Family First


Eat this

We are eaten up by nothing.

There is no work life balance. There is only life. Where we choose to put our focus is where our energy flows. Life is about choices and we are in control of those choices and we ultimately decide what to give a f*ck about.

Lately I have been soul searching and ferociously reading. My latest favorite is: “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*uck!”

I have felt so down and lost. I haven’t written in a LONG time.

During the holidays I wanted to focus on my people. I took a long break, went off and on social media. Then it got harder to jump back into this blogging social media world.

I had to be my authentic self, but me wasn’t happy or pretty. I think it’s safe to say I have shared more than most normal people even share in a friendship, let alone pouring my juggler into written word.

That was a choice. To share my rocky marriage. To share my fear, sadness and despair over my sisters health. Sharing my unfiltered journey as a mother and finally sharing the thing that is sadly still so misunderstood and undiagnosed, suffering from anxiety and depression.

People look at me and think what does that b*tch have to complain about? And on the surface you are right. I have a husband, 2 bad a$$ kids, a living mother, father, sister, brother, 1 grandma a mother-in-law I really like and countless other relatives and hands down the best friends.

But I felt so alone and crippled by my anxiety and choices. I had to step back and just be home with my people. Blogging was nonexistent.

Things happen, but we get to choose how we react and handle them. I had to learn this.
“It’s not happening TO you, it’s happening FOR you.”
Whoa, ya re-read that one. Thank you yoga classes.

But here is the thing. It’s a lot easier to get up and keep going when you feel loved, supported, encouraged and appreciated.

Thank you GOD for my people. Thank you for my babe, mom, sister, my babies and my girlfriends. You know who you are. The ones who see me! The ones who love me. The girls who inspire me, love me, encourage me, challenge me, give it to me straight and believe in me without cause, reason or regret. I thank you for everything.

Being a perfectionist, suffering from anxiety, depression, trying to be the best at life, while feeling lost is a f*cking mess. But on the bright side I have people telling me I’m killing it.

Unfortunately, there will always be haters but again, if we choose to listen to those venomous lies, then we too will turn into miserable snakes. I refuse! My boys are too important. My life matters.

This society has us eaten up with NOTHING! Nothing that really fuels us or matters in the long run.

My mom always cries when she tells me this Maya Angelou quote “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Amen!

My latest fear is the lack of feelings people have. But don’t you worry, I have enough emotions and feelings to cover you for today.

But seriously, I see more human robots than humans. People with soulless, blank stares, walking though life like programmed robots. Feelings? Caring about someone other than myself, errr computing, can’t feel, don’t understand, crash, burn, reboot! The lack of empathy today terrifies me.

We can all use a reboot sometimes. It can be as small as reprogramming your booty to eat better, go to the gym, turning off your phone and get some sleep. As I write this on my iPhone at 4:36am. Rebooting your focus. Putting your energy where you think it matters. Choosing what to give a f*uck about.

I love my husband, kids, my family and my friends. Getting more than that is just the 4th meal in life. It’s the extra. Being thankful for that life and your people is essential.

Show your love with actions! Send someone a sweet text, write a card just because, get your kid that balloon, tell your husband what to do, listen to your gut, follow your heart and be present in this life.

I’m in the process of practicing this sermon and making the choices necessary to live my best life.

Right now that looks like blogging on the couch, going to check on my sleeping babies, eating cereal out of a coffee mug and debating if I should go to the gym.

So finally, thank you for sticking with me. As always, I’m keeping it real. If I offend you, F off and don’t read. Because there are a million other blogs out there trying to sell you some sh*t that doesn’t matter.
You matter. You are enough.

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Xoxo, Just Happy Mommy


Don’t let the pictures fool you

Hello person reading this. Wow, I appreciate you taking time to read this. I haven’t posted in a while because, frankly, I go back and forth with even continuing this blog. Riding the waves of this whole blogger deal can be super awesome and mega frustrating. Anyway, I wanted to share a couple funny stories to assure you that I haven’t gone to the dark side. It has been a minute so I am gonna keep it real, real here for ya’ll.

I have been all about experiences lately. I was noticing that after the move we were all about stuff and watching TV. Getting stuff for the house, school and using Amazon Prime Video and Netflix way too much. Well that is NO longer an excuse.

We are now into the holiday season and I am all about letting my boys experience the best that fall and winter have to offer. This weekend we were offered 2 FREE tickets to the Oklahoma vs TCU game in Norman. The seats were awesome and with less than 24 hours notice I said yes to the tickets, knowing we couldn’t find a babysitter with such little notice.

“Let’s take the boys,” I said.

“They have been dying to go to a ‘Boomer Sooner’ game. It will be great, we can stay in a hotel with an indoor pool and buy 2 tickets before the game,” I said.

Not long after my husband agreed. My mind started to race and a new TO DO list was being formed.

Why am I doing this to myself?

Selfishly we wanted to go to the game but we also wanted to see the boys faces light up in the stadium where we feel in love. Plus watching the game it in the stands is an awesome experience. The mission was near impossible, but I can do it!

Saturday morning up at 5:30am, book the hotel and chug coffee until it was time to run all the errands. (Sidebar my husband has been sick off and on lately so he stayed home and napped with the little one.)

We were off with the list of of errands to run before the road trip commenced.

1)Pick up the Tickets @ mom & dads

2)Blaze pizza (gluten free and vegan)

3)Trader Joe’s for coconut milk

4)Dick’s Sporting Goods for noise reduction headphones and a new OU hoodie bc my oldest has outgrown everything.

5) Walgreens for selfie stick, chips, pops, gum etc.

Boom! Home to pack. On the road and hitting mega traffic. We drove into Norman and after several prayers in the car and a few stern lectures about, “Stay with mommy & daddy, DONT touch anything, DONT eat anything,etc. ”

We were on campus and all the feels came back. We walked down Boyd Street where I had once lived, past the President’s house and the Art Museum with the horse with the red eyes and finally we were on Campus Corner.

I got to see an old sorority sister of mine, after trying to connect several times over the years, which of course made me so happy. We walked to a friends tailgate and the boys jumped in a dirt pile and played football while daddy and I enjoyed a much deserved beer.

We stopped to get a cookie and pee then walked, winded and ran after our toddler to the stadium. Mommy had to use the selfie stick again and then we made our plan.

