Growing Pains

These last few days of summer were truly the best! Sounds super cliché and annoying but it’s true. We are super exhausted but grateful for all the things we did this summer! And we finished it off with a nonstop, 3 day long playdate, with many of our friends and today we sent the kids back to school!

Today we started a new chapter with Roman in 2nd grade and Perry starting Pre-K. I am super anxious and nervous about this new beginning.  But, at the same time, I know that this is the best and next step for my precious boys. I can’t hold them back.

As parents, we are always looking out for our babies, no matter what the age. It is of the upmost importance that our kids are happy and safe at school. These days are different then when we were growing up. We have more worries than ever. Especially, when your child has special needs, like food allergies and sensory processing disorder.

Last night as we tucked the boys into bed, I read, “If I could keep you little.”

Reading this book started the water works and I told the boys I was sad, because I know one day they won’t need me and life goes way too fast.

Perry is my marsupial baby boy. We are like super attached. At least 5 nights a week we end up in the same bed. (Judge away. Never say never. Roman never slept in our bed.) Our family loves to cuddle and watch movies. Roman is always energized from the moment he wakes up. I mean he is fired up. Perry not so much… mornings are hard for us but we will figure it out. 

This morning at 3am, I awoke to Roman crawling in my bed, nervous and excited about school. So after trying to go back to sleep, I got up early, made coffee, breakfast, read my devotional, curled my hair, put on makeup and made lunches all before 6:45am! WINNING!!!

BUT, we had a couple of hiccups. Hey we all shit our pants once in awhile. Perry decided he didn’t like his $35 Jenks Trojan Under Armour shorts and threw an epic tantrum, so I missed Roman getting on the bus. Par for the course. Now we just laugh about it.

I finally got Perry to school for his transition day (that is 1.5 hours) and as soon as I picked him up he said, “I am happy I have you.” MELT ME!!! Then as we were pulling out of the line he said, “I really missed you mommy.” God gives us what we need and I needed to hear those kind words.

When it comes to a tribe, I feel happy and thankful. We call and text each other because we are all going through this together.
I am honestly overwhelmed by our friends who are like family. Josh and I prayed for this years ago. We prayed to move into a neighborhood where there are nice kids, cool parents, and be in one of the best school districts! Well, we hit the jackpot! Going thru my photos of the summer has been a testimony and reminder that our prayers were answered.

Getting to know other parents and opening yourself up to them is soo important. Of course I have my OG friends, who are my ride or dies, but we are all at different schools and different seasons of life. But that’s what is so cool because we are still such close friends.

When you get along with the parents of your children’s friends that is a HUGE gift. We don’t all parent the same way, but that’s the beauty. Not so long ago, I can say I struggled asking for help. (Unless it was my mom)

Today I can genuinely count on and trust other parents and neighbors to help with my boys at the drop of a hat. Not that we don’t already have that with grandparents and others but it’s just special to see the kids thrive and grow with a great community behind them. It is pretty special because the bond is that we are all great parents, we have all the kids best interest, safety and love in our hearts. 

This sounds like a cult, hahaha, but it’s just what we hoped for in moving out south. This Summer has been exactly what we wanted for our boys. They will remember the late nights bike riding, water balloon fights, movies in the man cave and too much sugar. They will remember that mommy and daddy love them to the moon and back and hopefully look back on these days with great joy.

Parenting is the hardest job on the planet. And doing a good job is the best gift we can give our kids. We must also allow them to grow and flourish. Being able to let go and have them gain confidence and experience things without you is important. 

I come from a very affectionate and communicative family. We wear emotions on our faces and wear our hearts on our sleeves. It has proven to be an endearing and dangerous quality to have these days. So I am often apprehensive in trusting people because I am all in. I am an open book, take it or leave it but a super sensitive edition.

We can only hope that they continue to love, learn, laugh and grow into wonderful humans. So to all the moms, dads and caretakers out there struggling with a new school, a new job, a new teacher or just feeling lost, know that you can and will find a place that you call home.  

