Hello there! Long time no blog. This is the first post I have published in 1/2 a year. There are lots of reasons I decided to take a break but the short, sweet, condenced and true reason is my family. I needed to stop and focus on my family.


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Today, I  am posting a review of a company that reached out to me, Canvas Factory.

If there is one thing you all know is that I LOVE photos and I am a self admitted over poster on social media. I love to show off my house, my kids, my fashion. I do not however have many nice prints of my family displayed in our home. Don’t get me wrong, I   have photos in my house, but I am always wanting to add nice canvas prints to our walls.

This gave me the opportunity to do just that. I recently ordered a canvas print of my son and my dad. It was a candid shot I                               took at my parents pool this summer, on my iPhone, but it truly captured joy, love and family in this picture. I   decided I would chose this shot for my canvas print from Canvas Factory. Click below to see me open the box!

Unboxing Canvas Video

The print turned out AMAZING! The detail, quality and experience was perefection. After recieving the print in the mail, we decided to gift it to my dad. He is the kind of guy that literally can just go buy whatever he wants, so he is impossible to buy for.

So, a canvas print of his mini me grandson is something he would never buy himself, hence it is the perfect gift. Click below!

Poppy opening his Print

It was super easy I  went to canvas factory.com, uploaded my photo from my phone, chose the demensions, cropped, size etc., put in my coupon code and with in less than a week we had a gorgeous canvas print. We have a family photo session scheduled for the end of this month and NO doubt about it I will be ordering lots of canvas prints and other goodies from Canvas Factory.

I  reccommend this company to anyone wanting to order high quality prints online at a good price and efficient delivery time. There are only 77 days until Christmas. So get to shopping and order your gifts from Canvas Factory.com

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Until next time!
Just Happy Mommy

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