Divide and conquer. I got the toddler, the backpack and the 40 yard line seats and daddy got the 5.5 year old and the end zone tickets. We would meet after the first quarter at our designated spot.

It took almost an hour for us to enter the stadium and get to our seats. I kept thinking this is way more of a cluster fuck than I have ever experienced. Come to find out it was.

The stadium held a state record in attendance at a sporting even that night 88,308. Not to mention we all decided to get to our seats at the same time. So here I am trying to smile while carrying a backpack full of shit that we didn’t need. Both of us wearing puffy coats and boots, sweating and trying to purchase a Dr. Pepper.

Then he has to pee. We get to the “family” designated bathroom area for some drunk bitches to say the line starts here. “Oh I’m sorry I was just following the sign that says FAMILY bathroom. See I have a 3 year old that has to pee,” I said. Then she gets all Demi Lovato on me and says, “Sorry!”  ” Oh right, not sorry, ok I get it,” I said with a sweaty upper lip and whisked my pacifier sucking child to the women’s bathroom.

We are fine. Everything is good. I keep telling myself out-loud with a fake smile. After accidentally being kneed in the chin where your teeth slam together. While the inner monologue is running a muck saying, “Hahahaha grab the popcorn and enjoy the show because this mom thinks she can do this.” 

After what seems like another 20 minutes of sweating, swaying and yes feeding my 3 year old Dr. Pepper, (kiss my ass) we finally plow drive through the row with baby and backpack in tow to our seats. I think ok we made it. Praise Jesus there is a God I did it. Then kicked in the gut by my sons cowboy boot because he needs his headphones.

Thankfully he was thrilled and on his best behavior and thank heavens I got an extra set of the noise reduction headphones and allowed the paci and blankie to attend the game as well. So judge away  people, my 3 year old still has a paci but he also has damn high emotional and cognitive IQ so back off. XOXO.

I wished the cell reception worked better because before we knew it, it was time to meet daddy and bubba the meeting spot to reconvene and switch kids. ARGH we were fine and should have just stayed through till half time. Live and learn and buy a $30 build-a-bear.

My biceps are on fire and my fiery positive mental attitude had been extinguished by my sweating brow. Time to go. Shut her down. Negative ghost-rider the pattern is full. Mama done. We took some more pictures then headed to OKC to our hotel.

The next morning waking up to screaming and fighting over who took off the build-a-bears clothes, I took the boys to the indoor pool and hot tub and then got them some breakfast.

Daddy made plans for brunch with his best friend and their family. We had a great time at RePUBlic and then headed back to Tulsa. All in all it was a great trip.


NO one got hurt.

NO one vomited.

We didn’t get kicked out for screaming kids.

NO one lost any thing.

NO allergic reactions!

Was it perfect? No.

Was it terrible? NO.

Was it hard? Yes.

Was it memorable? Yes.

Will we do it again? Yes.

Because we love our kids. Parenting is hard. But seeing my Roman kneeling at the same fountain where we had just taken our family selfie and hearing him say, “Dear God, I want to remember this forever,” made it all worth it.

So despite all the ups and downs and what felt like parental abuse it was worth it because we are making memories with our kids. They tell everyone, “We went swimming inside at a hotel and we got to see a boomer sooner game.”

With Thanksgiving a couple of weeks away and Christmas around the corner. I am really hoping we can grant them the gift of experiences instead of a butt load of toys that need assembly, batteries and will find a home in the corner of a closet in a few weeks.

Thank you all for reading. Just remember


XOXO Just Happy Mommy

Kindergarten Math Homework

Tonight we did our first real homework assignment of the year! Each week we are to complete several pages of a math book and turn them in each Friday.  Thankfully our son loves numbers and math. He loves to count and so he is excited to have homework. The only thing I am excited about is that I can handle kindergarten math homework it is the years to come that mommy will need the tutor.

Recently I got an email from wanting to collaborate with me. I checked them out and not only is it a legit site but they also offer some FREE & valuable resources. They have tons of educational games for kids. I am all about making numbers, math and learning fun! Check them out below.

I figured what can it hurt? So today after the bus stop I got this game set up for us to try. I didn’t even have to go to the store to get the stuff. I already had all of this at home. Some solo cups, coins and a sharpie. Just use whatever you have around the house. You can use buttons, coins, food etc.

I think next time I will use gluten free pretzels and have them do some subtraction as he eats them after school snack. Now that is a 2 for 1!

Depending upon how high your child can count write some numbers on the cups with the sharpie. Today I did 5, 10, 15. Starting out easy counting by 5’s.

Make sure you count out loud, so when they drop an item in the cup they keep track.

Roman Counting Video 1

To challenge them have them do some addition and subtraction problems. What does Cup 5 and Cup 10 add up to? If you take 5 coins out, how many are left?

Sounds super simple to the adult mind but visually seeing the items go into the cups and counting them out was fun. I could tell it is helping their mind connect  with the eye and hand coordination.

I am a visual learner not auditory.  So this was a perfect game for me to begin teaching my boys math and making it fun.  He was having fun and I could tell didn’t even think of it as learning math. To me that is the best way to learn when it is fun and not forced.

Roman Counting Video 2

When you can make things a game and it clicks. Plus it gives my boys confidence and really sinks in so they will remember it better. “Mom its like odd squad its like odd squad,” which is another game I let him play that is on  PBS Kids.

Roman said he loves homework. Now that is music to my ears. Thank you to and I hope you will check them out.

Just Happy Mommy

Biscuits and gravy

I’m Soaking up these days like biscuits and gravy

Since our big boy started kindergarten little brudder and I have been inseparable.

At first it was really hard for all of us. It sounds cheesy but it has been such an emotional time. All of the sudden his brother was gone all day for 5 days after they were together for over 90 days straight this summer.

I was struggling to realize that he was growing up, ready for school but excited for him to experience new things.

I am all over the place. Working on the house. Trying to exercise. Eat clean and be a good wife, blogging and taking on more projects, ya know all the things us super Mom’s do!

So I was distraught when my little nugget started to act out. I felt like I couldn’t take much more. All the changes, for all of us, were so awesome but super hard.

My mom always says “stress is stress whether positive or negative. It takes a toll on us mentally and physically.”

So now our kindergartener is happy, settled and I have recovered from the migraine that is back 2 school, I feel like I am finally able to enjoy time with my baby bear. Woohoo!

