Have no fear McAllister’s Deli 2018 Kids in Costume Eat Free on Halloween!!!

You read that right!

You will already have the kiddos dressed in their costumes so how great to get them a FREE dinner before trick or treating!!!

The answer is awesome for us busy moms who would love to have our children eat something healthy before chowing down on all the candy in their bags!

Come by any McAllister’s Deli on Halloween with your ghosts, witches or superheroes in tow, order an adult entree and your kiddos eat free!!!

My husband and I love their grilled chicken salad with their famous honey mustard dressing! The boys usually get a grilled cheese, fruit and chips. And don’t forget their delicious iced tea to keep you caffeinated for the night of haunting.

Also the lovely folks at McAllister’s gave me a $50 gift card to give to one of you lucky readers! All you have to do is like and tag a friend my Instagram post to enter. I will announce the winner Halloween night!

I hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween! Before you trick or treat grab a bite to eat at McAllister’s Deli!!!

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Monday Motivation

On Sunday nights when I was working at the TV station I would have the worst anxiety attacks and Sunday night blues. Anticpating the stress of the upcoming week and all the work that I needed to do, often sent me into a full blown panic attack. I know I am not alone in this. My dad falls victim to this every Sunday night!

It wasn’t until I became a new mom that all of that melted away, once I decided to be a stay at home mom. Even still, It took me awhile to let go of the “grind.”

I would have nightmares about breaking news, missing a live sheet or not following up on a detail. It wasn’t that I missed the stress, it was more like I needed to recover from the years of fear, paranoia and anxiety associated with my jobs.  I worked for a corporation that had big expectations and but low salaries.

I still hear my JMAC professor, “if you want to make money, do NOT become a journalist.” Well ain’t that the truth?! Haha talk about the 1% that is who “makes it.”  The rest of us do it for the storytelling, the thrill, the excitment and protection of our first amendment rights, freedom of the press.

Even though we did not make much money I NEVER regret working in TV. I met some of the best and most important people in my life. I am grateful that most of us still keep in touch and I consider them some of my best friends.

So instead of having the Sunday dreads, I have Monday Motivation. Looking ahead towards the week is actually fun and I enjoy it. What a difference a life change can make. Becoming a mommy is the best thing I have ever done. It is hard as #$%& but I would NOT trade my time at home with my boys for ANYTHING!

It is not glamourous. It is often thankless. I am happy to make meals, pack lunches, wipe butts, sing songs, read books, cuddle and be a taxi driver. Of course it comes with the usual “work drama.” He stole my car. He hit me. I didn’t do it. Plus the nervewracking arguing, consistent talking, constant eating and of course all the pee, poop & farts one person can handle. #boymom

Last week it dawned on me that it is happening, I am officially a chauffuer. We are in FULL SWING literally and physically with Spring sports. I am so excited. I have honestly waited for these days with great anticipation. I know that it will be short lived and loose its luster faster than I can type this but nonetheless I am excited to be a soccer, karate, golf mom! MORE on this topic next week!  LOL 😂

My husband and I keep a pretty active schedule. We both workout 5 times a week and try to fit in a date night once a week. Staying busy is part of being a parent. My motivation is my boys. I want them to make friends, be active and have fun.

I always hear “it is so important for your child to be social with other kids.” DO NOT WORRY both my boys are social butterflies. Both so friendly at times that we have joked around that we would microchip our kids like people do to their dogs. I kid I kid but seriously if that becomes a thing…

Maybe working, in whatever capacity that may be, is your Motivation. Maybe a vacation is your motivation. Maybe wealth, health or a combo is your goal. Whatever it takes to movtivate you to great things, do that.

Being a good wife, mom and not raising a$$@oles is motivation for me. Looking good and being healthy is motivation for me to workout and kick my butt. Being a good person is motivation for me to continue to love others, be kind and understanding.

We decided to start our tradition of Sunday night family dinner when I had the it’s. It is something all of us look forward to. We get to share a meal, have some laughs watch TV and enjoy the last remaining hours of the weekend with the ones we hold most dear.

So if you are reading this and dreading tomorrow, remember it is not all set in stone. Find what you love doing and rock it. Challenge yourself NOT to fear, but to own your motivation and make good choices towards your goals.