Just Happy Mommy

This is 37!

I turned 37 last week.

As we were driving down the road Perry said, out of the blue “I am happy God made you.” Perry age 4. Tears welled up in my eyes.

Thinking about the last week has me filled with joy! We went to Los Cabos Mexico a week ago and it was truly a once in a lifetime trip. One that my husband and I needed. We desperately wanted time together. Even though it is so hard to leave the country and leave your kids, it was worth it. I could leave them knowing they are in the best and most caring & capable hands. Thank you to my mom, Elizabeth and Ella for always keeping my boys happy, safe and entertained. 

Josh and I did everything we said we wanted to do on this trip. We enjoyed a couples spa day, sleeping in, ordering room service, playing golf at the incredible Jack Nicolas course, Quivira, deep sea fishing and catching an 8ft 170lb striped marlin. (Well we cheered our friend on as she reeled and fought for 42 minutes) Plus enjoying quality time with an old friend and making new ones. We had a blast but all good things must come to an end they say. 

We were ready to see our babies and go home. Nothing like coming home from vacation, waking up a year older, and your little people made you homemade cards and fresh flowers. We spent the rainy day chillin and then the boys wanted to go to Main Event. So we played games and went bowling. Wow, even typing this makes me feel guilty for this beautiful life. 

But not so fast! Then boys have fevers, congestion and eye buggers and my back feels like I boated a marlin, played 18 holes, drank all the tequila in Cabo and went bowling. (Oh wait, LOL) Off to the doctors we go. Baby has an ear infection, big bro has a sinus infection and I have a UTI. Happy birthday to me and welcome home mommy! 

After oodles of cuddles and sleep I had a night out to celebrate with a new, dear friend of mine! We have not known each other long but, I’m thankful she and her family are in our lives. 

Cheers 🥂

The whipped cream on my moms chocolate pie was the perfect ending to my birthday celebration! We went swimming and had Sunday family dinner. 

I share this because it truly shows the ups and downs of life. I feel tremendously grateful for my family, friends and the incredible blessings in my life. We all deal with bad times and good times. I never forget where I have been, but I am learning not to feel guilty for enjoying life because we only get one! 


Just happy mommy 

PS The boys and I are going to be on KOTV Channel 6 tomorrow! Please watch and or DVR it. We are talking all things back to school! 

Back by social demand LOL

Ok I am ripping off the band aid. I am blogging by social demand. BAHAHA! Just kidding, I want to start sharing my life again. That is what a blog is, sharing your life on social media networks and the internet. I love to share. Some people are private. Some people just like to watch and others are HUGE bloggers and influencers.

Just to be clear I am NOT a millennial who decided to create a blog and become an influencer to make money. I am a XENNIAL and proud of it. Xennials are described as having had an analog childhood and a digital adulthood. Basically we grew up in simpler times but know how to live in a digital age. (1970s- early 1980s)

Blogging and becoming an Influencer just came to me, I never forced it. I love to write and share. I am thankful for the little moments of success that have come out of this experiment of mine.

Why did I stop blogging? I wrote a post about racism and it caused turmoil between me, my husband and his father and his new wife. We had not spoken in years as a result of my blog and exchanging of words on the phone and in emails. It literally shook our world and made me re-evaluate everything, so much so that I questioned everything I ever wrote. It broke me. I pray that we can resolve our issues.

Our second son started having more issues. Issues directly and indirectly related to his food allergies. After weeks of staying home with limited outings, I was crumbling and desperate for help and answers. I researched veraciously and listened to 3 audible books. Let me explain. He would have uncontrollable tantrums because of his carseat, his clothing and shoes. He would scream and cry to the point of almost vomiting. If you have ever heard the term blackout it was like that. He was so distraught from having to be restrained and wear clothing that he would attack me and go berserk and not even recall his actions.