He keeps testing me like a mother trucker. Regressing in potty training because he was literally pissed that his Bubba was at school. After what seems like 20 loads of laundry, too many timeouts to count, praying, crying and throwing my hands up I think we are at a place of calm.

I have been having a lot of flashbacks of 3 years ago remembering how hard this transition is; I wanna be a big kid but I wanna be a baby and I am in a glass case of emotion.

Terrible 2s my ass, 3 is the hardest for us.
Kids are smart.
Insert eye roll.
For real they pickup things so fast it’s cray. At least this time I’m not in the throws of a new born.

My boys need me.
I need them.
I feel like all 3 of them (hubs included) fight over me and want my attention so badly that I am pulled in a lot of directions. Sounds like a good problem to have huh?! I’m so popular LOL

I know how important it is to do things one on one.
So I go on dates with each one.
It’s kinda like a rotation.
Daddy, Bubba and baby bear.
I started to do the dates with my little boys when I realized how going from one to two kids changed everything.

We mix it up but usually it’s the same for my older son, Hideaway and Target.

Sometimes we go the park or the movies. Even going to the grocery store with mommy is highly prized.
They love to shop. Def get their shopping genes from me, MeMe and GiGi.

Anywho why am I telling you all this? Because after all the tantrums, attitude and exhaustion of the last few weeks the answer was simple and right in front of my face.

“I just want you. I just wanna be with you mommy.”

Sunday, I took little nugget on a date. We went to church, Blaze pizza and Walgreens. Not only was he cute as a button but he was on his best behavior. I thought wow he just needed this one on one time more than what I can even give him at home.

Some days I can’t just sit and play. I have to do the mom stuff. The laundry, dishes and all the housework come into focus, as the naps slowly fade away in my rear view. But I am aware that this too is fleeting.

“Things that are visible are brief and fleeting. While the things that are invisible are everlasting.” – Jesus Calling

The times they want to just sleep with mommy.

The times when they want me to scratch their backs.

The times they will still kiss me on the lips before getting on the school bus.

The times when they say “I want to marry you mommy.”

The times I hear my little loves say “but I didn’t give you a hug and a kiss.”

When they stop running to greet me at the door.

But you know what!?

They will never stop smiling.
They will never stop loving.
They will always know that no matter what their mommy loves them to the moon and back.

Even though I am 35 years old I still get excited when I get to have time with my parents. I feel special when I get to have my own one on one time with them.

Going on a date with my dad to one of our favorite restaurants, talking, sharing laughs and sometimes shedding heartfelt tears because we know the time is fleeting. We are getting older.

Going shopping with my mom is the absolute best. We have so much fun and it is something we have done and enjoyed together since I was a little girl.

So you see, even tho it doesn’t seem like much, it means everything to us. As kids, as parents as adults. It is in these moments when a meal, a conversation or a shopping trip turns into a memory.

I am soaking up these last days of summer like biscuits and gravy. Even tho my boys drive me off the roof (literally), I am obsessed with them. I miss them when they are asleep. Ok not all the time , let’s get real, but I love living life with my people.

And I can’t wait to see one of the best people in my life in just a few days.

We met in college and now our kids are becoming best friends. Our days will be filled with all of our favorite things, including cheese, annoying inside jokes, singing dirty rap songs and lots of belly laughs!

Friendship is one of the most special and important gifts we are given in this life. The only other things greater than that is time and love.

I implore you to give your time to the ones you love, to the ones who love you back and fill you with pure joy.


Just happy mommy

Mom’s are real life super heroes

Since posting some before and after photos of our home on social media I have had an icky feeling. Kinda like false advertising. The blue paint is called “Salty Dog” and lets just say I deserve one of those cocktails after this week.

Sounds weird but I pride myself on not being one of those fluff bloggers. It is like “Oh look at my perfectly clean, pretty house,” I will post these pictures so you all can see it on BRAGBOOK and InstaSHAM.

Let me be clear. I love my new home, I am proud of the hard work we paid someone else to do. BUT that is NOT my REAL LIFE! So let me just start out by saying I staged those pictures, I vacuumed, Windexed and tweaked while my little one took a nap. The journey to this place was not without some serious bumps and bruises, physically and emotionally.

I am NOT complaining. I am #thankful, #grateful, #blessed, we all are. Here is the behind the scenes shit most people do not want to tell you happens when you are doing work at your home with 2 young kids.

Where should I begin? I will just fast forward to the good stuff.


I get a call at the bus stop, my husband got locked in our son’s bedroom so I ran home to rescue him. Kinda funny but in hind sight totally not!


Normal day with a precocious and mischievous almost 3 year old.

He accidentally sprayed hairspray in his eyes while daddy was washing his hair.

He squirted apple sauce on the carpet (happens daily but still annoying).

Poops in the potty and drops one of my rings in the toilet lost in his loose stool. I will save you from posting the picture even tho I totally took one and sent it to a couple of lucky folks. Yep that is me fishing a ring out of diarrhea (apple sauce diet poops).

Getting more coffee, turn around and he has his daddy’s electric drill.

OMG like come on dude. Lets go play and cuddle, read books and draw on your new chalkboard wall. All the while he manages to color himself with the chalk. Go figure. NO NAP!

It’s almost time to go pick up Bubba from the bus stop. Big brother is 5, we have lived in our new house less than 2 months and since he rides the bus I walk him to and from everyday. Getting clothes on my NUDIST baby should be an olympic sport and the winner gets a trophy full of champs. As I am reaching for his undies he says in his cute, little, sweet, voice with a coy, sly smile,

“I locked us.”


OMG it is 3:04pm School gets out at 3:10pm and we live exactly 2 miles from school and 1 block from the bus stop which gives me like 10 minutes to get out of this room in time to get my older son from the bus stop on his 4th day of kindergarten.

OK stay calm. You got this, the painters are downstairs, just scream and they will come unlock the door.

Umm NO! I banged so hard on that door that I rattled the lightbulbs in the ceiling fan to off. Of course I tried to unlock it but this is a LEGIT needs a KEY lock not a use your finger nail or hanger style knob.

I tried not to panic. I was livid, exhausted and scared.