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interactive with you

Friends, fellow mommies, readers, followers and fans I have been having soooo many creative ideas this past month. The thing is I have been so exhausted physically and emotionally that I have not put anything down or in motion.

We have had a rough start to this year with lots of illness and stress, but I am so ready and excited to get my ass in gear and deliver some amazing content to you!

Many of you know I deactivated my Facebook account just before the new year. Honestly it has been such a weight lifted off me. I am still obsessed with Instagram and I have become a serial Snapper on Snapchat.

Just Happy Mommy is so important to me.

I want it to succeed organically.
So if you like me & my writing please share it.
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One of the things I have been doing at night after the boys go down, is researching other bloggers, influencers, etc on several social media platforms (Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube.) I love you @kandeejohnson @jaclynhill

I have realized I don’t have much interaction with my readers. I just throw my life out there and thankfully you like it. But I thought I would be fun to hear from ya’ll. I have so many things I want to share but my lack of confidence and energy gets the best of me. Plus I don’t want to disappoint or annoy you.

What would you like me to write about?

Would you like for me to do videos?

I was thinking of doing a video on what makeup I use along with a hair tutorial. I rarely wear makeup and I do NOT wear expensive products but I feel like I have a few tricks to share.

IMG_9620 click to see my snaps

Would you be interested in more food allergy posts?

Like what the hell do you eat if you can’t have wheat, oats, eggs, dairy and nuts? Have you tried the Beyoncé, apple cider vinegar drink?

More Funny posts?
Everyday something funny happens. I swear we never have a dull moment.

Raw, real & emotional posts?
The Struggles, the faith, the faltering and climbing up the stairs to happiness as we navigate this life called motherhood.

Did you like my 12 days of Christmas giveaways?

Do you like the email updates? What about text updates?

I love inspirational quotes and my sweet sissy is going to help me incorporate more into my posts.

I promise I will keep it 💯 and not turn into a total BB (basic bitch). I’m not going to change me.

Just like my girl crush Erika Jayne says, “How many F&@?$ do I give? None. Not one. Zero zero zero done.”

I know there 1,000’s of blogs to read I just hope you keep coming back to mine.

Thank you all so much for sticking with me through the past year! Cheers to Love, health & happiness! PLEASE comment, share and like my stuff 😘😘😘


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Favorite Things PRIZE PACK Giveaway

I have announced the winners of my last 2 giveaways!!! CONGRATS & Thank you to all who entered.

So with 4 days left until Christmas I have 4 of my favorite things left to give away! Last but certainly NOT least:


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$25 Gift Card from Old School Bagel Cafe1 Dozen assorted cookies from OK Cookie Momster

30 minute Mini photo Session with Beth Hawkins Video & Photography
$100 Dave & Busters Gift Card

XOXO just happy mommy


Favorite Things Giveaway #2

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Up next in my Favorite Things 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway is 2 hours of organizing from Checkmark Tulsa.


I met Monika at a networking lunch several years ago and we immediately hit it off. She told me about Checkmark and my husband immediately purchased some organizing hours from her company.  They were on time, kind and super efficient. We decided to attack my pantry and our son’s closet. It was amazing and I know we all can use a little expert help organizing. Plus the Tulsa real estate market is on fire so you can also check out her staging and styling for your next listing.

Since then Checkmark has grown and specializes in staging, styling and organizing your home or space.  Monika is a wife & mother of 2 children, she knows how hard it is to achieve a successful work/life balance and enjoys helping others obtain that balance through creating more time, less stress and beautiful spaces in her clients’ lives. So you can see why Checkmark and Just Happy Mommy make the perfect fit!


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I wrote a post this time last year about Giving Tuesday. My husband and I visited our local homeless shelter with BIG hopes and aspirations to help out those struggling in our community. We have NOT been back since. We talked about it. Thought about it. Never acted on our plans to go back and volunteer. I feel so sad, guilty and ashamed for not following through. Unfortuneately I feel like I am not the only one. Maybe we do something once or twice a year to help out others. What kind of example am I setting? Well I am bound and determined to do more.

Teaching my boys that this time of year is not only about being thankful but also that it is about the spirit of giving. This morning my son took his teachers a couple of candles just to say thank you and I appreciate you.

This weekend we are going shopping with our friends to purchase toys for boys and girls their age and donate them to less fortunate kids. I am excited and anxious to see how he reacts and responds. I pray that he will feel the joy and excitement that comes with giving.