He was finally diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, exclusively touch. He was tested on the Autism spectrum. We had meetings with our pediatrician, allergist and a friend who is our occupational therapist, who helped diagnose him. Thankfully he is ok. He never hurt himself, me or anyone too badly, mostly scratching and kicking.

But, it was crippling for us to go through. We could barely make it to school, let alone birthday parties or a road trip. We purchased more carseats, more clothes, more shoes, bribery, cuddles, naps etc. And this is why our almost 5 year old still has a pacifier. I broke down one morning desperate for him to stop screaming, crying and go to school. We walked into Walgreens and I reintroduced the pacifier to him. I was possibly the best and worst decision I have made as a mom.

This post is not for sympathy but just more for my loyal readers understanding. Food allergies are real. They are a real pain, scary and super hard. Then add on this other layer of sensory processing disorder. I was on my knees praying for help, understanding and guidance. Thank you to my older son, husband, mom, dad, sis and close friends who witnessed and experienced his outbursts, freak outs and still love us despite our issues.

The reason I decided to coach his tee-ball team was because I wanted to be in control of the team, because some people do not understand that these are real issues. When I say extreme food allergies, I mean by death by air, touch, or ingestion. Unfortunately, food allergies and other serious conditions are real.  I am determined to let my child experience life no matter what his challenges are.

Here is a senario for you: It is time for school, you lay out your kids clothes and they immediately start screaming and throwing things at you. Saying “I dont like this, this is too tight, I dont like this” etc. So, you give them more options. After 15-30 minutes of tantrums, negotiations and the rest, it is time to get in the car. We do not even attempt socks at this point, just shoes. Sometimes you get to leave the driveway sometimes you don’t. Anyway it is still an issue. I will share more scenarios later.

All the while my sister is declining and I do not want to share. I feel reclusive and not wanting to write, or share, I feel defeated. In retrospect, I was in self protection mode. Focusing on what really matters, my family. I did not need to explain myself but those are the reasons I felt I could no longer give anymore to this platform.

I feel more confident now. I still struggle everyday with depression and anxiety. These are things that some people can overcome. I feel like these issues are something I choose daily to succumb to or overcome. Despite these tough times I know more people are dealing with more than me and so I feel guilty that I am not able to help others.

Thank you for reading this post. I love you all and I look forward to sharing more every Tuesday at 9pm just like I used to. If it isn’t broken, dont try to fix it. For anyone who is struggling, it is ok, it is ok to stop, breathe, take a minute or a few months to reevaluate what you want to do. This is your life and I appreciate all of you that can understand, empathize or just plain care.

Remember life is too wonderful to get you down for too long. Whatever you are going through, whatever trials and tribulations you are having it’s hard. You have to fight for your happiness!  Try to adjust your lense to see the good in every day and be thankful for those little victories no matter how small they might be to you, they might make a world of difference to someone else.

Just Happy Mommy

“The Cover is NOT the Book”

Good morning! Happy Freezing cold Monday from Tulsa!!! Welcome to my very first podcast. If you don’t know me my name is Kristy Eller DeBoer and I have a blog called Just Happy Mommy. I have written over 100 posts on my website and I recently decided to step out of my comfort zone and do something different. Things that I have wanted to do but have been too chicken shit to push myself to do. So I am putting a voice to my posts and I hope you like it. I write some of my best posts in the middle of the night and this one is no exception. My little guy woke up twice and after I got him back down i was wide awake. So

Here is my new post it’s been since Halloween so please let me know if you like this. If you want more. If I need to stop etc. 

“The cover is not the book.”

Human: Fall Flat is a new game my oldest got for his Nintendo switch. “Human: Fall Flat is a quirky open-ended physics- based puzzle platformer set in floating dreamscapes. Your goal is to find the exit of these surreal levels.” 