Why couldn’t the painters hear me?

please open the door video LOUD! video

So I decided to open the window and see if anyone of my brand new neighbors might hear me and they could easily walk in the open garage or front door past my ear budded painters and unlock the door. NO ONE is outside or NO ONE hears me. I feel like the dump truck in “The Little Blue Truck,” book “NO BODY HEARD or NO BODY CARED!”

After I climbed back in I called my husband like 3 times, NO answer! Finally I called my painter to call his guys downstairs to come help me. Still nothing.

Should I jump? NO way.

Could I hang on the gutter and do a Christmas Vacation? No that would NOT hold me and cause another home repair.

Could I get low enough to straddle the fence? NO not worth impaling my vaj.

I kept screaming for someone to open the door. I tried to unhinge the door but it would NOT budge.

Call the fire department? WTF are they gonna do? Comin in hot, march up the stairs to unlock a door. NO not this time sorry that is redic. NOT to mention I have had to call the fire department 3 times too many over the last 2 years which we wont discuss right now.

Ok some of you are prolly thinking why did you video this stuff. Mostly because if I told you this story you would not believe me and because my kids are so cute and sweet and blah blah blah.

They are cute and sweet and awesome but they also have these crazy streaks of evil in them that I think is also called a penis, I am not sure, but it drives women insane. They think things are funny that are not funny at all!! Case in point locking people in rooms.

So its 3:17.

I am gonna do it.

I am going to climb out of this window and jump off the roof.

I do NOT have any of the other bus stop moms phone numbers and none of my neighbors, painters down stairs or husband at work are able to help me.

My kindergartener would flip out if I was NOT at the bus stop not to mention how terrible would I feel if I was that mom on day 4 who just did NOT come to the bus stop. Ya Ya Ya I am sure another mom would help him out but I am too prideful and pissed off at this point so I just gonna do it. I start to pray to Jesus. Screaming prayers, thinking out loud, pumping myself up. Land on your feet and your a$$. Land on your feet and your a$$.

I jumped.

I jumped off the F@#$%ing roof.

I did land on my feet and my a$$ but the trajectory also flung my face into the Earth.

I got up immediately and looked to see if I was bleeding. Screaming and running around the back of the house to get my little boy who was still locked in his bedroom.

My painters see my grass covered face fly up the stairs and ask if I am ok. I went dark side of the moon scary on them.


Think about the rage Regina George felt when she found out about the Kalteen bars.

I get my baby out of the room and start to the bus stop. The painters are afraid for their lives as they should be. I went straight LOCO.

One of them gives me that “bitch is cray,” look and I said “oh don’t worry I am just fine. I just jumped off the BLEEEEEPig roof because none of you could “hear” me you ass hat.”

What is worse?

Getting locked in a room with NO ONE home?

….or someone home that doesn’t come to help you?

…or a child that thinks it is funny when mommy jumps out the window?

I am fine. I finally got my son at the bus stop after being a total hot mess at the bus stop. Somehow I was ok. Shaken, livid, and in shock…. but we all got home and went straight up stairs until daddy got home.

So you see, the pictures you see on BRAGBOOK AND INSTASHAM are just that, a fascade that we all like to imagine our lives being. So remember when you are looking through someone else’s perfectly Windexed window, know that there many be a real shit show going on behind those walls that is usually never told.

My husband always says “I do NOT know how you do it. I would jump through a window after taking care of these crazies.”

Well honey, now I can say I jumped off the roof and lived to tell about it. The boys now believe that I am a real life super hero. They call me Spider Mommy. And yes I made my own GIF. Gotta laugh at it now.

Huge shout out to all the other people who get me, my whackadoodle life and my blog. Being offended is a waste of time. Ok Love you bye!!!


Just Happy Mommy

The Center of MY Universe

I really believe that what we put out into the universe we get back.  So if you are kind, positive and loving you should receive kindness, happiness and love in return or so the belief goes.

And Karma is a biatch so don’t be an a$$hole. That is the spiritual principle of cause and effect…

The center of my universe consists of about 10 people give or take a few. And I am eternally grateful for the incredible people I get to spend my life with. My tribe knows the real me and they love me just the way I am.

This past weekend I was lucky enough to spend one on one, quality time with my sister and my little boys.We went on a staycation in our home town of Tulsa. As a 3rd generation Tulsan, I love my city and I was excited to share the new sites of downtown with my sister.

As most of you know my sister isn’t well and has rare incurable illnesses. Although she has been diagnosed there hasn’t been much change in her condition. Actually she has progressively gotten worse over the years.

Her health issues present a huge challenge of experiencing life and living it to the fullest.

My sister is the most kindhearted, most grateful, eternal optimist with the best sense of dirty and witty humor. The sparkle in her eyes and the magic in her laugh are magnetic and leave you wanting to spend more and more time with her.

Even though she may look “ok” on the outside she is living a personal internal hell. Nobody really knows her struggles but the intensity of her illnesses are literally gut wrenching and overwhelming sad.

She showed me these images yesterday from a website called Colitis Ninja and I think this is almost a perfect illustration of her.

If you are interested in learning more about Colitis check out this site its legit.

The Fairfield Inn & Marriott at the Brady Arts District in downtown Tulsa heard about the room makeover we were working on and they immediately gave 2 FREE nights stay to my sister. They wanted her to be able to have some fun in her own city. She had not been able to experience the newly revitalized Brady Arts District and all the new amazing fun attractions, restaurants and overall new positive vibe of downtown. 

Initially we tried to do this in June, the same weekend as her BIG secret room reveal but sadly she was too weak to go.

This sissy staycation is something we have wanted to do since I got married almost 10 years ago. We have always dreamed of this sissy time. We have always wanted to go to a hotel, laugh, eat, watch movies and enjoy each others company and be silly sisters.

This weekend we made our dream a reality. The Sissy Staycation was a 100% amazing, bananas awesome success.

Thank you so much to the Fairfield Inn & Marriott  The staff was so kind. A big shout out to Will & Patrick who UPGRADED us for FREE to a King Suite. Hell to the YES!!!

The first night we decided to wear our matching cold shoulder tops Similar here  just to go pick up our TO GO food at Yokozuna. Then we changed into our matching sissy t-shirts and watched Mean Girls. If you do not follow me on Snapchat or Instagram you are missing  out. So go follow me and get ready to laugh your a$$ off.

Add me on Snapchat! Username: justhappymommy

Anyway I saved a few pics and videos from our first night. We stayed up laughing and talking and it was seriously the best time. Just me and sissy and no place I would rather be.