I have always been surrounded by very generous people. We are a part of a very caring and close group of friends in our community. Tulsa is a special place. We are a Big City with a Small Town culture. There are just 2/3 degrees of separation which I personally love and find very charming. I love living in Tulsa. It is so fun growing up and now seeing my friends with their kids. Now our kids are friends and we go to each others kids birthday parties and celebrate baptisms and holidays together. Another very unique and special thing that I take pride in is that we support each other. We genuinely want each other to succeed and we feel happy when they do.

Several of us own our own businesses. After Thanksgiving we have Black Friday, Cyber Monday and now today Giving Tuesday. Some of my longtime friends own a beautiful, professional and classy home furnishing & design company. Luxe Furniture & Design is owned and opperated by Chris & Tamara Noel. We grew up together. We played tennis together and graduated from the same high school and now we both have 2 little boys. We share the ups & downs, excitement & stress of being parents and owning your own business. Tamara is not only a wonderful mother but she works tirelessly to provide the best quality and service to Tulsan’s looking for the best in fine furniture & design.  My hubs and I recently went to their stunning showroom and if you haven’t been you must go check it out. Their expertise on custom interiors is quite impressive, not to mention the amazing selection of fabrics and choices.

Luxe is located at 9922 Riverside Parkway in Tulsa. And earlier this month they hosted a local bloggers event. Their enthusiasm about the holidays was contagious. And since today is #givingtuesday I thought it would be the perfect day to do my first official #justhappymommy #giveaway.  ENTER TO WIN  just sign up to follow my blog. It is EASY just look for my popup to get updates on my posts and I am going to “pick” a winner this week!

I am so excited to GIVEAWAY a $100 Giftcard to Luxe Furniture & Design.


Also included in this GIVEAWAY is a $25 Giftcard to J. Cole Shoes!!! They have some of the BEST shoes in town! Also be sure to follow them on Instagram

With ONLY 25 shopping days left before Christmas these Giftcards would be a great place to start or finish getting gifts! They both have fun, fashionable and festive array of gifts for everyone on your list. Besides the obvious gorgeous furniture & home decor they have my favorite candle and hand cream; Volcano by Capri. It is the perfect gift for any teacher, co-worker or for your home.

The spirit of giving is contagious. I am already feeling more inspired. Making someone smile and get “all the feels” is what Christmas time is all about. Good Luck in my first Giveaway. I have another one coming up soon!


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Welcome Back!

Welcome Back to Just Happy Mommy!

I am so excited to unveil my new website! After a couple of months of not posting and several meetings with our amazing website and marketing friend Chance Hawkins. Our labor of love is now delievered to my loving fans and readers!

Thank you to my husband who invested in my blog and believes in me. I would have quit if it were not for his love and support. Spending more time together and really being there for one another has brought us closer than ever.

So since I always promise to keep it real, many of you are probably wondering why I took a little break and didn’t post for 2 months. Well there are a lot of reasons and a lot of excuses, all of which are very real and personal. I also did not want to post half ass work. I wanted it to be good and meaninful. I decided not to just throw some junk up because my calendar said so.

The saddest and most heartbreaking reason I stopped writing because we have been dealing with so many health issues in my family. Both of our sons have been sick this past month but even more so it has been the daily struggle of seeing my sister in pain and wanting her to get better. Also my 93 year old grandmother has had 2 of 3 surgeries on her heart and is having her aortic valve replaced tomorrow. (Prayers and positive vibes always appreicated) The fear, anxiety and stress that it causes our the entire family as been imense. When you have a grandparent, parent, sibling, spouse or child that is sick, your entire life stops. My mom always says “Life gets in the way when you are busy making plans.” Well isnt that the truth for my amazingly strong family?! We are all blessed in so many ways and we have faith in God and trust in his plan. For me tho it was almost too much to share at the time. I was struggling with my depression and although I felt the need to share, I was exhausted and unsure.

After some soul searching, prayer and getting my sexy back I feel confident to share with you all. We all have shit going on. My stuff is not more important than anyone elses. I just know that in my past posts it has connected me with other people to let them know its ok. Life sucks sometimes. It is ok to not always feel #blessed. I am stronger today than I ever thought I would be. I am being tested and even though I feel like I will break, I just bend a little more and look at my babies sweet sleeping faces and know it is all worth it to be with them.