If you’re not familiar with elementary school boys the Nintendo switch is the hottest toy. I like to tell myself it’s a new way for kids to create worlds and dream lands and share them with friends. Let me have my fantasy ok?!

If we were not multidimensional we would all fall flat. We all have gifts. We mean different things to different people. I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, blogger, God follower and I enjoy many hobbies. 

We are multifaceted like diamonds. I even go as far as to compare us to the the 4 c’s of diamonds. 

Cut, color, clarity and weight. 

If we really look at ourselves how to we measure up? We are all “cut” from different cloths. We have different skin “color.” We see things differently and often seek “clarity.” Finally we all weigh different amounts and many of us fight our “weight.” 

But these do not define us! 

I love correlation, music and movies! 

We recently saw “Mary Poppins Returns,” it is fantastic! We can’t wait for it to come out for purchase on Amazon! All the songs have such a great message, just like the first movie back in 1964. 

The song, 

“The cover is not the book,” really speaks to me and prolly a lot of you. 

Mary says, 

“The cover is not the book,

So open it up and take a look,

And if you read between the lines,

You’ll find your first impression was mistook

For a cover is nice

But a cover is not the book.”

A fresh take on the classic line, “don’t judge a book by its cover.” 

I have several very close and dear friends who definitely thought I was a B until they got to know me. We now laugh about it but they really misjudged me based on my appearance. 

Someone who has known me since Kindergarten sees me differently than the new moms at the PTA meeting. People who only know me on social media have opinions and ideas of who I am but can you get to know someone through a screen? Does my cut, color, clarity and weight all play a roll into who I am to you? Do I fall flat? 

We should not try to cover up who we are, but be the best version of our true selves. Easier said than done right? 

Ok here is an example. Makeup. Some may think “oh she has time to put on makeup. How

does she do it? She looks so perfect. Ugh I hate her.” It can go to that conclusion quickly. I posted a time lapse video of me putting on makeup as a joke bc it really takes like 30 min. As a 36 year old stay at home mom of two little boys I need a little bit of girl time. 

Makeup is not a mask to hide behind. It is just a highlighted, color corrected, cleaned up version of what’s already there. When I take time for me and put on makeup and pass by a mirror I feel more confident.

It is always nice to look your best. 

Makeup and clothes should be fun, not define you but be the icing on the top of your proverbial cake. 

Remember the only stuff that matters is the special stuff inside. 

I cant tell you how many times I have been labeled or misjudged only to win over the doubters heart when they realize I am not a total B. Still happens to me today. 

My mom used to say “to each his own,” and “that’s why Baskin Robins makes 31 flavors.” In an effort to explain that we are all different and there is no right choice on the flavors that we choose. 

Give people a chance before you decide their category of 4 c’s. Show off your sparkle! Clean up your diamond! Be the prettiest you and don’t be sorry for it! 


Just Happy Mommy

The night before Kindergarten

I’m sitting here in bed with a flood of emotions trickling down my face.

Feeling sad, feeling proud, feeling fear, love, & excitement. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a Very emotional person. I think the young kids say #allthefeels
Well tonight I’m crying because my first born is going to wake up tomorrow a kindergartener.

As a parent you know this day is coming but it seems so far away in the beginning. Some days you think ugh I can’t wait for the next phase or the next year. The first 5 years are all about firsts. BIG milestones: walking, talking, eating, tantrums, injuries and now REAL school.

But sitting here wiping snot on my newly stained dry erase marker duvet, I can hear my heart beating in my head. The love you feel for your child never stops. And the anxiety and change of big boy school is A LOT!

Why am I weeping? It’s not a tragedy. It’s a kid going to school. What’s the big deal?

It is a landmark moment.

I remember my mom and her BFF telling me stories recently about the first day of their kids kindergarten experience. She said you think it gets easier with each kid, but it doesn’t, it gets harder.

My mom tears up when she tells me this story about my younger brother’s first day of kindergarten.