Since we were gifted 2 nights I decided to bring the boys along. First stop was the indoor pool which was really clean and the boys had a blast!!! Then we ordered BLAZE Pizzas and found out they make a gluten free, vegan pizza for my little guy. As you can see we had so much fun and the boys are telling everyone about going to spend the night at a hotel.

Mustache Filter SUP BRO Video


Sadly it was time to leave but I remembered that we were literally 500 feet away from an attraction I had actually never visited in all of my 35 years as a Tulsan, THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE.

The Center of the Universe is defined as an acoustic anomaly with a mysterious cause.

So I asked Siri for walking directions and my boys and I stood at the Center of the Universe and we all made wishes. Roman wished that he would live forever and ever, Perry kept calling it the Cinnaburst and I wished for my sissy to get better.

I know it is supposedly bad luck to tell your wishes but I figure what do I have to lose.

Why not put your wish to the universe?

Who knows maybe the universe will answer my wishes and prayers and grant her some health, healing and happiness.

Just Happy Mommy

Sissy – Part 2

I hope you enjoyed last nights post about my original best friend, my sweet, amazing sissy! I have always wanted to share her story without putting too much pressure on her to allow me to publish such personal information. I am thrilled that we have gotten to a safe place.

Ok, so, Part 2 is EVERYTHING!

Over 3 months ago (March 5th) I was approached with an idea to give a room makeover to a deserving blogger. The room would be redone and designed by the most gifted and talented designers in the business.  “Who are these magicians you might ask?,”

Luxe Furniture and Design

Owned and operated by fellow Tulsan’s and my dear friends Chris & Tamara Noel.

Now I have shared my love for them before in this post and so I jumped at the chance to get to work with Luxe again!

At first the room would be for a Blogger (me) who just happened to win the friend and room remodel lottery! As many of you know we are MOVING!!! My hubs bought us a new house! The boys and I are moving to South Tulsa and we are soooo excited. Anyway I knew since we were moving I didn’t want to take this amazing gift and not be able to use the space.

Fast forward a month later, I talked to my amazing, patient, creative, fellow mommy and friend from high school, Jen Kerckhoff with Resolute PR about this room project. What if I paid this gift forward and had the LUXE team renovate and redesign a space for my sissy??? I knew this was a shot in the dark but it would be HUGE if I could give this gift of space to such a deserving person. Anyone who knows Jenny knows she is the most humble, kind and thoughtful person, (almost to a fault) She never expects much and is thankful for being alive.

Even tho it was just a few weeks later, it seemed like an eternity, but they selected Sissy to be the recipient of the Luxe with Love room makeover!!! I remember being in my boys room with Monika MacIntrye and tears of joy shot through my face. I could hardly speak. This was going to be BIG! This was going to be HARD! This was going to be OUTSTANDING!

Now the real work began! I immediately got on the horn to my little brother who lives in LA.. I explained the entire thing to him and he was OBVI totally game. “Anything for sissy!” he said. Here is the kicker it is a SURPRISE! The entire project would be secret from not only my sissy but my mom as well.

So team Luxe, Jen & I started to have weekly meetings, text chains and emails galore about how in the heck we were going to pull off this reveal. Of course there was lots of tears, laughs and lots of fun picking out all the things for this space. We knew we wanted it to be a space for her to relax, heal, reflect, watch TV and make her jewelry. Tamara and her team, Robin and Tori ,were so wonderful to work with.

If anyone as tried to pull off a surprise like this you know how incredibly meticulous and detail oriented you must be. Good news we quickly realized this and became the dream team. The colors were chosen, the credenza was ordered as was the gorgeous chaise lounger sofa and custom designed pillows! Nothing was chosen in haste. We knew this was more than a room for sissy. This space represented freedom and encourages healing and happiness.

As the days dwindled and the room makeover quickly approached, I knew I had to get my parents out of the house, get my sissy out of her room and get my little brother on a plane home for the BIG REVEAL. Things get pretty tricky here. One afternoon Monika with Checkmark met me at my parents house to help me clean out the room.

My sister was getting VERY suspicious at this point so I told her I was doing some cleaning and organizing for mom since she has been so busy taking care of everyone else. This went over like a lead balloon. My mom was not pleased but I apologized without letting her in on the BIG surprise. I wanted to tell her so badly what we were doing for sissy, but like myself and many others change is hard. Especially when you have someone come in your house and mess with all your stuff.

Fast-forward to last Thursday! “D-Day” if you will. The perfect storm was brewing. My dad arranged to take my mom to Dallas for their 45th wedding anniversary which was coincidentally that weekend! As soon as they hit Southbound 75, Devon Whaling with Whaling Painting met me at the house to start painting the surprise room. We moved the remainder of the furniture to the garage and to my garage. The stage was set.

We had so many amazing people donate their time, skill and love to this project. Devon went above and beyond my expectations with his meticulous work and even helped us arrange for a carpet cleaner to come in the next day. When I called Eric Price with Master Clean Carpet Cleaning in Tulsa he was ready and eager to help us with this project. Someone we cold called got on board immediately when they heard about what we were doing for sissy.

So where was sissy during all of this? Well she was wrangling the 2 wild boys and we also had arranged for her to go on a “staycation.” The Fairfield Inn & Suites Marriott Downtown Tulsa in the newly rejuvenated Brady district gave Jenny and me 2 nights stay at their hotel to enjoy during the remodel. This is something my mom, sis and I often try to make happen and daydream about. Getting to have some girl time away from the house, hospital and just have fun! Since she is not able to travel, staying in Tulsa was ideal.

She was over the moon and beyond thrilled to get this amazing gift which she thought I had arranged since my parents were out of town as was my husband. I got the boys situated with the babysitter and headed over to get sissy and head downtown. When I arrived she was lying on my parents bed, white as a ghost. She had fallen earlier and was not doing well. She tried to rally but when she went to put on her matching green dress she crumpled to the floor in tears.

This is one of those times I will never forget. She was so disappointed, so sad, so tired, so sick, it broke my heart to see her that way. I helped her to bed and told her to rest. Her health is the most important thing. The hotel wasn’t going anywhere. After profusely apologizing she finally calmed down. I decided to cancel the room and order some food to be delivered to the house. As I sat down to eat my food alone at my family’s kitchen table, I lost it. I called my husband and just cried and cried. I was so overwhelmed by the entire situation. I felt like the little engine that could. Repeating in my head “I think I can, I think I can.”

