call “Pink Dip,” since I was a little girl. ¬†And what once was a treat around Christmas time is now a constant staple in my family. Traditional “Pink Dip,” is made with Pace Picante and light sour cream. Easy peasy, stir and serve with your favorite chips. Corn tortilla or Reduced Fat Ruffles are our personal faves. Our younger son LOVES, I mean LOVES salsa. He cries for salsa. He eats salsa with a spoon at Mi Cocina.

Just another reason he is the cutest little bad ass I know.

“Chippys & Salsa!!!!”

So since he is dairy free I have been looking for some allergy friendly cheese options. Most of which taste pretty gross to be honest. Thankfully I decided to try this Daiya cream cheese which is actually very sweet since it consists mostly of coconut ingredients.



Daiya Cream Cheese 

Favorite Salsa

Stir until pink. Serve warm or cold. Enjoy with Chips. 

And so it was made and devoured.¬†Since we LOVE salsa I usually have Trader Joe’s salsa, Pace Picante, Rotel, Hell on the Red, Herdez etc. My boys do NOT like chunks so I do a LOT of blending. I also love the unsalted organic corn chips from Trader Joe’s. You can really do a lot with this. I think next time I am going to try and add some crumbled bacon or pork sausage. Obviously this would make it NOT vegan¬†and add some serious fat content. But it¬†would add more protein to the dip which both my boys need.

I did NOT stop there. Once my kitchen is a mess and the sink is overflowing with dishes, I just keep on cooking! Anyone else do that? So I have been adding some new Pins on Pinterest and I saw this idea for a black bean dip. Um yes please! Again keeping this allergy friendly and waist conscious this was right up our ally.


1 can of black beans, drained & rinsed

 water or favorite salsa

(personal preference to thin it out or spice it up)

1 tsp of fresh grated ginger

1 clove of fresh garlic

juice of 1/2 lime

Himalayan pink salt & black pepper to taste 

Blend, scrape & lick the bowl.

I just threw it all in my blender and adjusted the taste. I do not measure ingredients unless I am baking. ¬†I just kinda wing it. I added the salsa¬†instead of water¬†and preferred it. The ginger can be very powerful so¬†if you do NOT like ginger , don’t use it, if you have powdered or minced garlic adjust accordingly. Again we ate this with the unsalted organic white corn tortilla chips from TJs but any chips will do. My mom and sis got me into the¬†new hint of jalape√Īo chips from Tostitos.

Finally is a combo dip. It is often called cowboy caviar here in Oklahoma. BUT mine is allergy friendly and KID APPROVED! The base is black beans, corn, salsa, vegan cream cheese and then you can do whatever you like after that. I love cilantro, my family, not so much.¬†I have added chopped up jalape√Īo (remove the seeds & wear gloves), onion, tomatoes, adios the cream cheese, add some shredded Monterey jack etc. ¬†It is a free for all kind of dip so have fun with it. I love to pair it with some red cabbage on corn tortillas with steak or shrimp. Since trying these dips out I have made this for dinner 3 times. MMMMMM perfecto! I planned on taking pictures of this dish but honestly it was gone in 2 shakes of lamb’s tail. If you follow me on Snapchat I am sure you see all of my daily cooking adventures. @justhappymommy

So that is all for now! Now go pop open a cold Corona Light and share the gift of a good meal with your loved ones.

I am always cooking so look for more allergy friendly and healthy recipes coming up! Also I have some fun & exciting news to share with you all soon!


Just Happy Mommy

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