After the bell rings and all the students have made their way into school the parents sit outside sobbing, hugging and consoling each other.

Is he going to be ok? Is he going to make friends? Did I get him everything he needs? Can’t we have just one more lazy morning cuddle with no plans or rules to follow?

It is a big deal.
This is when it all starts to count.
Choosing a path, choosing friends, choosing sports, choosing mom friends. Parenting politics, tardies, absences, truancy, detention etc.

Tomorrow is having to let go and letting the school bus the remaining shreds of the invisible umbilical cord.

I have prepared him. He is a reflection of me.

He is who I want to see in myself. I may be hard on him at times but my little boy is growing up.

I still get to teach him the most important things.
School is important but being a good person is more important.

Never stop dreaming.
Work hard.
You can do it.
I believe in you baby.
You got this.
Mommy loves you with all her heart.
Remember your manners and above all
listen to your heart.
If you find yourself lost and sad say a little prayer and I will be right there with you.

I will always love rocking you to sleep and singing our songs. Don’t forget that “you are my sunshine” and I will never forget “the way you look tonight,” I can’t wait to see “a whole new world” through your eyes.

I love you baby bear.

Makeup tutorial VLOG

I’m so excited I just finished filming my first VLOG Video Blog a makeup tutorial. I had so much fun doing it! Here are a few little out takes and previews. Stay tuned the whole video is coming soon to my YouTube channel! Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat


The D Word

No I’m not talking about the “5 D’s of Dodgeball: Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge.”

Dodgeball Wikipedia 

When you are married the D word means Divorce. And just like many curse words we whisper when we say it, like it will have less of an affect. We never used the D word before having kids. It is not an option. The past four years have been some of the best, yet hardest and stressful of our lives.

Counting back the years we have shared 12 amazing years together and we will celebrate 9 years of marriage in 2 weeks! Whoop whoop! (This is one of our engagement pics from August 2006. )

I remember him sending me hot pink roses on my college graduation day because he had to work at the car lot on Saturdays. We were so in love, the blind, no fear, no looking back, this is it, kind of love.

Even the happiest of marriages have peaks and valleys. It’s called the rollercoaster of love for a reason right?!?! We never lack passion, that’s for sure! But after going through many negative relationship cycles over the past few years we decided we needed a professional tune up. So we went to marriage counseling.

Here’s the deal, we know we love each other and we do NOT want to argue anymore. So in order to get back to the love that once came so easily, we are learning emotionally focused couples therapy. EFCT

I didn’t hesitate to share this with y’all because I made a promise to always keep it real. It worked! It’s been a few months now and honestly it’s the best decision we have made since having our boys and saying I do.

We fake it till we make it a lot in motherhood. But that shit don’t fly in marriage. Sometimes you need to step outside and ask for help. I don’t think it is a sign of weakness but of strength. My husband also agrees and he reads all of my blogs before I post them.
I think it’s refreshing to know when people admit to having issues. I think it makes us feel human. Don’t get me wrong I admire people who have a happy, healthy marriage. But what we were doing and dealing with wasn’t going down the yellow brick road. Also 12 years together is a really long time!

Thankfully we weren’t doing that bad but We needed to unscramble our priorities. God, spouse, kids, work, family, friends, money and the rest. We had it all mixed up. With everything we have endured over the last few years and explaining our situation, sitting on the shrinks couch, it was clear we needed this time together and to make an investment in us.

There are only so many hours you can cry to your mom and your best friends until they are like “I love you but y’all need a third party unbiased helper.”

I grew up old school and like most of my family and friends we keep marriage and family issues secret. Its like  “nun ya nun ya biznass.”

Well I’ve got a news flash! We live in a new century and we are downloading the latest version of marriage. The world is faster and more stressful than ever before.

Even going to the beach, on vacation, to slow down was amazing, but our problems were still waiting for us when we got home and dumped the white sand out of our shoes.
After taking the first steps, calling, making an appointment and going together we were already better connected.

