8 reasons you should be on Snapchat

1. It is FUN!
2. It is NEW!
3. It is LIVE!
4. It is FREE!
5. It is REAL!
6. It is EASY!
7. It is COOL!
8. I’m on it @justhappymommy

Seriously though it’s really the best! The pictures and videos delete after 24 hours. You can save them to your camera roll if you want. The boys love the filters and it is so fun to share what you are doing. Sharing recipes, trips, adventures promotions or just plain fun!

After watching the app developers ring the NASDAQ bell last Friday (when Snapchat stock went public) I knew it was going to be the next BIG thing on social media. Like Facebook or Instagram, they are growing and becoming part of our lives. You can follow friends, celebrities and family members. It gives you a glimpse into someone’s life without being super annoying. You choose who you watch, when you watch and if you even want to participate. I’m obsessed with Snapchat. I would love to be a paid influencer but alas I am not, YET! LOL happy snapping 😘🤳🏻📱👻

Would you guys watch a How to Snapchat Video on my YouTube page?


Just Happy Mommy

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