I have explained that fear and anxiety are my cryptonite. Once you let them creep in they can take over not only your mind but your body and paralyze you. To people who suffer or know someone who suffers from depression or anxiety it is real and it sucks. Thankfully I surround myself with people who know me inside and out and reassure me that I am kicking ass at life. We all need a cheerleader. Even my cheerleaders need a cheerleader. Being genuine and asking how someone is doing can make a difference. Checking on someone, sending a gift, text or even making a call to someone can turn things around.

The second reason I took a break stems from this fear and anxiety. My husaband and I have recently become estranged from his dad and stepmom. Back in July I wrote a blog about Racism and how it affected my family.

Unfortuately 4 sentences in this post upset someone. I stated in my first blog post ever that I promised to offend someone. I know that by writing a blog you will always have people that disagree with you. Never in my dreams did I think that it would be someone who shared my last name and tear my family apart. I am actually shaking writing this to you. I will be sharing these details in a later post.

The first ammendment right to freedom of speech is one that I hold dear. If you do NOT like my blog do NOT read it. Simple. Done. But for those of you that enjoy my writing this incident has now fueled me to continue to share. I am reminded daily rthat the journey of life and motherhood is never easy but we have to remember to be true to ourselves, shake them haters off and be JUST HAPPY!

I am so excited to share with you!

Please subscribe and follow me on Instagram, FaceBook, SnapChat & Twitter

Here are just a few things I am working on! Be sure to tune in!

justhappymommy600EASY DIY Halloween Costumes LIVE on NBC KJRH Wednesday October 26 @ 11am

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2x’s the Birthday party fun (with a speical giveaway!)
Our Food Allergy Journey Update
Isn’t It Ironic 368 days ago
Hair VLOG tutorial

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Maintenance: You did not wake up like this!

OK ladies lets talk maintenance. The whole “I woke up like this” is a crock of shit. If you are able to get 10 hours of sleep, drink 75-100 ounces of water a day, exercise, exfoliate, eat perfect, fix your hair, put on makeup, be wrinkle free, bright eyed, pouty lipped with an apple bottom, thigh gap, top knot, mani pedi all while wearing a perfectly pinterested outfit well then my hands are up giving you a high five and a hallelujah! Amen!

The rest of us humans try, but few attain the perfection we see in our favorite celebrities. I love to learn from other beautiful women. I have always like to see what the new fashion trends are, learn new makeup tricks, and keep myself somewhat put together. This last week has knocked me down a peg or twenty, and I have taken a wrong turn down ugly lane. Rocking a swollen face, dehydrated, 3rd eye zit, dark puffy eyes, and a triple chin to boot.

Beauty. I have been thinking about this topic for awhile now. I usually do some type of research on the topic I am writing about just to make sure I have some idea of what I am talking about. This time I did not get far. When I googled beauty routine, I was overwhelmed by the ridiculous amounts of results. “80 Beauty Tips & Tricks Every Woman Needs to Know” was when I stopped

The article has great tips but 80! Sheeeeit I barely get a shower these days, let alone shave my legs. And to worry about a skin care regimen?

Here’s the thing. Women are not supposed to age, wrinkle, grey, sag, or whine. Yet when men go grey they become a silver fox, gain some moobs, and they are dad bod hot. UM NO! I refuse! I have aged more in 4 years of being a mom than I did drinking and smoking every single weekend while eating Mexican food and never washing my makeup off in my 20’s. Now after breastfeeding 2 babies, gaining 60 lbs twice, and never really sleeping again, I look my age and need to get my maintenance on! I AM NOT COMPLAINING! MOM LIFE & PREGNANCY TAKES ITS TOLL.

I can hear the peanut gallery now. Why don’t you stop blogging and go workout?! Why don’t you put your kids down earlier? You should go to church. How many cocktails are we talking about? Try Botox, Pilates, these 8 face creams etc.

It costs a lot of money to look good. Good genes are priceless and you bet your sweet ass I have some great genes. I don’t know about you, but I think I look better than I really do. Until recently when I looked in the mirror I thought “I know I could always look better, but my clothes fit. Considering my mom lifestyle, it was decent.” The first pic is ZERO makeup with my oldest son  🙂 The second was a month ago after getting my hair done with my gorgeous sissy!