The last couple of months have been amazing. We got lost and now we are getting back on the path. The love we have for each other and our children is worth fighting for.  We will never feel ashamed or apologize for working on ourselves or our marriage.

I hope that by sharing our journey, we can inspire other couples, who might be experiencing a road block, to get a marriage tune up and seek some counseling. Even tho smiles on social media can paint the perfect picture, things are never perfect. With faith, hope and love we can stand strong. I think this wedding anniversary will be the best one yet! I love you babe. Thank you for always loving me for better or worse. And thank you for taking care of me and the boys.


Just happy mommy

Skin Testing for Food Allergies

I decided to document our first round of skin testing for food allergies on our son. I was very afraid and I could tell my energy was radiating onto him. Once the nurse came in, he was crying and hugging me tight. Poor guy has scrubs and white coat PTSD. I talked to him and assured him he was safe and that Mommy was there and nothing bad was going to happen. “I love you baby, you are so brave and it is going to be ok.” His blood was tested when he was 9 months old and revealed his extreme food allergies which is the new normal for us.

Now he is 20 months and he will have skin tests to see how things are now. The pediatric allergist will not test him for peanuts or dairy during this time. The videos below are not bad. I took them to show other moms what to expect. I had in my mind that it was going to be a lot of screaming and crying and it was not that.

There is a histamine that is like a misquito bite and a control which is sterile water

Then down the left side of his back they tested for

Egg Yolk

Egg White




And on the right side they did 9 tree nuts which included







Brazil Nut

Black & English Walnut

Below there is a time lapse, a video and photo to show his tests. 

YouTube Time Lapse

YouTube video Skin Testing

The results showed that his allergy to Eggs has gotten worse, he is totally clear of his Soy allergy (which is good bc we have been eating Soy) his Oats are the same, his Wheat allergy is still present but looks better and we will do a food challenge with Cream of Wheat in 6 months. He is totally clear to eat Corn & Coconut (again very good bc we already eat that). Most of the tree nuts he did react to and due to his extreme Peanut allergy we have decided to keep him NUT FREE! We continue to have a dairy free diet as well.

I hope that this sheds some light on what skin testing is and how it works. Of course no parent wants this for their kid but if it helps us learn more and move forward in overcoming these food allergies we are all for it. For more information please visit these websites.


Allergy Clinic of Tulsa

WEB MD Food Allergy & Intolerance


Just Happy Mommy

We all bleed the same color

We all bleed the same color. This statement means something more to me than ever before. Like many Americans, I love my Alma mater. And in Oklahoma, people either bleed crimson or orange. Even though we like different schools, we are all the same. We bleed the same blood!

It reminded me of one of our favorite books to read to the boys, “Around the World We Go!” by Margaret Wise Brown. 

It has different languages and beautiful illustrations.  It teaches that we all smile in the same language, and the more we work together the better off we will be. Accepting and embracing our differences is an integral part of learning how to be a respectful human being. I can’t resist an opportunity to teach my boys life lessons. It is one of my favorite things about being a mommy. If we do not teach, tell, explain, and experience things with our kids, then how will they know the ways of the world?

If there is one thing you need to know about us Okies, it is that we stick together no matter what color flag we wave. We take pride in helping one another. Literally, when the winds come sweeping down the plains and tornadoes take lives, we unite and rebuild. Just like communities that need help rebuilding, there are children in need of blood to help rebuild their broken bodies.

I was recently approached to team up with the Oklahoma Blood Institute, and this was an opportunity I jumped at! We can save lives if we choose to donate our most precious resource, our blood. We know it is important, but do you give blood? I honestly have only donated twice in my life, and I need to set an example for my boys and donate more.

ONLY 38% of Oklahomans can donate blood


ONLY 10% of those people actually donate.


blood donated by Oklahomans stays in Oklahoma!