My friend Jen needs an award and a license in therapy for putting up with my emotional mess all weekend. Jen reminded me of the famous quote from the story “A Tale of Two Cities,” by: Charles S. Dickens; “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” I then realized the real reason we were all doing this, it was to make sissy happy. Even tho things seemed to be going wrong and were extremely stressful it was worth it. Again my wise friend quoting Thomas Jefferson: “with great risk, comes great reward,” and that was the motto that got me thru the next 24 hours.

Sissy and I had a good cry and then we stayed up till almost 2 am laughing, talking, reminiscing of the days when we shared a room and retelling funny stories from our childhood and recent moments of hilarity with my boys. Even tho she was still at home and too ill to leave, it was just what we both needed, sissy time. Of course the fancy thought of a girls night downtown and staying at a hotel with out my kids sounded incredible, but being with her and taking care of her was the only place I wanted to be.

When you are a caretaker you do whatever is necessary to make your loved ones feel comfortable. Always in the back of my mind thinking OMG she has NO idea what is about to happen. OH & I was picking up a very special package from the airport on Friday. Baby brother was coming home from LA! Getting this piece of the puzzle to fit was the icing on the top. If they hated the room, at least PJ was home as the perfect buffer and welcomed distraction.

Ok bare with me y’all this is a long story but we are getting to the end so hang in there. Friday came & went and before we knew it, it was REVEAL DAY! Tamara, Robin, Tori and the LUXE team arrived in the morning and installed the furniture, custom wall art and added just the right finishing touches.

Finally it was time to sit my sister down and explain what in the HELL was going on. I made her a video explaining my hair-brained idea, that the room was all for her. It was always about her. Being able to give her this amazing gift along with my incredibly talented and generous friends (even tho my dad did end up helping with the bill,) was what this whole thing was about.

“You were selected for a health and happiness room! WTF does that mean? We made a room just for you. You are beautiful, kind, strong and you do not deserve to be this sick. But you do deserve some happiness and maybe a room like this will help you heal. The train tried to derail several time. Thank you to everyone who had a hand in this. It was a tremendous undertaking of love. Because we love you and you deserve this so, lets go check out your new room!”

So here it is DRUMROLL PLEASE…

The pictures do not do the room or the emotions felt justice. But just know that ALL THE FEELS were there! Everyone was happy and lots of tears of joy were shed. Finally I leave you with the amazing custom wall art done by Angela Finch Custom Artwork 

The scrolling art at the bottom is handwritten script which is a quote from Cinderella. “A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you’re fast asleep. In dreams you will loose your heartache, whatever you wish for you keep.” Little did this artist know that I sing this song to my boys at night to remind them that anything is possible as long as your heart dreams.

Just Happy Mommy

Our local paper also did a nice article about the room Tulsa World Article

PS Special Thanks to Norwalk Furniture and Spectrum Paint Company

Sissy – Part 1

I have sat down to write this post so many times. I have tried to think about what I would say. How do I explain my sissy’s health & life situation?  So I decided to make this part 1 of a 2 part series.

I guess I should just start at the beginning. She has been sick for over a decade. 10 years of her life robbed by illness. Could you imagine?

At first we all were puzzled and really going through the grieving process, if you will. How do you understand something NO ONE can explain? Why can’t they fix her? What is wrong? All the questions and very little answers. The 5 W’s and the H. It was like a terrible dream that kept replaying even when you open your eyes.

I have said this before, her mind is sharp but her body cannot keep up.  She is so smart, beautiful and kind.  She has so many hopes and dreams but some days she can hardly get out of bed, living in a constant state of exhaustion.

Her body rejects food.  It’s like she has had the stomach bug forever! Her resting heart rate is like she is at peak cardio fitness 166. She lives her life at home and at the lab. I could go on and on. I think you get the picture.

She HATES for me to share too much about her illnesses, but it unfortunately it is part of this story. My sister and I are separated by 2.5 years just like my boys. She is hands down one of the best people in my life. I got her permission to publish this post. I share this not for sympathy but rather to share something I often harbor and choose not to open up about. I have said this since my first blog post, writing is cathartic for me and helps me deal with my emotions.

With that said, we do not want pity. I have wanted to give a better understanding of her health situation without going into too many medical terms or details.

Year after year she gets worse. My parents have taken her to half a dozen hospitals and specialists across the country. At first the trips were hopeful. Now they have be come daunting and almost impossible for her to travel. The feelings of fear, anxiety and hopelessness hang in the air as they head southbound  75 to Dallas. The latest trip was again answerless and uneventful.

Being a mother myself I cannot imagine the internal pain and anguish my mother feels. Seeing your baby sick and unable to help them has IS the worst feeling in life. The strength between them is astonishing. I remember hearing stories of a mother who lifted a car to save her child. The motherly, mama bear instincts to protect our young are true and inherent.

My mother is truly a saint. To say that I admire my mother and sister is an understatement. My sisters ability to carry on despite her withering body is nothing short of a mental miracle.

We get to a place of hope and then she lands back in the hospital. This time last year she was in the hospital and we had just gotten home from our family beach vacation.

Last month it was Mother’s Day weekend and again we had just gotten home from vacation. Poor thing was so sick she had to be admitted to the hospital. This time it was for her low potassium and other labs showing she was dehydrated. She needed more fluids than she and mom could administer at home, thru her port.

So here were are, one year later, and if feels like we are living in Groundhog’s Day. All she wants is to be at home and celebrate Mother’s Day with her mommy.

When I came to visit her, she was still sleeping. Her face grimaced and she was in pain while she was dreaming. My mom wakes her up to eat her breakfast at 2pm. They listen as I tell funny stories about the boys and our trip to the beach. The 3 of us hens can create quite a stir in the hospital. We roast the men in our lives and laugh so hard we pee a little.

It is not long after, she starts to have a spell and goes to the bathroom. I hold back tears as I hear her have a terrible vomiting fit. She moseys back in with her IV pole, looking defeated and apologizes. She lies down on the hospital bed and gets her medication from the nurse.

This is when the laughter stops. My job has become the comic relief.  The one they send in with the camera man saying “SMILE!! You’re on candid camera.” Unfortunately this is not a BRAVO original series.