OH HOW WRONG I WAS! A couple of weeks ago, I had a reaction to my eyelash extensions. My sister is amazing and pays for this lavish unnecessary extravagance, and I have had them on for several months and never had a problem. Anyway I was interviewed for a TV story and we had professional photos taken of my family in our home. After seeing my fat, swollen, round face triple chin on TV and again in this local magazine I was mortified. WTF had I done. Thinking hey “I look good” turned into “HOLY HELL I look like that?!” Instead of feeling excited and empowered my confidence plumeted.


Kristy DeBOER On Balancing Work & Life copy

Now I think back to those damn eyelash extensions. Sure enough, when I got them done again, this happened! Last Saturday I woke up like this.



GROSS! Crusty, red, itchy, burning, and swollen shut. Looks like I have pink eye huh? Nope not pink eye because it went away after using Rhoto eye drops, warm compresses, and taking Benadryl.  The price we pay to look like a beat basic bitch.

I have been getting my hair highlighted and colored since I was in high school. As a blonde its a deal made with the hair devil. I used to get my nails done but that was a budget cut since baby #2. I have NEVER bought expensive makeup. I recently started using a nightly face cream that gave me a HUGE third eye sized zit on my forehead. Then there is the physical and mental maintenance, which I think is the most important, but also for me the most neglected. Exercising is KEY.  It makes me happy, a better mom, wife, and person. But when I do not get much sleep, I forgo my workouts for sleep and bravo in order to continue functioning. Ok, my biggest hurdle FOOD/DRINK. I love to eat healthy, and I hate anxiety. But I still eat Taco Bueno and enjoy a cocktail. I drink A LOT of caffeine. Coffee and Dr. Pepper are my #1’s. I am really trying to drink more water. If you have read my blog at all, you know my stance on mental health.

The terrible 3: Depression, Anxiety & social media  – Just Happy Mommy

The terrible 3: Depression, Anxiety & social media 

Finally fashion. Looking cute is considered maintenance to me. Especially since I work part time at my friends totes adorbs boutique, which is pretty much the only place I shop other than Target or online. Check out Posh online

When you look cute, you feel pretty. And when you feel pretty it shows. You can have it all goin’ on, but if you DO NOT FEEL GOOD it shows. I love the expression “you can’t polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter”.  I guess what I have been trying to word vomit out the last 1,000 words is we should age gracefully. Keep a young attitude towards life, and explore different options. Just like my mom says, “what is good for some women does not work for us.” As for me, balance is the key. I want to stay true to me, and I think this article from the local magazine Daily Table explains my outlook on food perfectly. Not only is eating a celebration, but so is life so go take a bite!

Just Happy Mommy

Kristy DeBoer On Balancing Work & Life
Reasor’s new magazine Daily Table Interviewed Kristy DeBoer On Balancing Work & Life.

One Okie Girl's Style Evolution

First off, I usually do NOT do mirror selfies so please forgive!

Ok I come from a long line of sophisticated, sexy and well dressed women. I know it is hard to imagine a little girl from Oklahoma with so much style inspiration, but she exists.  My mother is, was and always will be the most gorgeous human being on this planet. Point. Period. Paragraph. 

She is my beacon of light, hope and solace. She is my ultimate style icon. We would play dress up and I would always admire her jewelry. 

My family loves to quote me, “Let’s go shopping! I need everything!”

When I was a little girl my mom said I would only wear dresses with black patent shoes. No pants. No tights. No tennis shoes. I preferred to be naked. And my cute little apples didn’t fall far from the tree. They love to match and prefer diapers and undies. 

I wore a uniform from age 5-17, so accessories and hair were everything!

I would flip my bags and curl my hair everyday and have temper tantrums if my hair sucked.

Going to private school, free dress days were rare and a big deal. Jeans, Doc Martens and an Abercrombie sweater was the usual choice. My mom made my homecoming dress and my senior prom dress. Yes she can sew. She is all sorts of amazing!

Off to College! Back then it was not all about game day couture, skirts and cowboy boots and looking like a hussy at 18. More like black pants, bare midriff, clunky heels and a fake ID.

Main Goals: Get into a sorority, go to as many date parties as possible, don’t get called to standards, collect tee shirts, workout, go to class and and make out with new boys.