OBI horz

Sadly a few months ago a boy in our school community was diagnosed with cancer. On February 11th, Jake was diagnosed with a type of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma called Burkitts Lymphoma, stage 4. It is the most aggressive form of cancer but has an encouraging survival rate of 75-90% after 5 years remission. His mother was my son’s teacher last year, and they have 4 children. Her other son is in the same class with my son. His mom started this blog to keep everyone infomed of what is going on with Jake and his cancer treatments. Here is one of her recent posts:

img_0276“Jake is on day 6 of this round of chemo. He is becoming increasingly tired and tummy sick, but the effects of the chemotherapy are remaining manageable.

His immune system is continuing to fall away, expecting to be at a zero tomorrow. Then, we will pray for continued quiet and boring days. Days full of bedside word searches, movie marathons, and take-out requests.

Jake’s chemo plan intends for his immune system to remain depleted for the next 15 days, a time we will all be holding our breath. The risks are endless during that time…but so is the hope.”

Please click the link below to read more about their journey…

Jake’s Play Book

Reading the email from the head of school about Jake’s diagnosis caused a flood of tears from parents. One of the best parts of being part of a small tight knit school is that we all know each other, and we are like family. The entire school has banded together to pray, help, and lift this family up. The philosophy and educational approach they teach at Riverfield School is called Reggio Emilia. Reggio Emilia’s tradition of community support for families with young children expands as the collective responsibility. Parents are a vital component to this philosophy. Parents are viewed as partners, collaborators, and advocates for their children.

Riverfield Country Day School

Reggio Emilia Approach

Jake has had several blood transfusions. In order for him to get the blood he needs to help him beat this cancer, we must donate blood. The Oklahoma Blood Institute (OBI) heavily relies on volunteers  in Oklahoma to help those in need. OBI provides every drop of blood for patients in 90% of hospitals in Oklahoma. Seeing the struggle, pain, and stress this family has endured while keeping positive and smiling should be a compelling enough reason to donate. If you need another reason, there are many benefits for donors. For example, a health screening that includes cholesterol and blood pressure checks is required. Donors are also eligible for incentives such as FREE zoo passes and various giveaways.

Hey, Parents, did you hear that?! FREE STUFF! We need to get people to understand the importance of donating blood to those in need in our community. We can set an example for our children. None of us know the path we will take. That is up to GOD. But if we find ourselves or our children in need of blood, you know you would go to the ends of the Earth to get it for them.

I need to back up what I am preaching, so I went to donate. You can click the link below to find a community donor center. If you would, please tell them you read this, and that “Just Happy Mommy” encouraged you to donate. Many affected would appreciate it.

Oklahoma Blood Institute

Give Blood. Save Lives. YouTube Video

If you feel touched by the Flowers family and Jake’s story the family has a account set up if you would like to donate to help them with their medical expenses. Any form of positive energy is welcomed to help them on this tough road to beat his cancer.
Together as a stong community we can help those in need, through blood donations to OBI, dontations to the Flowers family or prayers of healing. 
Go in your child’s room and watch them sleep. Look at their sweet, innocent face as they breathe in and out and their minds dance off to dream land. Stop and cherish this moment. We only have one life and remember we all bleed the same color.
Just Happy Mommy
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I’m sorry I’ve seemed to have lost my mind 

So I was all excited to lose some extra lbs and tighten and tone my mom bod. I wanted to document the journey like a real blogger, but the last 3 weeks have been like a binge eating, cheat meal marathon, carb load feast. And with with zero miles logged. Honestly you can blame it on everything in life lately. Exhaustion, depression, and the fact that I have zero F’s to give. I have survived on coffee, Dr Pepper, baby bell cheese, and boxes of left over hideaway pizza for nearly every single meal for over a week now.

When your babies are sick, your world stops and you become everything to everyone. It’s like newborn/puppy phase but with screaming sleepy sick minions. My sweet little angel nuggets both have terrible allergies. Since it’s spring in Oklahoma, that means break out the checkbook and the nebulizer. We have been to see our awesome doctors more than a few times over the last month.