This is her life. My mom’s life. My father’s life. My brother’s life. Our life as a family. Seeing someone you love, sick and in pain is nothing I wish on anyone.

My boys do NOT know the REAL sissy. They only know she is sick. They help her with her meds and love her to the moon and back 100.

The lump in my throat is growing. I tear up every time I say this. She has told me that the boys are her only reason for living. That without them she would want to give up. I am so thankful for my babies & blessings that bring her such joy.

So there it is. A tiny glimpse of the last 10 years. Thank you to everyone who asks about sissy. She hates people doting on her but I always remind her that there are so many people who love and care about her. The next chapter is going to be a happy one.  I have made it my mission to make certain of that.

Over last few months I have been working with some amazing people on a BIG exciting project.

Finally, it is time to share and reveal my BIG surprise for sissy. So stay tuned for part 2 and continue with us on this journey.

I hope I make you proud sissy because I am so proud to call you; My sissy.

My day one.

My heart.

I love you.



“Food is a Gift. Eating is a Celebration!”

So many of my most favorite and vivid childhood memories stem from food.

Whether it be holidays, birthdays or Sundays.

I love food & my family more than anything.

I come from a long line of cooks, chefs if you will. I literally grew up cooking. My dad would wake up with me on the weekends to give my mom a break, and we would watch Julia Child on TV together. The joke is, that is where my love of cooking started.

Around age 5, I was fortunate to spend afternoons with my dad’s mom, Nana, and we called them “Nana Days.”  She would pick me up from 1/2 day kindergarten and we would go to Braum’s. Then we would watch soap operas and I would watch her prepare dinner for Papa.

Our Nana was one of a kind. She was especially known for her baking skills. Nana made the best, badest breakfast foods ever! We would come over after church on Sunday mornings and she would have 6 dishes! ALWAYS biscuits, sausage, bacon, eggs then she would have fried potatoes, waffles or cinnamon rolls.

She followed the motto the more butter the better and she cooked with love.

She even had a butter warmer.  It was magical having melted butter always on the table next to the salt, pepper and syrup.

“People who love to eat are always the best people. – Julia Child”

We all value the importance of steak, butter and a good glass of wine.

My aunt & uncle are both AMAZING cooks! They both have a gift for cooking and a love for food. My cousin is also an incredible chef. She knows how to run a kitchen in a skirt and she has a killer smile with a don’t mess with me attitude. The title of this post is a quote that they say, “Food is a gift. Eating is a Celebration!”

My mom and her mother are also fabulous cooks. Our favorites on that side include Mexican food, pizza and italian and American classics. MeMaw had lots of practice cooking, seeing how she had 12 mouths to feed including herself!

My MeMaw is the strongest, sassiest and smartest lady I have ever known.

Her smile, her strength and effortless & stunning style  impress me daily.

They would have one BIG meal on Sundays and the Hasty Bake was the star. BBQ chicken and hamburger steak. We were always outside playing on the trampoline and swing set. Her au gratin potatoes, pot roast and chili are legendary! You can always count on 3 staples at MeMaws; oyster crackers, sweet tea and coca cola.
Writing these memories down makes me so grateful for my family and how lucky I am to have these moments in time with such amazing women and people.
My mom brings us full circle today. She incorporated the health aspect to our family meals and I am always craving one of her famous dishes. That will be a post in and of itself someday.

I love making safe treats for our little boys. I have had some successes but more epic fails when it comes to baking with out the “normal” ingredients.

Baking without real butter, eggs and flour was something almost sacrilegious in my family.

Well things have changed drastically for our family in the last 2 years and letting go of my way of cooking was one of them. I used to LOVE to watch the Food Network or Cooking Channel. So much so that I would watch cooking shows after work and even while in the hospital after giving birth. Cooking gives me a sense of calm, happiness and accomplishment. It also makes me think of my Nana and how much I loved cooking with her. I miss her so much.

Since the boys are at home with me Tuesdays and Thursdays I try to have at least one day a week that I devote to whatever they want to do within reason. Our outings include but are not limited to going to Target, the carwash, Kids Club, the bagel shop, Meme & Poppy’s, the park and cooking! I started cooking with our older son very early on and he still loves to help me in the kitchen. In fact, he is very territorial.

We make a mess, laugh and listen to jams and usually 3 of the 4 of us like the result. I will be posting some more recipes soon but I want to make sure I have them correct, because let me tell you it is weird. Seriously say this sentence out loud I am not going to bake or cook without butter, milk, eggs, flour, pasta, cheese, nuts or anything that is in the gluten, dairy, egg, or nut family, trust me it is like the upside-down face emoji!

My new slogan for the month is “IM NOT COMPLAINING IM EXPLAINING.”

Just because I tell people about our sons allergies does NOT mean I am complaining.

I am explaining the complexity of the situation and it is hard.

It is like a disability really. It may not be a terrible one to some but non the less it is so sad to see the look on children’s faces when they feel different & excluded. As I have said before we are educating and empowering our son to understand his allergies and own them not to let them own him. BUT we still have to be careful. Sometimes I am cool as a cucumber and other days it gets the best of me. I am SUPER grateful and BEYOND thankful to have such sweet and understanding family and friends.

So to end this post I am so excited to share some of my favorite “Allergy Friendly” Recipes with you over the next few months. Some are simple changes that you can make. Others take a little more effort.  I really want to do a “Grocery Haul” video to show you what all we buy and where. Food is expensive, eating out is even more so. We rarely eat out as a family but that is another post entirely. Ok please let me know if you have questions. I love you all for continuing to stick with me and read my blog.


Just Happy Mommy

ADULTing is hard PARENTing is harder

Everyone has $&@!

It is part of life. I’m gonna put a few words out there, then match them to the antonym or opposite word to the right.

Remember doing this is school.

Health      Illness

Family         Stranger

Rich            Poor

Married        Single

Friend        Enemy

Child         Adult

I think we live in a world of opposites, oxymorons, and frankly, annoying arrays of pretty BS. When you read the words above, what do you think of? Some can sadly and easily be interchanged. My sons love to read this book called Peanut Butter & Cupcake. It’s all about finding friends and your match. The beauty is: they all can match in the cute chaos that is life.

Before I go any further, let me say that sometimes I feel like I need an addendum. (To any stalkers, haters, critics, or perfect people trying to judge or ruin my life.) So, here it goes, “Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.”