After I conquered those, I only lasted a few years in that conformity then I ventured out on my own and learned a lot of valuable life lessons.

Don’t drink and drive. 

Mexi dips and chips, parliament lights and booze is not a good diet or life choice.

Being a bank teller, a size 8/10 and having short hair were all wrong for me.

Having 8 piercings at one time ended up being weird and uncool

(6 ear holes my belly button and my nose)

“Sinead O’Rebellion! Shock me,shock me, shock me with that deviant behavior,”

if you know that quote I love you! If you don’t, well then go rent Empire Records.

And finally, turns out Carrie Bradshaw and Britney Spears are not ideal role models.

I knew who I wanted to be and the life I wanted and thankfully I met the love of my life. He helped me become the real me! The perfect mixture of fun, sexy, classy and traditional with a touch of adventure. I found my confidence when I fell in love.

I found my own style. It’s a mix of Traditional, Funky, Classic, Trendy & Fun.

My fashion confessions

I love knockoffs (gasp) sometimes can’t afford the real stuff or justify it

I have never bought a Lululemon item

My favorite Item is my barefoot dreams Robe

I do go on Pinterest for inspiration

I love Uggs 

Wardrobe Must Haves

Skinny jeans

Black legging pants

Pink pop of color (Lips, purse, etc)

Jean jacket

Classic white tank/tee/button down

Leopard anything

Pearl stud earrings

Black pointed toe pumps

Mix gold and silver

I could go on and on…

I love that I have come full circle after working at a bank, retail in college, televison and now as a SAHM who works retail for fun. I love to play around with clothes and get creative. Fashion and outfits make me happy.

I have many style icons

Jacqueline Kennedy

CoCo Chanel

Audrey Hepburn

Marilyn Monroe

Carrie Bradshaw

Kate Hudson

Britney Spears

Gwen Stefani

Reese Witherspoon

Rachel Zoe

I follow several blogs and fashionistas on social media and each one owns their look. There is something about the female being that likes to feel pretty. Whether it be a black tie affair, date night, lunch with girlfriends, fancy active wear or your robe, when you feel pretty you glow and no one can take that away from you. Own it. Just be Happy!

A couple of famous quotes before I go tonight 

“Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends.” —Kate Spade

“Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.” —Marc Jacobs

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” —Yves Saint Laurent

XOXO Just Happy Mommy

P.S. Mama I love you! You are It, Everything and more.

Favorite Things Giveaway

Just Happy Mommy had so much success with the first giveaway on #givingtuesday that I’m thrilled to announce my

Favorite Things Giveaway

12 Days of Christmas!!!

After the awesome participation and generosity of LUXE & j. Cole, several other locally owned and operated businesses in the Tulsa Metro wanted to partner with Just Happy Mommy! Of course I jumped on board the Christmas train of the giving spirit! Not only are these some of my favorite things in Tulsa but they are generously given away by my friends!

Supporting your local businesses is so important! So think of me as the Tulsa area OPRAH or ELLEN. So how do win my Favorite Things Giveaway? All you have to do is subscribe to Just Happy Mommy. If you are already a subscriber please like or share my posts for extra entries into the giveaway. This is my first time doing something this BIG and I am sooooo excited to give back to my readers, supporters and friends. Here is my first item up for grabs click the link below to enter & share! It begins tonight at 8pm and ends Thursday at 8am. I will announce the winner and the next prize!








The lovely Gretchen Denslow was one of the first to approach me about partnering for a giveaway! She is the owner of Eye Candy Eyewear and she knows her stuff!!! My husband and I went to their opening party last month and their store is so cool, modern and chic. I was lucky enough to try on several pairs of shades, sunnies & glasses. I went back to see Gretchen and she had hand picked over a dozen pairs for me to try on. Of course we both knew the first ones were perfect and I am obsessed with “Audrey” from Velvet Eyewear. The color is so unique and they are so classic looking and fit my round face perfectly. I love getting to know other business owners and Gretchen & her team were no exception. The brands that they carry are fantastic and very exclusive. The collection is legit! I felt like a Real Housewife on Bravo when I walked out wearing my new sunnies.  If you win you will get to choose a pair of sunglasses from their store located

7891 E. 108th Place, Ste. 3, 74133
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Good Luck & Merry Christmas


Just Happy Mommy

PS  I hope you like the snow & festive music 🙂

Giveaway Link