 Needless to say, I am overly cautious and I need the copay reassurance that we do not have RSV or pneumonia. With those doctor visits comes extra togetherness and less mama time. I will walk into a pool of flames for my kids, but hot damn, it’s hard when they are sick and then tag team my ass with the sleeping edition of musical beds.

I have exercised once since my post, and that was yoga. No joke I’m either too tired, can’t take sick kids to the gym, or I’d just rather have a beer and watch basketball with pizza and wings. In this house, we are Sooner born and Sooner bred. And when we die, we will be sooner dead. Boomer!!! Final 4!
Im sorry I seemed to have lost my mind. I bounce from subject to subject like a boy jumping in a bounce house. I wake up in the middle of the night and worry. I want to live a long time, but I feel the stress and unhealthy choices I make have taken a toll on me. I feel ancient. My neck and shoulders feel like I have an evil biting elephant hyena on my neck. Like, 33 never looked so wrecked. I have never been more ready for a vacation in my life! Dentist chair selfie

I have been following and getting more followers on Instagram lately. and while it is fun, I am also realizing that I need to step up my perfect photo game. Unfortunately, I have zero sponsors for my blog. So if any one of the many brands that I use and love want to hop on the just happy mommy train lets go!
I am still upping my insta game so I need some selfie tips. How do you get the over head shots of your entire outfit? Do you have an assistant? Oh, cool, bc my assistants are 4 and 18 months. A selfie stick makes me look like I’m holding an awkward metal pole to hide my triple chin.

  I also need to frequent more flower shops because everyone of those flower pictures I do give a heart to. Finally, and most importantly, how do I get people to give me cute clothes and shoes and bags and accessories?!?! Need the info, need the swag. I am clearly so late to the social media and blogging world, it’s a joke. I didn’t join this cult until fairly recently, but I embrace it with open arms.
I’ve been looking at getting some new swim suits, but I can’t get myself to a store or follow through on the “purchase” button of the online checkout. Mama needs a new swim suit ok?!?!
I love sleep. I love sleep more than food, sex, and wine. Ask my four year old what my favorite thing to do is, and without hesitation, he says “Sleep!” Boom! Can I get an Amen?!

So since I have been torturing toddlers with syringes of white, pink, clear, and purple medicines, cleaning up their puke, and wiping asses, we find entertainment in bathing and watching waaaaaaay too much tv, Netflix, vudu etc. The husband says we are out of towels. I don’t know what I’m wearing to work tomorrow. Laundry and dishes are overflowing.
Next thing I know, my sister is being admitted into the hospital, we are completely out of diapers, and our water has just been turned off by the city. I’m cleaning up vomit and rabbit turds, and bleaching the bathtub for the 3rd time in a week because little brother is potty training and decides to take his diaper off constantly. He pees outside and thinks the tub is now a toilet. He started this all on his own. My mom has told us our little brother was potty trained at 18 months and I always thought she was exaggerating but it is possible. Siblings. Monkey see, monkey do.

So fast forward to Easter, and it’s a weird day. Usually we are all together. This time last year our baby was being baptized. My brother and his girlfriend were here, and we were celebrating.

 This year we had our usual activities and meals, but it wasn’t the same. We missed Aunt Sissy. All this joking around with my blog above and saying how tough it is to workout, Instagram followers, and all that bullshit goes out the window when it comes to my sissy.

 She is fighting for her life. She is the strongest person I know. And for me to bitch about not working out and taking care of two perfect little babies really puts things into perspective. I want to fix her. I want to help her. I want to give her the life she so desperately wants and deserves to live. She is so private but please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. We all cope in different ways. Running, eating, drinking, denying, sleeping, crying, shopping, praying, and thinking positively. Trust me. I’ve tried them all, and I’m done. I want my sissy back.


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