If you are searching for a feel good parenting post, please stop reading and go to another one of my posts. Also, it’s not necessary to call child protective services. This, after all, is just a blog, and I am just writing. So chill the F out.

I keep it real. Sometimes the stuff I say is offensive.


Now, cue the peanut gallery with all the words of wisdom, advice, memes, and grandiose ideas of how I can live an easier, stress free, perfect life and how I need to change despite my given circumstances.

Be thankful for my struggles, because God is challenging you for something greater than you can imagine.

I know God challenges us.

I know what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

I know control is not real.

I know to get on my knees and pray.

I know I will bend and not break.

I know it’s the darkest before the dawn.

I know someone is looking at me thinking, “What does she have to complain about?”

You don’t know someone else’s struggles.

Do you have a family member struggling with extreme health issues? Do you know what it’s like to see someone so ill, the doctors can’t fix them and you can’t do anything to help?

Do you know what it’s like to have a child with a disability? Do you worry everyday, that what they eat will cause a reaction,  or a near death experience?

Do you know what it is like to have a family member hate you?

Do you have a strong willed child? Do you have 2 strong willed children?

Do you go to therapy?

do you exercise to relieve stress?

do you eat too much or not enough?

Do you cry?

Do you take meds?

Do you drink?

Do you need help?
If you said “yes” to any of these then you know the pain and excuses and why it’s hard sometimes to stay positive.

Trust me, I know every single cliche because it’s on my Pinterest board and my Instagram feed e’rrrry damn day.

With that said, I am thankful, grateful, and blessed beyond measure. (Read 1/2 of my other posts.)

But you are completely full of BS if you haven’t bent so far you almost break. There is so much stuff we have been told we need to do. So much pressure and so many categories
We compare, question, worry and repeat.

Does the stress of being a parent strip you to your core and cause actual physical pain?! I feel like I’ve been carrying an elephant on my shoulders while being slowly suffocated by a boa constrictor around my neck for the past 5 years.

I am high strung. I am sensitive. I am uppity. I am a worrier. I trust my gut. I have strong maternal instincts.

For some mothers it begins during pregnancy. My hubs calls me a wolf mother. Because my heightened senses have never seemed to dull over the past 6 years.

I know my skills as a mother have rarely, if ever, lead me astray. I know myself and my kids.

Here’s the cold hard truth.

Adulting is hard.

Parenting is really hard.

Just because you admit that it is hard doesn’t mean you lose or succumb to it’s rigors.

You get tested everyday.

Sometimes in different ways, and sometimes it’s like ground hog day and you can’t seem to get off the hamster wheel to hell.

I know it’s all worth it. I am obsessed with my boys. They are the light in my eyes and the beat in my heart. But it doesn’t make it any less hard.

Combine the lack of sleep, the stress of feeding, the helpless feeling of caring for an ill child, the seemingly constant crying, screaming, fighting, whining, bickering, arguing, sass, self-inflicted injuries and the incessant questioning that is beyond exhausting.

Questions from your kids that you don’t know how to answer.

Questioning yourself at every turn.

Not having the answers.

Praying for some Divine intervention.

Daydreaming of a holiday alone.

How much do you tell them?

How much do you shelter them?

How real do you keep their childhood?

How do they measure up to some scale that is a learning curve, growth chart, or scientific study?


Am I doing enough?

Am I doing too much?

You need to do this.

You need to do that.

Have you tried this?

Don’t spank.

Do spank.

Don’t yell.

Don’t cuss.

Talk to your doctor.

Go to a therapist.

Read this book.

Watch this video.


Here’s the thing….I have and do all of those things, but it doesn’t make it any less hard to be a parent.

It doesn’t mean that I’m doing it wrong.

It doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy being a mom.

Honestly I feel like motherhood saved me in a lot of ways.

But it is real hard. And it’s ok to say it is hard.

The good days outweigh the bad.

The days you cherish and look back on fondly cover up all of the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days. I feel inundated by other parents telling me, “Oh, but you’re gonna miss these days. Oh, just wait till they are teenagers. You will look back and think, ‘Wow! I wish they were still little'”. I know because my mom is always right!

I think the influx of technologies and information available to us is astounding and terrible all at the same time. Surely, I am not alone on this one. Yes, tech is awesome and cool. But does anyone else feel pressured by it? Overwhelmed by it? We have to be this perfect combination of so many opposites. We have to be…


but still have a


Create structure,

but be sure to enjoy

free time.

The struggle is real people!

Are we supposed to

Let it out and

talk it out, or

hold it in and


Just Breathe,

Or get on Meds.

Drink alcohol but

Don’t drink alcohol

Embrace your feelings:






But act like everything is gravy AF

Let kids be kids

Let them go outside,

But don’t let them out of your sight for one second because someone will kidnap them or they will get ran over

Have some quiet time or play quietly in your room. (aka, in my house, that’s putting them in front of a screen),

but don’t over stimulate them.

Make sure to nurture,

but don’t suffocate.

Encourage independence, but

shelter them from reality.

Teach them about the real world, but stay in the bubble.

Public school vs

private school

Do what’s best for your child.

Every child is different.

Be mindful.

Teach manners.

Be strong.

Be sensitive.

Don’t be a pu$$y.

Don’t say pu$$y.

Gender identity.

Super heroes & shopkins.


Should stay home

Should work part time

Should work

Take this pill.

dont take pills.

Get more sleep.

Drink more water.

Have a clean house.

But leave it until later, and enjoy your children.

Take a nap.

Don’t take a nap.

Make dinner.

Get food prep.

Get takeout.

Eat clean.

Be gluten, dairy, nut FREE. Or vegan.

Wear makeup.

Don’t wear makeup.

Don’t wear workout clothes,

but don’t be too dressed up.

Don’t judge,

but get on social media and judge people.

Go on date nights, because you can’t afford not to,

but save money.

Embrace your body,

but change it to be a healthier you.

Workout at home.

Go to the gym.

Eat this. Not that.

You only live once, so eat the butter, carbs, cheese, chocolate, pasta, wine etc!

“It’s OK to eat badly”, says the skinny person in your Instagram feed holding a donut.

My personal favorites are:

The best things in life are free, but you need millions of dollars to enjoy them.

Get some sunshine. But, Warning: it will cause cancer


Just happy mommy