I’m Soaking up these days like biscuits and gravy

Since our big boy started kindergarten little brudder and I have been inseparable.

At first it was really hard for all of us. It sounds cheesy but it has been such an emotional time. All of the sudden his brother was gone all day for 5 days after they were together for over 90 days straight this summer.

I was struggling to realize that he was growing up, ready for school but excited for him to experience new things.

I am all over the place. Working on the house. Trying to exercise. Eat clean and be a good wife, blogging and taking on more projects, ya know all the things us super Mom’s do!

So I was distraught when my little nugget started to act out. I felt like I couldn’t take much more. All the changes, for all of us, were so awesome but super hard.

My mom always says “stress is stress whether positive or negative. It takes a toll on us mentally and physically.”

So now our kindergartener is happy, settled and I have recovered from the migraine that is back 2 school, I feel like I am finally able to enjoy time with my baby bear. Woohoo!

He keeps testing me like a mother trucker. Regressing in potty training because he was literally pissed that his Bubba was at school. After what seems like 20 loads of laundry, too many timeouts to count, praying, crying and throwing my hands up I think we are at a place of calm.

I have been having a lot of flashbacks of 3 years ago remembering how hard this transition is; I wanna be a big kid but I wanna be a baby and I am in a glass case of emotion.

Terrible 2s my ass, 3 is the hardest for us.
Kids are smart.
Insert eye roll.
For real they pickup things so fast it’s cray. At least this time I’m not in the throws of a new born.

My boys need me.
I need them.
I feel like all 3 of them (hubs included) fight over me and want my attention so badly that I am pulled in a lot of directions. Sounds like a good problem to have huh?! I’m so popular LOL

I know how important it is to do things one on one.
So I go on dates with each one.
It’s kinda like a rotation.
Daddy, Bubba and baby bear.
I started to do the dates with my little boys when I realized how going from one to two kids changed everything.

We mix it up but usually it’s the same for my older son, Hideaway and Target.

Sometimes we go the park or the movies. Even going to the grocery store with mommy is highly prized.
They love to shop. Def get their shopping genes from me, MeMe and GiGi.

Anywho why am I telling you all this? Because after all the tantrums, attitude and exhaustion of the last few weeks the answer was simple and right in front of my face.

“I just want you. I just wanna be with you mommy.”

Sunday, I took little nugget on a date. We went to church, Blaze pizza and Walgreens. Not only was he cute as a button but he was on his best behavior. I thought wow he just needed this one on one time more than what I can even give him at home.

Some days I can’t just sit and play. I have to do the mom stuff. The laundry, dishes and all the housework come into focus, as the naps slowly fade away in my rear view. But I am aware that this too is fleeting.

“Things that are visible are brief and fleeting. While the things that are invisible are everlasting.” – Jesus Calling

The times they want to just sleep with mommy.

The times when they want me to scratch their backs.

The times they will still kiss me on the lips before getting on the school bus.

The times when they say “I want to marry you mommy.”

The times I hear my little loves say “but I didn’t give you a hug and a kiss.”

When they stop running to greet me at the door.

But you know what!?

They will never stop smiling.
They will never stop loving.
They will always know that no matter what their mommy loves them to the moon and back.

Even though I am 35 years old I still get excited when I get to have time with my parents. I feel special when I get to have my own one on one time with them.

Going on a date with my dad to one of our favorite restaurants, talking, sharing laughs and sometimes shedding heartfelt tears because we know the time is fleeting. We are getting older.

Going shopping with my mom is the absolute best. We have so much fun and it is something we have done and enjoyed together since I was a little girl.

So you see, even tho it doesn’t seem like much, it means everything to us. As kids, as parents as adults. It is in these moments when a meal, a conversation or a shopping trip turns into a memory.

I am soaking up these last days of summer like biscuits and gravy. Even tho my boys drive me off the roof (literally), I am obsessed with them. I miss them when they are asleep. Ok not all the time , let’s get real, but I love living life with my people.

And I can’t wait to see one of the best people in my life in just a few days.

We met in college and now our kids are becoming best friends. Our days will be filled with all of our favorite things, including cheese, annoying inside jokes, singing dirty rap songs and lots of belly laughs!

Friendship is one of the most special and important gifts we are given in this life. The only other things greater than that is time and love.

I implore you to give your time to the ones you love, to the ones who love you back and fill you with pure joy.


Just happy mommy

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